This is the Sequel to Finnick and Annie: How they came to be. I would advise to read the first book before starting this one because there are a lot of spoilers! It's based on The Hunger Games, so everything belongs to Suzanne Collins! Enjoy! Happy Reading…

Chapter 1- For Annie

I try and grasp her hand for dear life, but the Peacekeepers are stronger than us. They rip us apart and carry her out of the room. I can still feel her in my arms…I want her in them again. I feel as though my heart has sunken all the way down to my stomach. I hear her screaming in protest as the Peacekeepers force her farther and farther away from me. Annie, I'm so sorry. Please don't give up on me. I'll win. I'll win for both of us. I wish I could've said that. I wish I would've said a lot of things. Our time was so limited though, and I had to tell her about my thoughts on proposing.

I was truly planning on it, proposing to her. I knew that nobody could make me happier than her so why waste time? I was planning on telling her tonight. I was planning on promising my love for her, my loyalty to her… everything. But it all was smashed to pieces when they called my name. I knew nobody was going to volunteer for me the minute that I was called. And now here I am, on a stupid red velvet couch, wishing I could have had 3 more minutes with her.

"Come along ! We have much to do today," says Asteria in her strange Capitol accent.

I open the door to my visiting room and let her guide Ero and I to the train. From somewhere, I hear crying, wait no, sobbing. I turn around and the breath is knocked out of me. There, crumbled up like a piece of paper, is my love…Annie Cresta. She looks up at me with eyes full of tears and sadness and I immediately want her in my arms again, but now I can't do anything. All I can do is win the Games. Or at least try so hard that I won't go down without a fight. Everything I do in that arena will be for the sake of coming home and giving her that dance I owe. Suddenly, as I am pushed onto the Capitol train, the necklace she gave me weighs ten times more than it did. I already miss her.

"We have a special treat for you two," Asteria pops in. "Instead of giving you one mentor to share, this year the rule has been changed to giving you a mentor of your very own."

Mags, Mags,Mags! Mags please! If I had my own grandmother as my mentor, think of how quickly I would go home! It would be so easy, she would get me all the sponsors.

"I'll tell you who you have gotten when we get inside."

A long, narrow, chrome hallway is in front of us. I can seriously see myself in the wall. I look at an angle to see my district partner, Ero Limenta's, face. Not one tear, squint of the eye, nor the essence of a frown have a chance of creeping on her expression. Instead, she kind of smiles as if this whole thing is a joke. She has been training for this her whole life. This is what she has been waiting for. I make a mental note to never trust her; she may be already planning how she will kill me.

We finally end up at a doorway and Asteria pushes it open. Inside, is probably the fanciest room I have ever seen. Orange velvet couches with a crystal coffee table stand on top of a plush sea green carpet. In that same section, a T.V consumes the whole wall. Then directly in front is a buffet of foods I have never seen before. Cakes, soups, creams and other unrecognizable foods are presented on tables that circle the room and border a narrow dining table. Crystal knives, forks, spoons, and cups of every size decorate it with maroon colored placemats to finish it off. This is clearly the Capitol I think to myself.

"Marvelous isn't it? Eat whatever you want! But please remember your manners," demands Asteria. Yeah, her talking about manners when she is forcing us into a death tournament. I must not blame her though, she doesn't understand.

Ero immediately crabs a small pie with strawberry cream and crams it into her mouth. "What about our mentors?" she says and crumbs from her full mouth fall onto the rug.

Asteria gags. "Manners child, and patience. Your mentors will introduce themselves in a minute. Avox! Clean this up! Oh, I hate crumbs." And with a few other mumbles about mannerisms, Asteria is off.

An Avox, I remember mom telling me about them once. Oh! That's right. They are the Capitol's slaves. They acted against the Capitol and therefore were punished into a life of servitude. There might be something else I missed about them. I hear the Avox that Asteria called scrubbing down the rug.

"Do you need my help?" I ask the man. He looks up at me, his eyes wide with fear and astonishment.

Ero laughs like a hyena behind me, "Oh my gosh you don't know?" Another laugh, "The guy can't talk!" and then her mouth is stuffed with another pastry.

Now I remember, President Snow also forced them to getting their tongues cut off so they are forever mute. Any sign of communication, other than a demand, risks their life.

"Sorry." I mumble. The Avox nods and is out of the room.

I sit down on the orange couches, not at all tempted by the food. I get a closer look at the necklace Annie made for me. It's a peach colored seashell with a beautiful trident carved in the middle. Oh Annie, this must have taken you forever. Once again, I ache for her. The next few weeks are going to be torturous, but with whatever thought brings me to her is another drive to win for her.

"Ah! Here are your mentors!" Asteria walks in with Rockshon, one of the most enthusiastic, bloody thirsty victors you can get, and Mags. I breathe a sigh of relief when she nods in my direction obviously noting that she is my mentor.

Yes, that is great for me, but also a little scary. This means that Rockshon is paired with Ero. Together, these two could steal the Games from right under my nose. No, I won't let them. I have Annie to think of.

Mags takes the seat next to me and mumbles under her breath, "Let's talk in another room." I nod in agreement. Wow, Mags is better at this than I had planned.

As we find my room, I immediately stop in my tracks to just take it all in. A huge bed is the first thing you see, decorated with a velvet brown blanket and small green pillows. I row of cabinets uses up the wall directly in front. Above the Cabinets is an obnoxiously sized T.V. Then the bathroom stands on the left and a large window on the right.

"How are you holding up Finnick?" Mags asks.

"I just, can't wait to go home." I respond truthfully even though I sound like a 5 year-old.

"You will Finnick. You just have to do exactly as I say." I nod in agreement.

"You are handsome Finnick. Incredibly so. If you use that to your advantage at every possible time, sponsors will be breaking down my door."

"What are you trying to say?" I ask.

"Flirt! Everyone will immediately look at you as a sex symbol Finnick. You will have to play with them, flirt with them. " I blush, this is not the exact conversation you should have with your Grandmother.

"But Annie, She'll be watching," I say. I couldn't even think of doing that.

"Okay Finnick, for the next 3 or 4 weeks, you forget about Annie."

Forget about Annie? Forgetting about Annie is like fish forgetting how to swim.

" I can't-" I start.

"Just for 4 weeks tops Finnick! I love her as much as you do and would hate to see her hurt, but do you know what would hurt her more? You coming home dead!" Mags says.

That's like a slap in the face, I never thought of it that way. In turn of 'flirting' my way to get sponsors, I would be coming home alive, to Annie. Mags is right. It's all for Annie in the end.

I nod in understanding. She smiles in relief and says, "You do that, and you're coming home for sure honey. Now come on, dinner is being served."

And with that, we turn to eat dinner. It's amazing: Fresh roasted pork that squirts sweet syrup in your mouth with every bite. The sweet and savory balance is perfect. Then comes peas in some sort of carrot cream. I eat every last bite. And lastly comes dessert; chocolate bread. I have never seen it before in my life, but that's what it tastes like. It is paired with hot chocolate and when I see Mags actually dip her bread into the drink, I copy. I eat that stuff until I can barely hold anything more.

Dinner conversation is usually between Ero, Rockshon, and Asteria. They talk about past games, what to expect in the Capitol, gossip about people in the Capitol, and other competition. I am sort of shy when it comes to talking in front of these people though at home, I could talk for hours. When I realize that the lack of conversation from me is because of intimidation, I shoo the thought away and stuff more chocolate bread into my mouth. Mags does jump in at conversations, but is quickly distracted when another plate of Capitol food is put in front of her. I can't blame her.

"Time to watch the videos of the reaping," beams Asteria after too many glasses to drink.

And with that, the five of us crowd into the extravagant couches and tune into the T.V screen. I don't really watch the T.V at all at home. Of course, I must during the Hunger Games, but right after that, the thing is turned off for the rest of the year.

Of course, at the beginning of the whole recap is Caesar Flickerman, the Hunger Games T.V host. He signs us in with a welcome and immediately turns to the reaping. Districts 1 & 2 are unsurprising; huge, blood thirsty teenagers who can't wait to kill. They always volunteer. The District 3 tributes are also volunteers though they are not as big as the kids from 1&2. Then I watch my own reaping. First Idelia was called. I catch a quick glance of Annie, who sat right next to her, and then the cameras switch to Ero who begs to volunteer. Then there's me, the first non-volunteer throughout the entire recap. I am relieved to see that I don't look scared…I look strong actually. Then the rest of the districts pass. I keep note on the boy from 7, the girl from 5, both from 10, and the boy from 12. They are the only ones who look as though they could brutally kill me. The rest are a blur.

Asteria claps and congratulates us on our 'fine reaping video' and bids us goodnight.

"Sleep is the best thing you can get Finnick. There won't be much of it in the Arena," says Mags. She hugs me goodnight.

I crawl under the bedsheets and think about the other kids. The only thing I can think is: which one will kill me? Then I stop myself, No Finnick…remember you are going to win this thing, for Annie. For Annie, I think. The last thing I remember is the color of her beautiful eyes and I'm out like a light.