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David's skin is designed to slough off dirt and other substances so the residue of champagne and the black substance is quickly gone from his skin.

Not as easy to wash off was the nagging concern about what he had done to Dr. Holloway.

His creators gave him enough of a conscience to worry about doing harm to humans but they also gave him a strong desire to accomplish any task his superiors ask him to do. This is the first time the two pieces of his programming have come head to head. It's an unsettling puzzle for his processors.

Additionally, he has a niggling little flag popping up in his consciousness about why he chose Dr. Holloway. Is it because of the man's determination to find answers? Or was it the sneer that twisted his face when he called David "boy" or the way he suggested that the android go without a helmet on the trip to the pyramid?

Or is it something else?

Such thoughts force the corners of David's thin mouth down with dismay and he switches to a more pleasant set of thoughts. He has had hardly a second with which to dwell on the events of this afternoon. Nestled amid several disturbing interactions, including the rather unpleasant conversations with Dr. Holloway and Ms. Vickers and being upbraided by his "father" was his exhilarating rescue of the Drs. Holloway and Shaw and "the moment."

He just thinks of it as "the moment." It certainly eclipsed any other interaction he has had with Dr. Shaw, Elizabeth, thus far.

He had pulled the two frightened and seemingly helpless scientists back into the ship and Dr. Holloway was yelling at Dr. Shaw. David had turned to her and inquired after her well-being and, breathlessly, she thanked him. Their eyes met and didn't part for a longer period of time than would be necessary for this social interaction. David's processors worked instantaneously to access similar displays and he found it's equivalent not in any of his programmed scripts but in the more recreational part of his self-education. It was the look shared by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in "Casablanca." It was...attraction, affection, positive, romantic regard.

David plays the moment over again now several times. His voice asking, "Are you all right?" and her softly accented one saying "Yes. Thank you, David." And then, through the clear globe of their helmets, their shared gaze.

He pauses in the hallway, his head tilted slightly, holding the moment in his head like she touches her cross, stroking it gently like a smooth pebble.

It isn't an optimal place to linger and, regrettably, he has other tasks to attend to that are less pleasant. It occurs to him that he should be observing Dr. Holloway for any effects that the black substance may be having.

He makes his way to Jackson's semi-enclosed station, designed to help the man with mission security, and cues up the internal surveillance. The crew has largely gone to quarters and David feels a sense of relief. After more than two years alone he was eager to have them awake and working but he found himself disappointed by their attitudes towards their mission and towards him. He expected them to appreciate his contribution and his care for them but he finds that they treat him in ways that range from indifference to disdain.

Except Elizabeth, Dr. Shaw. She did not disappoint. He knew from her dreams that she would be remarkable in her words and actions but he didn't anticipate her courtesy and warmth towards him. Dr. Shaw was the only one who didn't treat him as if he was a robot.

He paused to stroke the memory of "the moment" again with his mind. Then he turned on the monitor and cued the video feed from Dr. Holloway's quarters.

David cocked his head slightly with surprise. It was late. A scan of the ship noted that there was no crew in the public parts of the ship except himself. Even Janek had abandoned the bridge.

David was forced to consider the possibility that Dr. Holloway was with Dr. Shaw. With a feeling that he could only determine to be some sort of anxiety or dread he pressed the code to the video feed for her quarters. He paused before hitting the button to execute to consider the possibilities.

They could be discussing the findings of the day. Surely that was the case. Dr. Holloway was in far too vitriolic and dark a mood for them to be engaging in…

Dr. Shaw surely had more discernment than to be intimate with…David's forehead creased as he thought of the intimate gestures he had observed between the two of them. Dr. Holloway saying, "Ellie, baby." The kiss on the head he had given her when they landed on LV-223.

Doubt. David rolled "the moment" over in his head again but now he began to reanalyze it. What if it had been…not the gesture he interpreted it as? Human expression was such an inexact science.

Now he doubts his own thesis.

What if what he fears is true is occurring? What if they are not talking about the findings of the day? What of they are…engaged in intimate acts?

A cracking sound brings David back to the present. He has broken the edge of the chair with his tightening grip. He has to resolve the conflict. His curiosity and his investment in the two individuals in question require it.

David hits the button to open the feed.

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