An Old Tale

The Kansas sky never looks so beautiful until tonight. With Mother Nature wearing a dark blue dress that sparkles with diamonds was breathtaking. This makes it more special since I, Kay Emily Roselyn has just turn 16 today. And what a day it been of June 13, 2011.


This morning my parents woke me up with the sounds of party horns, boy did that almost gave me a heart attack and yet I was happy for what they did. They also made breakfast in bed, but it was more of like desert in bed for I got a piece of my ice cream Birthday cake. It was delicious anyway. After that, I got cleaned and dressed. I looked at myself in a mirror, I was wearing a long sleeve purple top with blue jean and van shoes, and my long, dirty- blonde hair was up in a ponytail. Then just added a little bit of lip gloss, I don't really wear makeup since I have a natural look, the only things that where special about my look are my bright smile and my sparkling brown eyes and those are all I need.

When I was all done in my room I went downstairs but suddenly my heart thump out of my chest when I heard "Surprise" everyone shouted. "Wow thank you everyone!" I said. The party was a blast; my two best friends were there: Violet, the crazy yet loveable, and Lily, the kind of shy yet fun person. My parents, and of course my one and only favorite Grandma Dorothy. I think she around 70 but who cares she is still beautiful in my eyes with her rosy cheeks, her silver hair put up in an elegant bun, her smile and her sparkling brown eyes; like me not the hair part. After a few dancing and games it was present time: I got some new art supplies from my parents, a handmade bracelet from Violet, a new Taylor Swift Speak Now CD and My Grandma well she told me she'll give it later. Then we all had cake and as soon the sun hit the sack the party was over and my friends went home.

(End of Flashback)

Today was the best day ever and to top it off the sky was the best night as I look out from my bedroom window with my PJs on. It was so peaceful and quiet until "Knock, Knock" I heard and it was Grandma. "Grandma why are you up? It like 11:00 a clock at night!" I asked quietly since my folks were asleep. "Well I just wanted to see what my favorite granddaughter is up to" she said. "Grandma I'm your only granddaughter" I said then laughed. "I know" she said and smiled, then walked up to me to give me a kiss on the cheek then looks up the sky with me. "I never seen such a beautiful night like this in a long time" Grandma said.. Then I had a thought "Hey Grandma I know I'm a little old for this but can you tell me your story about you and grandpa?" I asked. She gave me smiled and said "Of course and you are never too old for a little story sweetie" I climbed into the bed and turn on my bed lamp, and then she sat on the edge of the bed and started to tell her story.

"Well it was a long time ago when I was around 16; I was living at the farm Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, my dog Toto, and 3 of my good friends who worked at the farm. I sometimes get into trouble around the farm and that wicked Miss Gulch, but I had some happy times too. Then one day I visited a different yet wonderful place and then I met the love of my life, your Grandpa. He was a nice looking fellow, I can't quite remember much except his sky blue eyes like you mother's. We weren't in love at first we were best friends, but he wasn't my only friend there was Nick and Lionel. We had some good times and I never forget those precious memories. As we grew up things changed like that one day as me and grandpa were walking outside the clear, sparkling night sky like the one tonight, as we were walking he then stop, turned to me and kiss me. It was like the fourth of July as we kissed and then he told me he loves me. After that we started going out. When I was around 20, One night he took me out on a night picnic, it was so romantic, and then he gone on one knee and asked me if I would be his wife, I was speechless that all I could do was kiss him to reply. I was so happy that I went back to Kansas but to only find a broken down farm that was a nasty work of a twister. I was heartbroken, but I knew in my heart they are all happy and blessed for me. After I got back with my love, we got married. A few years later your mother was born. Now she was a miracle baby because we didn't think we can have babies because of your grandpa conditions, but it didn't matter. We could have been happier, but that all changed one day when a war happened. Your Grandpa knew it wasn't safe for your mother and me, so he wanted us to go back to where I was from. I didn't want to leave him since I love him with all my heart, he did too but all he gave me was an emerald, heart shape necklace as his token of his love and told me that he will always be in my heart. We left but the war never did, so years past and still I never saw your grandpa since the separation but I know he is still alive and one day the war will be over."

"That story never gets old, but I'm sad about what happen and that I never got to see him." I said sadly "I know that one day you will get to see him." she said. "But how will I know it's him?" I asked. "You'll know." She answered. "Now I suppose you want your birthday present?" "Yeah I do what is it Grandma?" I asked. She smiled and then she handed me a small silver box, I opened and I gasp, it was Grandma's Emerald Heart shaped necklace that Grandpa gave her. "Grandma I ... I are you sure you want to give me your necklace? I asked "I am sure and don't worry I still have your Grandpa in my heart and I'm sure he happy that I gave it to you." She said "Well" she said then got off my bed; she took the necklace from me and put on my bed side drawer. "Goodnight sweetie, love you.' She said and kisses me on the cheek "Love you too." I said. She turned off my lamp and then she walked out of my bedroom and closed the door. After she left, I got my necklace off the drawer and look at it. It was such a beautiful necklace even in the dark it shines so clear. "She must really miss him to take care of this all these years." I thought. I put the necklace back where it was, tuck myself in and took off to dream land.