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She was stressed. That could mean two things. First: Fargo was freaking out about some unimportant stuff. Second: Mansfield was in town. This time it was the second opportunity.
Lupo wasn't easy to handle for Zane, but a stressed Lupo was nearly impossible to handle. So he tried to calm her down. "Wait," he said loud enough for her to hear it but not everyone in the hallway. When Jo turn around he pulled her into the next unused lab with him. He gently stroked her cheek. "You're stressed! Relax a little bit." "You know, Mansfield is in town. I can't just relax. And you shouldn't be relaxed too. He doesn't like you." "That's just because I'm a felon. And I don't care what others think about me. I just care what you think about me." "Ex-felon," she said reflexively while he leaned down to kiss her. First the kiss was sensitive but soon grow more intimate. It wasn't a kiss they would share in public, longing for more and made her relax while she reached up to him. He put an arm around her to get her closer. Closer than she already was. After some time she pulled apart. "We shouldn't do that here," she said. "Oh, you worry about your job," he teased her, "he won't fire you, even if you're kissing such a pain in the ass like me! You're the best security-chief GD ever had! They love you." "I'm not worried about that but about Mansfield in general. He doesn't show up until something goes really wrong or he wants us to built another doomsday weapon like the DED-device and you know what had happened!" "Yeah, but it was a good thing, I think." At her confused look he added "It gave me time to think about the ring, about how and why you changed, you know, such stuff. I never would have kissed you and you would still be avoiding me! I think it was good for all of us. And Dr. Old Spice left!" "You really didn't like him, do you?" Jo looked at her buzzing phone and added "Gotta go! Fargo's freakin' out! See ya!" She gave him a quick kiss, hurried away and soon was out of his view. "Okay, this time she's stressed because of Fargo and Mansfield," Zane thought.

When Jo entered Fargo's office he was running up and down and really freaking out. "Fargo! Relax! What's going on," the women asked annoyed. "What's going on? Have you missed Mansfield running around here? Mansfield! He's a bad sign. I know something's so going wrong when he's here. What if he fires me? Or if he finds out?" "I know he's here! Everything is going to be fine! He'll just find out when you continue running around like a startled chicken. And you're doing your job fine. There's no reason to fire you!" After some deep breaths Fargo finally managed to calm down. "So, where is..." Jo was interrupted by the door sliding open and General Mansfield entering the room.

"Director Fargo, Chief Lupo," he greeted them politely with a nod at there direction. They both greeted back. "Why are you here, General," Fargo asked. "Well, I came to check the security. There were some incidence lately, most of them at Section 5. The DOD sent me to look if the safety settings are sufficient. So, Chief Lupo, would you show me everything. And please start with Section 5." "Um, sure, General. Would you just follow me." With that, both Jo and the General left Fargo's office and Fargo started to worry immediately.

Jo showed everything he wanted to see to the General and soon she was annoyed again. She wasn't able to see the sense of checking out every lab they had problems at in the last three months – the labs they could be sure as hell all of the security-stuff worked, and she wasn't really able to read Mansfield. That for she never liked to do anything for this man. She was used to read people like an open book, okay sometimes not like an open book but some emotions flicking across the face or a gesture giving the intentions away she could always see. But still, she could read them, even military people. But Mansfield was like a mostly empty book with anger on some pages. Though anger wasn't good, it sometimes was just better than this nothing-saying expression and Jo was happy when the General said that they were finish for that day after about one and a half hours running through GD. "Miss Lupo, there would be one thing I want to talk to you about, if you don't mind", Mansfield said before Jo was able to leave. "Yes, sir", the woman answered and waited for him to continue. "I've noticed that there aren't any documents about Donovan doing crimes in some time now. I wondered if you just weren't able to do the paperwork or if he's up to something big." "No, I've done the paperwork. There hadn't been any problems with him lately", Jo replied perplex. It had never occurred to her that the drastic change in Zane's behavior would be noticed by anyone outside Eureka. "Okay, so I'll stay a bit longer in town and try to find out what he's up to. And I'll see if everything else is doing like it should. Would you excuse me now, I want to talk to your security-staff." With this the General left and Jo, not knowing what to think of this, was left alone in the empty hallway.

TBC ...

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