Dean sighed, the breath drawn out of him, agonisingly slow. 'So this is where Sam works? And where I'll be working to?' Sam had bugged him for weeks to pay his half of the rent after Dean moved in with him, when he proposed the idea of moving in he'd told Sam 'I just want to look after my baby bro, what's wrong with that?' Sam couldn't argue; wouldn't argue, Dean had looked after him for the magority of his life and he'd figured that it would be hard for him to suddenly not have to look out for someone. This is what Sam had concluded, but the truth was he just didn't want to be alone any more.

Ever since Dad died Dean had spiraled in a pit of self pitty and arogance, moving in with Sam was a long shot, he knew that, but maybe, just maybe he could start to feel better again, start to feel normal again. And Sam had busted his balls getting this job for Dean and he'd appreciated it, even if he was only the Dishwasher.

He stared intently at the entrance to the out of the way restaurant, searching the building with his eyes, able to see the warm, welcoming colours seeping through the two large windows spread across the front wall. The building itself was elegantly beautiful, with long strips of ivy curling around the brick work, moss seeping through the crevices of the building as small, dim lamps exposed the buildings true beauty. The sign above the arched entrace was painted in a delicate gold colour, which shone the seven letters 'Destiny'.

He thought about all the possible things that could go wrong, he thought about all the ways he could quit and all the things he could tell Sam to try and worm his way out of it, but he didn't want to let his brother down and he guessed work would be a good start to getting his life back on track.

He skeptically walked up to the entrance, dragging his feet behind him and fixating his gaze onto the building as if it would disapear if he looked away. He grasped the wooden handle, took a deap breath and pushed.

This was it, this was his new begining.


Sam had felt guilty about making his brother go for his first day of work at the restaurant on his own, but this was his one day off a week that he chose to spend down at the coffee shop where his best friend worked and he didn't want to hold his big brothers hand, because it was a new experience for him, plus Dean could take care of himself, he's more than capable of making a good first impression without him.

Sam sat on his favourite, cushioned stool at the glossed counter waiting patiently for Gabriel to deal with a particularly fussy customer. He idly watched as Gabriel was sent back a third time to make the drink again, but this time with a small, hardly noticable tweak to the original recipe.

He absent mindedly noted how his silky, soft hair glistened in the dim light, the perfectly natural way that it sat framing his face and making his features stand out, he cherished how his eyes shined despite the anger and impatience blatantly showing in them.

A slight smile played on his lips and a small pang of adoration twigged in his heart. Sam couldn't remember how long he'd had a crush on Gabriel for, but it was long enough for him to savour all his emotions and how they suited his features, long enough for him to be able to sketch out his face in fine detail, even though he couldn't draw. He knew this so called 'crush' was probably a little more than what he accepted it as, but he didn't really want to think about that right now, especially when his feeling were unrequited.


Castiel watched as the handsome man stood as still as a statue for at the very least fifteen minutes, staring, just staring at the entrance. Castiel wondered if he was contemplating eating here, but he was standing there for far to long, it had to be a more complicated dilema than where to acquire food.

Soon Castiel found that he had been staring at the man more intently than the man was staring at the door, but who could blame him, the man was obviously a catch, he could tell even from a distance and Castiel found himself hoping the man was going to take those few steps forward to come inside.

He squinted his eyes in question as he watched the mysterious stranger walk slowely to the door, frowning at it as if the handle was made of acid, and then faster than anticipated the door was open and the man was making his way over to the open kitchen area, over to him.

When face to face, Castiel took in the mans short, soft looking hair and the unique colouring to it, the ruff stubble matching his own and his slightly tanned face bringing out the clear contrast of colours in the green orbes of his eyes.

What Castiel would give just to find out this mans name.


Gabriel ground his teeth irritably as he stirred in the non fat milk and topped it off with the required ingrediants. He'd had picky customers before, but it was of rare occasion when they were this blatantly rude about it.

He returned to the customer and placed the coffee before him, platering on a fake smile despite his annoyance at the tedius situation. The man retreaved the drink and took a sip, swirling the liquid in his mouth as if he was trying to find something wrong with it.

Gabriel's increasing impatience with the man took over as he practically spat the words at him. "So is it up to standards? Want me to taste test it?"

The mans face was dissaproving and disgusted as he spilled some change over the counter before stalking out of the front door and Gabriel couldn't help but give the man the middle finger more violently than intended, not caring that he was on the job and there were several customers who could have noticed.

He turned his attention to the money, sliding the change into the open till, but he didn't fail to notice the small smile of amusement that crossed Sam's face at the gesture and that alone had put him in a better mood already. I mean who could resist that smile?

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