A Goat's Tale: Up a Tree

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Theo isn't sure how Goat got up a tree. But he learned not to ask.

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"How in the world did you get up there?" Theo said as he folded his arms. Goat looked down at him and blahed.

"That isn't going to make me feel sorry for you. You did this to yourself."


"Don't blah at me either. What were you thinking?"

Goat looked down at him. He threw his arms up.



"Blah doesn't cut it. Are you coming down?"


He watched Goat looked liked that he was about to jump down then decided against it. It was good to know that Goat wasn't that dumb.

"I am not getting you down. You did this to yourself. So, get yourself down!"

Goat just looked down at him and wagged his tail.

"No, I am not helping you either."


He stared at Goat for a few moments and sighed. Stupid Goat. He grabbed a tree branch and pulled himself up.

"Stupid Goat. This isn't how I planned to spend my Saturdays. Dealing my goat up a tree. I am supposed to be training."


"You think that this is a game, huh?"

Goat just moved from side to side on the tree branch.

"If you break it, it is your fault. I am not paying for the vet's bill if you hurt yourself either."


"Blah…Blah…that is all you do."

He grabbed the branch that Goat was on and took a seat next to him.

"Now…let get you down from here."

But Goat would have nothing of it. Gently, he laid his head on his shoulder.

"You sneaky little devil…you wanted me to come up here."

"Blah…" Goat said as he continued to rub his head on his arm. He smiled slightly and scratched behind Goat's head. Goat seemed content when he did that.

"You know…you could have just asked."

Goat folded his legs under himself and laid his head on his lap.

"Why do I feel like a sucker?"

Goat didn't answer that one.

He leaned over and scratched behind Goat's ear.

"I'm still not helping you down."


Master Swoop hasn't heard from his student in some time. He wondered if he was still having trouble getting the goat down from the tree. The goat was making all type of noise earlier.

He smiled slightly as he stopped before the tree.

His senses told him that the goat and Theo was in the tree. He could hear Theo talking softly to the goat.

He wondered briefly if Theo realized the effect that the goat had on him.

But the most important thought came to him.

He wondered where he put his camera.


Next Chapter: Confusion Much?

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