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Not really knowing what to do next Jo headed to her office on autopilot and soon bumped into Carter. "Hey, you okay?", he asked her. "Yeah, sure. Just lost in thoughts, I think." She gave him a small smile and continued while they started to walk again. "You know, Mansfield said he'll be staying a bit longer in town to find out what Zane's up to. He thinks he's just behaving well cause there's a big thing he wants to do. And Mansfield is looking for other things not fitting, kind of." Carter looked at her slightly worried expression and asked "You think he'll find out?" Jo nodded. "Wait, does he knows about … um, you know … you and Zane?" The woman sighted. "No." "So, you told Zane about Mansfield looking for his 'big whatever'?" Jo shook her head for response and added "Mansfield just told me. But I should tell him, shouldn't I?" "Yeah, you should," Carter replied. "Okay, so bye Carter," Jo said and left for finding Zane.

She found Zane alone in his lab at Section 3. He was focused on his work with his back to her and didn't notice her at first. When she cleared her throat he turned around and a smile spread his face. "Hey Jojo. Couldn't wait seeing me again?" "Sure." A mischievously grin spread her face too. He leaned down to her and kissed her passionate. But as soon as she remembered why she was there she pulled away and turned all serious within seconds. "There was actually something I want to tell you." "Mhm" he replied a bit pouting course she'd broken their kiss so soon. "Well, Mansfield is looking for evidence you're planning some 'big-thing-screw-up'!" "What? Why?" He sounded more concerned than he'd wanted. "Course there are no files about you breaking any rules lately." Now the cheeky guy in him was back and he answered "Seriously. He's thinking I'm the bad one cause I'm acting the good one?" "Seems so." Jo slightly shook her head. This really was ridiculous when she thought about it. "So, should I mess a bit or just act like ever?" "You know, for Mansfield there's no difference. But I'd say like lately," the woman answered Zane's question. "You mean, show everyone that I'm not 'that' guy anymore?" "Exactly." "Was there anything else you wanted to tell me," Zane asked. "Nope." "Good," he muttered for response before leaning down and kissing Jo again. Like pretty much every time they shared a kiss they soon forget about anything around them. Zane's arms were around Jo's waist, stroking softly up and down her spine. One of her hands was rested against his chest, the other was lost in his hair. "Lupe, what the hell are you doing here," they heard Mansfield's sharp voice eventually.

They broke apart immediately and Jo spun around to face Mansfield. "I think it's called 'kissing'," Zane answered in his most annoying way. "No one asked you, Donovan! Lupo, would you mind answering my question?" "Like Zane said, kissing. But I don't think it's any of your business," Jo answered. It wasn't the best answer to calm Mansfield down, she knew that, but it was the truth. Zane grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly for supporting her. "I want to talk to you, Lupo. Alone!" The look Mansfield gave Jo left no space for a 'No'. Zane looked worried at her so she squeezed his hand before she left the lab followed by the General.

When the door closed Mansfield started to yell at Jo. "What the hell were you thinking? He's a felon! And you're Head of security in the most important scientific facility! You should rethink your priorities because if you don't end whatever this between you and Donovan is, you should look for a new job!" Not even thinking about the possibility of breaking up with Zane or searching a new job Jo countered "I'm very sorry Sir, but as long as my relationship with Donovan isn't affecting my decisions or actions as security- chief you can't fire me. And this isn't the case. So my relationship with Zane is so nothing of your business! And if you don't mind I go back and finish this conversation." With this she left the stunned man alone in the hallway and entered the lab again. After the doors closed behind her she leaned against it, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Zane rushed towards her and asked "You okay?" After taking another deep breath she opened her eyes and managed a weak smile. "Sure." Zane gave her a quizzical look. "He wanted me to choose between you and my job." Now a bit insecure he asked "What … what did you say?" She thought it was cute how he worried she could choose her job before him and a genuine smile met her lips. "That he can't fire me course it's not effecting my decisions and our relationship is nothing of his business." "You think he'll let us alone?" "I hope, but don't think so. He'll might be digging even harder," the woman replied. Zane nodded. "But there's nothing he'll find." Now she gave him a skeptical look. "Have a bit faith! Everything will be fine. He won't be able to proof …" that moment he remembered the security footage. "Ah … that we brain washed each other? Or that we're aliens or anything else. All he'll be able to find out is that two people felt hopelessly for each other! 'Kay?" Jo raised an eyebrow. "Hopelessly?" He kissed her. "Yeah, hopelessly!"

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