Chapter 2

Innocence Lost

I found myself standing at the doors to the balcony but could not recall how I had arrived here from my bed. Turning to look at the distance and fully expecting to see myself still in slumber amongst the coverlets I was surprised to note the tangled sheets and pillows. The impressions left no doubt that two had lain there as if already lovers. I looked back to the vista beyond the doors. The rippled glass although set in complicated iron fittings through which sunlight cast remarkable patterns during the day now it appeared quite different. In the moon glow the iron ribbons appeared as fine as gossamer spider webs tracing ancient signs across the night sky.

The double doors opened without the aid of my hand and again I heard the voice, "Come to me my darling Laura, you will come to no harm this night. Let me love you and bring you joy for what awaits you is dark rapture."

My ears sought the source of the voice. I knew it was the lady of my childhood dreams but now I was grown and should not be afraid. How very real this dream was.

You may think me silly but have you not ever awoken and been utterly convinced that everything you felt still lingered on your skin even as your eyes pierced the darkness of the room? It was true for me also; I could feel the soft breeze ripple through my night-rail and the stone floor was cold upon my feet as I passed through the doors. I was gazing at the moon when suddenly and without warning I felt her close behind me. My breath quickened and my toes curled under themselves in anticipation but I was still unsure of what was to come. My sleeping gown shifted in the wind and I could feel her hot breath against my nape.

"How much I shall enjoy this night. I can barely restrain my urges but for your sake I shall take care." Her arms snaked around my torso and gripped me tight, "you are so warm, so alive."

A tingling sensation washed through me but not the way it would if I was chilled. Confusion spilled into my thoughts damping my newfound enthusiasm for her company.

"Shhhh my golden child," she hushed me. "Tonight everything you will do and everything you will feel is natural. There is nothing to fear in nature."

I was breathing fast almost as if I had been running but oddly enough I was standing frozen in her arms. I felt heat and moisture on my left earlobe and realized she was licking me as a cat would a bowl of cream. Nearly panting I felt myself shudder with the sensation of it. A low rumbling sigh passed her lips, "just wait for it will grow more intense. I shall give you the greatest gift tonight. One that no man would ever take the time for; my sweet Laura this is only the beginning."

I felt her hands run up my body, skim over my breasts and settle around my shoulders. I do not know why but I kept my eyes locked on the moon as if it would anchor my soul during this dream state I was in. Her breath rushed in and out against the back of my head as she caressed my neck. Long fingers worked their way into my hair undoing the loose braid then cast it all free to the night sky. From the corner of my eye I could see my long hair flicker to my right and away from me. Returning my eyes again to the limpid moon I resolved to wonder at these new sensations and not shy away. Hot kisses again rained down over my neck and I felt my hair being swept aside to expose my nape further. I decided that I would name the sensations in order to quiet the growing riot in my mind. Heat, mouth, the insistent pressure of lips and tongue all gliding up and down along the left side of my neck.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pull on my hair and felt fear run deep into my belly but it was not the bite I was anticipating. Using steady tension my head was slowly turned back bringing my face into her gaze. Burning light spilled from her eyes and I was transfixed by them. Giving me a smile that I could not for the life of me understand; she lowered her head and kissed me. Tender at first then with increasing pressure and ardor. I gasped at this sensation. While one hand continued to pull at my hair holding my head in place the other griped my neck with a force that was most exiting.

Never before had I been kissed like this, sweet, hard and yet arousing, her lips willed my surrender. I opened my mouth to speak, not really knowing what I would say when her thumb ran across my lower lip. "No, say nothing. Feeling is all, words are promises too soon broken."

My breath hitched in reply and she laughed. It was the most amazing sound, as if distant thunder announced the coming of the storm.

"Laura you have the prettiest mouth, so pink and delicate. I can barely contain myself."

With that she dropped her mouth again and I was lost. No sight, no thought, just an animal need to be touched again and again.

The storm did come and it roiled around me. The lady with no name lavished my mouth with hers until I was panting and quivering under her touch. Hot and insistent I was so focused on the taste and feel of her lips that at first I did not notice a chill on my breasts and thighs as the wind danced along under my gown. She pulled back slightly and licked her lips.

I heard her whisper, "As I thought, you are ripe."

I sighed with the wonder of it all and pulled my head away to look again at the moon. I felt her kiss the back of my head in a gesture of affection and I smiled in gratitude. Her hands had returned to my waist during this interlude and I could feel them stroking me softly as one would a skittish horse. They roamed about on the outside of the fabric and played with the laces that held my gown closed.

She murmured, "So very pretty, much like the virgin on your precious tapestry, all white and gold. Needing, wanting aching for something but not knowing what."

I smiled even though I did not understand what she meant; simply enjoying the pleasure of her voice pooling into my hair. Without realizing I had moved I found my body arching into the night as if to encourage her hands to do something, anything to ease this growing ache rising in my loins. My breasts felt as if they would burst from some unknown pressure. Her hands swept up and the lightest touch passed over my chest. Her fingers did not linger long but my nipples rose and puckered in response. Her tongue flicked across mine while her hands and fingers seemed to play everywhere enflaming my skin. Now I was gasping in the heat that coursed through my veins. I felt the fires of hell licking through every inch of my skin nearly shaking my soul with the need I felt but I was dammed for not knowing how to assuage it.

I could feel her smile pressed against my neck and she whispered "You will be magnificent; the rarest of jewels and tonight you will find all that you desire."

The lace and satin ribbons were pulled with the tiniest movements away from my night-rail, so slowly that I placed my hands over hers to speed the process.

"No you must let me for I've had much more practice and you would undo yourself if you rushed. This must be a night of wonder and many years from now simply remembering what will happen tonight will renew the ache in your belly."

Her lips pressed against my ear and she dropped the words in with honeyed tones, "done properly a woman is like the earth, full of life with a serene countenance which belies her true nature. For deep within the daughters of Athena lies the molten core; white hot and it should be nurtured for if the core cools and blackens all of nature and that which resides in us dies."

As she spoke, I felt one of her hands cup my breast against the fabric and she sighed with pleasure. "Soon you will know what you are capable of."

I looked down and watched as her fingers played with the laces feeling as if I would die should she linger much longer. My call was answered as she gently pulled the gown apart; the wind picked up and nipped at my exposed skin enhancing the sensation. I noticed how cool her hands felt as they massaged my chest and pulled at my nipples. I was on fire and did not know how to comfort myself nor dampen the heat. With her mouth against my ear whispering endearments and encouragement she let her right hand trail down; raking her nails against my belly.

I pressed myself back against her and without understanding why ground my hips against her. The sigh we both gave off drifted into the air; wicked away by the breeze.

I still stood with my arms at my side not truly sure what I should be doing. It was happening and it felt like heaven and sin yet I didn't know what to do with myself. The hand on my breast continued to swirl in the softest of touches slowing now and again to roll my nipple between thumb and forefinger. Each time she did that shocks of liquid fire would course down into my womb driving me to distraction. I felt lush and full with life gasping in the sweetest agony of it all. Still I remained motionless.

I suddenly began to fear that an unwarranted movement from me would cause the dream to end before I discovered what I so desperately wanted.

Her right hand began to dip from my belly and play with the downy fluff I had grown between my legs. Twisting, flicking and stroking the hairs induced a frenzy of sensation and I heard myself moan. I cannot recall every making this sound before; it was one of agony and desire. Strange as it was I did not care if she heard me. I felt my hips rock forward of their own volition as if to increase the pressure of her hand.

"Yes," she whispered "so soft, so hot and slick you are almost ready."

I did not know what I was ready for but at this moment I was now most eager to find out. Yet when I was sure she would intensify the stroking of my most secret parts her hand withdrew. I shuddered and whimpered with loss. She shushed me again and her hands returned to my shoulders. Grasping the top of my night-rail she gave a gentle tug.

Stepping back from me the gown went with her and I was left standing; as God made me, naked, shuddering and wanton in the full moon.

"Beautiful," she hissed.

I started to turn towards her but she grasped me again and pulled me into her body. I could feel the buttons of her gown and the velvet of her bodice hard against my spine. Oddly I did not recall her clothing before but I knew that she had been dressed of a fashion I did not recognize.

Long chilled fingers clasped around my neck and again a fission of fear snaked its' way into my heart. She seemed to be struggling with some inner turmoil for her fingers twitched as if she ached to squeeze. Odd noises trickled across the balcony; it sounded as if many cats were purring. Yet I knew the mousers were not on this floor. How very strange!

Ever so slowly her grip lessened and she danced her fingers across my shoulder blades. Then kisses, burning hot and damp started along my hair line and lingered on the top of my back and I felt a slow pressure pushing me forward at the waist.

I complied with the silent command and leaned forward. Her hands roamed my back, came round to linger again on my breasts before resuming their nocturnal journey. I was vibrating with sensation and desirous of more; more heat, more touch anything to give me release from the pressure growing inside. With one hand roving between my hardened breasts I could feel the fingertips of the other slowing scrape their nails along my back. It was a tickle but so much more; causing my nerves to leap and flicker at each movement.

Then both hands came round and gripped my waist, stilling me for a moment. My breathing was harsh and ragged. My skull seemed to tingle with each breeze that danced across us. I was dying and I loved it! I remembered overhearing Cook laugh about her husband and his petite morte…yet it was not until now I understood. After all how could one have a little death? There is no middle ground on this; either you were dead or you were not.

I was brought back to myself by hands cupping my buttocks and squeezing them. I nearly spoke but resolved myself to just revel in the feeling of it. While one hand rubbed and stroked my bum the other raced back and flicked my nipple. I nearly shrieked with need. Then one of her legs pushed against mine and I allowed my stance to widen. Her hand dipped between my legs and began stroking the folds found within while the other continued to taunt my breasts.

My head was thrown back and I roared with satisfaction.

I felt her lips move on my back as she hummed, "this is just the beginning you must steel yourself for more."

My heart pounded and I could not imagine the feelings becoming even more intense. How could any human survive? I felt as if I would fly apart and become nothing more than dust settling upon the ground if I continued. Ashes to ashes; was this how my day would dawn? Rapture casting me into infinity never to be myself again; I would risk all to finish this and know.

She turned me about until I was facing her. I gasped at first for it appeared that her eyes were not only lit from within but shedding light that flickered as she blinked. Hands ran up through my blowing tresses and gripped my head; all the while her eyes leaked out their dark radiance. I was stunned by the vision before me and felt my ribs rise and fall in shallow fits. Fear and passion had combined to leave me breathless. I opened to my mouth to again ask her name but she stopped me with her mouth pressing harshly down onto mine.

I was tumbling and losing all sense of control. Feeling myself become weightless I threw my arms around her to keep from spinning into the night; lost forever among the stars. I do not recall for how long this went on. I had lost all sense of time and place. Only her mouth and hands kept me rooted to the ground. I clung to her and molded myself to her form.

Eventually my senses were somewhat revived when she pulled back to smile into my eyes. Her hands cupped my face as her thumbs traced along my mouth.

"My lovely girl, you require a drink. I think perhaps something to cool you and help slake your thirst. On this night of exploration I have prepared chilled wine for you from my own cellars. A good crisp German wine you should enjoy."

She turned slightly away from me and gestured to a table covered with a dark burgundy cloth. I noted an open bottle and single glass. To one side stood a large fainting couch with pillows and soft sheets spilling to the ground around it.

"Come, allow me to serve you and make you comfortable." I looked down at the proffered hand and stretched out my own to take it. Her fingers wrapped around mine and I followed her to the far side of the balcony. I sensed coolness in her touch as if she had become chilled in the night while I was filled with a smoldering heat that pulsed throughout my limbs.

I cannot describe the sensation of walking naked in the moon light feeling the dark breezes play across the skin. It was delicious and I reveled in it. I allowed myself to be seated in a reclining position and watched with baited breath as she stood before me. Still fully clothed in her strange dress I could see that only her hands, face and neck were exposed to the night. Yet I did not question her nor ask again for her name. She turned away and lifting the glass she poured sparkling clear wine into a silver chased goblet.

I heard the splash as the wine coursed into the receptacle she had brought and was struck by the workmanship that had rendered such beauty into a simple drinking vessel. She raised the glass but her back remained facing me and I could not see how much she imbibed of the liquid. Turning to me she lowered the glass to my outstretched hand and smiled with such rapaciousness that at first I hesitated to take it.

The lady of my night fantasy said, "To your health my darling and the longest of lives."

Laughing she pressed the glass to me and I raised it to my lips while her eyes bored into me with such longing that I blushed under her stare.

"Drink" she said, "drink and be wary for tonight will be like none other you have experienced in your brief sojourn on this earth."

I continued to take slow sips as she watched but she remained motionless as I drained the glass. She purred at me, "Perhaps another to ensure your happiness and then we shall recommence where we left off."

I hesitated to have more wine as father only ever allowed one glass at dinner but then I giggled; for was this not a dream? One cannot become tipsy with wine while sleeping. Grinning boldly I raised the glass back to her for more. Again the goblet was filled but this time she knelt down and raised it to me with two hands; like a holy chalice offered at mass. I smiled and took a sip watching as she raised herself up. Her gown whispered against the stones as she paced a few steps back.

I watched and wondered what amazing thing she would do next. I had not long to wait for she grew still as the grave and watched me through slatted eyes.

Slowly her hands moved across her dress and undid the stays to her bodice. Growling like some hungry animal she tugged at the edges unleashing her breasts with one furious motion. I gasped for she wore no shift beneath and the entire garment slid down leaving her as I was. Nothing between us and Heaven; her skin looked icy cold it was so ghostly white while her hair glinted with twisting shades of violet in the black sheet that fell around her. Speechless I watched with wide eyes as she prowled closer until all I could see was shining eyes and a blood red mouth.

"Be still" she said, "I shall not make you do anything against your will but I long to feel your skin against my own."

I nodded, not knowing what else to do. I could feel my heart pound with my excitement and a sense of terror. Her right hand reached out and held my chin as she forced my head back. The other lingered on my neck feeling the pulse jumping in my veins.

"Now then since you have finished with the wine," she murmured, "I suggest you lay back."

Surprised because I could not remember finishing the second offering I handed back the goblet and slumped against the pillows. I felt so alive and yet frail at the same time. It seemed that I could not sustain the notion that even in my dream whilst, my soul cried out that I was in mortal danger my body denied the truth as I relaxed against the delicate sheets.

I lay in somewhat of a stupor as she crawled up alongside me; petting me as if I was a favorite animal. She pulled me to her and began to kiss me yet again; this time I did not hesitate to reciprocate. One arm supported my head while the other played with my breasts and roamed around my belly.

I found myself twisting and shoving to be closer to her. "Open your mouth dear heart and let me in" she murmured.

I gasped as her tongue pushed against my lips and licked the inner edge of my top lip. Her hand began to stroking me as if she was following a road only she knew. Belly to hip, to buttock and back, her fingers roamed. I began to wiggle my bottom for the growing heat between my legs was driving me mad.

I gasped into her open mouth, "Please, please touch me."

My eyes were closed but I felt her smile against my mouth as she moved her hand between my thighs. Sweet Jesus! I did not yet know what she was doing but it was surely the sweetest sensation this side of heaven. I felt fingers stroking along swollen tender tissues that thrummed with each beat of my heart.

She shifted position and moved lower placing her mouth over my breast and flicking my nipple with her tongue. I thrust against her as if to drive my shuddering bosom straight through her. All this while her fingers twirled and danced across my hidden slit. I recalled she said I need not do anything in reciprocation but I found myself reaching over and attentively touching her exposed breasts. Shocked I pulled my hand away for they felt so cold and I could discern no heartbeat!

My heart was pounding through my chest and yet I felt nothing of hers.

"Shhh Laura, years of experience have allowed me to keep my senses when all should be lost; do not fret only enjoy."

I took her at her word and twisted myself until I could lock my mouth around her nipple attempting to mimic what she had done to mine. To no avail; I could not shake the sensation of the chill in my mouth. Sensing my growing discomfort she increased the pressure and friction over my mossy garden. Once I was thrusting up to meet her hand and moaning in complete abandonment she stopped most suddenly.

I opened my eyes to find her smiling down at me and she held up her hand.

"See," she murmured, "you are wet, telling any lover that you are ready." I blinked back, "ready for what"?

"For this" she purred as she spread my legs and knelt before me. "Wait" I asked, "whatever are you doing?"

Again the low rumbling laugh tumbled past her lips. "What should be done to every girl when she is made love to by another. After all would you find a selfish lover acceptable? I for my part would not."

I hitched my breath and watched; the dark light of the moon showed all. Kisses pressed against the inside of my knees and hands pressed into my thighs. I could not take my eyes away even though I should have felt myself shamed by her actions and my delight. Sharp nails left pink tracks on my skin as she dragged them from my center down to my knees. Then her mouth moved slowly up each mark and kissed away the sting left behind. I felt I would go insane from her touch and the release denied to me.

I sank lower into the cushions and turned my eyes to the sky while she kissed and sucked my inner thighs. I felt the tiniest of bites along the innermost portion of my leg then a warm air rushed against my inflamed skin. I raised my head to look back and saw she had her chin resting amongst my secret curls.

A wicked smile curled her lips; her teeth flashed in the dark. I felt myself smiling in return but wait; did I not just spy fangs? Silly girl I told myself; people don't have fangs- not even in dreams. Her mouth closed slightly and her tongue peaked out along the corner. I watched transfixed as it glided to the center of her mouth and she wiggled the tip of it at me. I giggled with drowsy delight and reached out to stroke her hair.

The feeling of it was so different from mine; it had an animal like silkiness that I lacked. I felt her hands reach under my bottom as if to pull me closer but as I attempted to assist her thumbs pressed against the heat of the puffy lips.

"Be still" she said.

She lowered her head between my thighs and licked along my wet slit making me gasp with shock and pleasure. I felt my bum tighten and raised my hips without thought as she swept her tongue and lips over me. She delved into the folds and I could feel myself trembling, vibrating as I would shatter from the need for more. When I thought I could take no more of her ministrations and survive; it started. The oddest pressure began to course through me, my skin quivered and I felt as if I could fly free from the body that she was devouring.

I heard moaning and panting only to be shocked into awareness that those sounds were of my own making. I suddenly felt awash with shame that I should be acting in such a manner.

Briefly distracted by my own discomfort I glanced away and saw our reflections in the glass. Mine was clear and it only enhanced my wish I would wake from this dream before; before what I thought? It was only a dream and come day light it would be nothing but a memory. I felt my eyes begin to drift and told myself that I should think of nothing, just let these strange new sensations carry me away….but wait, her reflection was dark and muddied.

This oddity drew my attention back to the glass and I narrowed my eyes in an attempt to see better but that was not to be.

She must have sensed my growing distraction and increased her attentions. Shutting my eyes I again felt the pressure build and gripped a fistful of her hair with one hand while the other clung to the nearest thing I could find. Clenching the sheet I felt that I should die for no human body was meant to undergo these sweet agonies of passion.

Just as I thought I could take no more; she sucked on my pearl and thrust two fingers into my virgin sex. Shaking and gasping I threw my legs around her shoulders and begged for release. I felt myself on the precipice of something wholly animal and yet utterly divine. Instead her tongue flicked back and forth driving me to further heights of delirium. There would be no escape this night. She nibbled, sucked, pulled and licked until I felt myself begin to quake with spasms. I shuddered as the passion built until everything began to clench and pull with my heart pounding in time to it. Suddenly I felt a rush of heat spill out of me while my legs and belly continued to twitch.

One last flick of her tongue and I was screaming out my release; head thrown back I felt but did not see what caused the sudden sharp pain. Breasts heaving from my excitement I brought my own hands up and stroked them while looking at her. Her mouth was still lost between my legs and soft sucking sounds found my ears. I pulled on my nipples and rolled my hips while she continued with her tongue. So very gently I felt it roll around my pressing on my lips and lapping at my wet slit.

Minor shocks still coursed up my torso as she continued the torment but when her eyes flicked up to meet mine I was briefly frightened by what I saw. I had only a moment before she fluttered her lids closed but I was sure of what I saw. Her eyes, those beautiful fathomless eyes were still the same glowing green but her black pupils had appeared red.