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"Good drawing Journey. That's the most detailed drawing of magical creatures I've ever seen" the art teacher, Miss Lilly, said standing behind my chair. Dang it! I didn't want anybody to see that I grumbled in my head. I nodded my head and slid the drawing into my folder before anybody else could see. I really wish you were here you know that right? I said again. No I had no idea. That's what the millionth time you've said that? My brother replied sarcastically. Well excuse me if I only repeat myself when I really mean it I protested. You better get some sleep now if you want to get better. Bye I said abruptly ending my conversation with him and turned to the blank piece of paper I set in front of myself. Then I started to draw a forest with a dragon flying above it and a women warrior elf riding her horse through the forest below. I roughly sketched my idea out and went back to make the lines cleaner and more detailed.

"Have you always been able to draw like that?" Seth asked looking over my shoulder at my drawing. Jeez, what is it with people looking at my drawings without me knowing?! Can't somebody just ask me for once? I cried angrily to him.

"Oh, sorry I didn't know you felt that way about your art. I'll just leave" he said apologetically. No I'm just cranky today and I'm sorry for yelling at you. Like I said my nerves are a little fried today. Certain people aren't as cautious as usual I said looking over at Marcela's minion who was named Clarissa. At that point she managed to shoot a glare at me. I took a sudden interest in something out the window. I really hate these kind of days; I said to myself and went back to drawing. He pulled the empty chair out and sat down next to me.

"I think you're a better artist than me" he said showing me his drawing. It looked like a cross between a horse, a cat, a slug and a dragon. It isn't that bad I lied.

"Journey, I can tell you're lying. If you're wondering it's supposed to be a kelpie" he said frowning at his drawing. Oh… well if it helps it does look partially like a horse. You just need to sketch your idea out before you draw it. Like this I took the pencil from his hands and started to sketch out the description of his drawing as I drew. There now all you have to do is erase unnecessary lines and change it to what you imagined it like I smiled and headed out the door as the bell rang. Walking down the hall, I opened my locker and put my art supplies in and grabbed my math book and folder. Hurrying to math I took my usual seat in the back of the classroom. As people filed in through the door I took my book out and started reading. After a few minutes I marked my page and closed my book just as the teacher started class.

Do you have homework in math, E.L.A, history, and science? I asked as I passed Seth in the hall. He nodded his head and laughed at something his friend said. School ended and I got to my locker and put all my things away, getting ready to leave.

"Hey voiceless still can't talk?" Marcela laughed as she slammed my locker closed. Uhh, Seth I could use some help here I whispered.

"Hey I'm talking to you" she shouted at me and yanked my pony-tail hard. I squeezed my eyes shut as the pain raced through my scalp.Hurry up Seth; I'm really close to knocking her front teeth out! I shouted angrily.

"Journey hurry up we're going to miss the bus" Seth said getting in between me and Marcela. Nodding I unlocked my locker and grabbed my backpack and slammed my locker shut, running down the hall towards the buses. Thanks to my dragon hearing I could hear what they were saying.

"Why do you always pick on her?" he asked angrily.

"Oh are you angry that I'm picking on your girlfriend?" she asked.

"She's not my girlfriend!"He yelled.

"Sure keep telling that to yourself Seth" she teased.

"Just leave her alone Marcela" he said with a hint of anger in his voice. I stopped as he walked down the hall towards me. What were you doing? I asked, pretending I hadn't heard the conversation.

"Just asking Marcela a few questions" he said walking past me. Sure and I'm going to die tomorrow I said sarcastically.

"What! You're going to die? How?" he cried in surprise. You can be so clueless Seth. I was using sarcasm, silly I laughed. Aaahhh! The bus! I yelled as I ran onto the bus before it could leave and sat in an empty seat.

"Hey guys," Dante said sitting on the couch coughing, "How was school?" I don't want to talk about it I said flopping onto the ground using my backpack as a pillow and looking exasperated. He looked at Seth.

"What did I say?"