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David may have been only a detached head, helplessly being tossed about by the movements of the Engineer's ship, but he could identify exactly what Janek had done. He had steered Prometheus right into the departing ship. Quite courageous, actually. David found himself surprised at the man's valor. He wondered if the rest of the crew had used the escape pods. Perhaps a few others had decided to go down with him. Humans could have such interesting responses to danger. Men like Ravel and Chance, despite their conventional natures, could rise to the occasion when presented with an opportunity to be heroes, to "save the Earth" from a threat like that contained in the cargo hold of the ship.

He wondered where Elizabeth was. He knew that the Engineer had to be wondering the same thing for he released himself from his command seat and made his way to the hallway leading out of the bridge. He could warn her, David thought. If she was still alive; if she hadn't been on the Prometheus. He hoped she hadn't been.

When David was sure that the Engineer had enough time to get off the ship he spoke, the com unit in his suit picking up his voice with a flicker of lights.

"Elizabeth, are you there? This is David."

There was a long, agonizing pause and then he heard her.

"Yeah, I'm here."

David knew he needed to warn her immediately but he wondered if he had found her only to hear her die again at the his hands. What defense could Dr. Shaw put up against the enormous Engineer?

"You need to get out immediately. He's coming for you."

She responded. She must have said: "Who's coming?" but then the sound from her com unit was overtaken by a crashing noise at her end. He knew it must be the last Engineer. He listened to the crashing static for a few more minutes before he heard the sound of a high, sad keening and her voice, strained with emotion, saying the name of her lover.

Unable to fight his emotional programming, David winced, though there was no one here to see it.

"Elizabeth…are you there? Can you hear me?"

Another pause before he heard her voice.

"Yes, I can hear you."

David sighed with relief as he told her: "I was afraid you were dead."

"You have no idea what afraid is." Her voice sounded angry and weary at the same time. David knew that he needed her to help him but would she be reluctant? He assumed so, since she would be angry at him for knowing the source of Holloway's contagion. Would she know how responsible he had been for her lover's death? Would she refuse to help him? It would only mean her own death if she were to refuse.

"I know we've had our differences. But please….I need to ask you for your help."

"Why in the hell would I help you?" Angry, she was definitely angry with him. He had never heard her swear before.

"Because without me you'll never leave this place."

He could hear the conviction in her voice as she told him wearily that neither one of them was ever leaving the planet. She seemed to have given up.

"It's not the only ship. There are many others. I can operate them…..Dr. Shaw?" She wasn't responding but he could hear noise on her end. He waited a few minutes and tried to contact her again. Nothing.

It was an agonizing seven minutes before he heard a shuffling noise in the corridor leading to the bridge. He watched the doorway as well as he could until he saw her come in. He commanded his arms to wave so she could see his body and find his head.

"Dr. Shaw. Over here," he called.

She stood before him, a stern look on her face.

"Where's my cross?" she asked brusquely.

"The pouch. In my utility belt."

He watched her rummage around in his utility belt until she found it. It felt odd and vulnerable to see her hands on his detached body. If she chose to damage him, he couldn't have stopped her. He was powerless in the hands of a woman he had wronged. Not a position he wanted to be in. His maker certainly wouldn't have been proud. Mr. Weyland appreciated only strength and success. This was a failure.

She pulled the cross out and gently strung it back around her neck. Her hands stroked it as she laid it back to rest where it belonged.

"Even after all this, you still believe, don't you?" He could hear the wonder in his own voice. How was it possible that she still cherished this symbol?

"You said you could understand the navigation, use their maps," she said, refusing to answer his question.

"Yes, of course. Once we get to one of their other ships finding a path to Earth should be relatively straightforward."

"I don't want to go back to where we came from. I want to go where they came from. You think you can do that David?" The patronizing tone of her voice was not lost on him but he was so…shocked. The doctor never responded like any other human he knew. She was kind to him when the rest of the crew was dismissive, she kept going when he was sure her reserves were at their end, she continued to believe in her God when mankind's creator had been shown to be a homicidal race bent on their destruction, and now she wanted to go find their home planet?

He paused while he considered what she asked. What did he have to lose? If they went to Earth, it was possible that he would be destroyed upon their arrival. If not, he would still be nothing but the property of Weyland Industries. With her he could face destruction at the hands of her Engineers but he could also find the beings that created his masters. The choice became easy.

"Yes, I believe I can," he responded.

David was given cause to marvel at her again when, placing his head gingerly in a bag to transport him she brushed the hair from his face and gently apologized to him for sealing him into the bag.

"It's quite all right,"

He felt himself dropping down to the surface of the planet and then hoisted onto the ATV. The vehicle set out for the structure he had shown her concealed the entrance to the nearest ship. He contemplated how he would convince her to put him back together. Would she be reluctant? Another human would but perhaps she could be prevailed upon through her feelings of compassion for him. She was obviously still compelled to treat him with some respect, despite her anger at him.

He was surprised to feel and hear the vehicle slow down and then stop, far from their intended target.

"Elizabeth?" he asked her. There was another pause and then the vehicle picked up speed slowly as it changed direction. She was going back to the ship. What could possibly convince her to do so?

"Elizabeth?" he addressed her again more forcefully.

"Just a moment," she said, finally. "I've seen something…" The vehicle was moving over more bumpy terrain that the path they had been on, he calculated that she was heading roughly towards the midpoint of the ship. What could she have seen?

The vehicle slowed again and he heard her get off and step onto the rocky ground.

"Please do be careful, Dr. Shaw," he said to her. She didn't even have a weapon to his knowledge unless she'd gotten one off of the shuttle. He doubted she'd had time.

He heard a dragging noise and then the ATV shuttered as she hoisted something onto it. There was a clanging noise. Oxygen cartridges? He knew she had gotten some from the shuttle but she shouldn't have needed one yet, despite all her heavy labor.

"Elizabeth?" He was growing quite impatient. This wasn't the plan they had agreed upon at all.

"It's all right, David," her voice came soothingly. "I've found Ms. Vickers. I think she's still alive."

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