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It was over.

As Harry watched Voldemort's body fall backwards, everything seemed to slow down. The looks of shock on everyone's faces seemed to be frozen with some caught morphing into frenzied joy and a few into horror. Harry could feel his heart pounding heavily but it appeared to be the only thing in the room that was going at any sort of speed.

A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead, the sensation rather ticklish but he made no move to wipe it away. Voldemort was still falling; he was barely half way as his body arched backwards. In fact, Harry could see that his feet were still firmly on the floor but he knew he was already dead. That was the thing with Killing Curse, it killed as soon as it hit you, meaning you were dead long before you actually hit the ground.

Unless your mother had died to save you and your name was Harry Potter, this was always the case.

He was just aware of the fact that the dawning sun was beginning to dazzle his eyes but all his attention was on the falling man...if he could still be called that. A being that had spilt himself into seven pieces, one of which had resided in Harry for almost seventeen years, was not your average human. It was still hard to believe that he had shared his body with a part of Voldemort's soul, especially when he'd seen what sharing Voldemort's soul could do to you.

Harry noticed rather tiredly that Voldemort's mouth was open in shock, his slit like red eyes widened in eternal dismay at his own demise. Everything was still slow and yet Harry found that he was able to tear his eyes away from the falling man and sweep his gaze over the gathered crowd. Many faces he did not know or only just recognised as fellow Hogwart's students but he still knew some of them.

There was Mrs Weasley, her face tear streaked but still standing with grim triumph over the body of her fallen foe, Bellatrix Lestrange. Near her was Ginny, her face set in harsh stone as she willed Harry to finish off the one who had hurt her so much. Brave, brave Neville, who had defied all expectations to become a hero and a defender of Hogwarts, was standing there with the darkly stained sword of Gryffindor. Professor McGonagall with her hair escaping her normally tight bun, wand held loose in one hand and the other hand clutching her heart.

These were the ones who caught his attention the most but there were of course many others. It stung as he realised that there was one member of the Weasley family who was not standing here watching with bated breath. Fred Weasley would forever remain young and laughing while his twin moved on through life without him. And he wasn't the only one who would never see the end of this War...Colin...Remus...Tonks, they would never have the chance to celebrate. Along with others like Mad Eye, Dobby, Scrimgeour, hell, even Snape. All had died to ensure that he and the others could keep on fighting and ultimately win.

Why did the cost of war have to be so high? Why had so many good people and other beings died because of one maniac's desire to destroy the world they lived in? As Voldemort fell, Harry knew deep down that it was pointless to berate himself about it, that there was nothing he could have done. But it didn't stop him wishing things could have been different, that he could have prevented all the death right down to Cedric.

As his eyes found Ron and Hermione's, he knew they felt the same way. There was a shadow across their faces, one that spoke of the feeling of relief that it was over but also the overwhelming grief of the terrible journey to reach that stage. There was also regret; they too dearly wished they could have changed things.

Harry slowly closed his eyes, he wished with all his heart that thing could have been different.

"I wish...I wish...I wish..."

Three voices echoed in the still chamber, their hearts filled with a desperate longing. A longing they were sure could not be satisfied but wishing it could be. Little did they know that their wish, magnified by three times, had actually been heard. How could this have happened?

Well, Harry was the possessor of the Deathly Hallows and a true master of death. If anyone could defy fate, it was him along with his two loyal friends who had been with him from the start. He had been the owner of three of the most powerful artefacts in the world and yet he had only used them to aid his struggle against a monster. If anyone deserved a chance to put things truly right, it was him but he couldn't do it alone.

For too long, the weight of the world had rested on Harry's shoulders and it wasn't fair for this to continue so. The Boy-Who-Lived would be granted his wish and since his Cloak of Invisibility had always been the most prized, its symbol of a triangle would create the bond of three. Seven was a powerful magical number but after all, three's the charm.

Everything was still in slow motion for Harry but as his heart continued to pound with hopeless longing, the sun steadily got brighter and brighter until the whole room disappeared in a flash of light. And with it, time changed completely.

Harry's POV


Harry sat up with a start, staring in shock at the old shack door as it shook ominously. An overwhelming feeling of déjà vu washed over him as he remembered the last time he'd seen this. But...surely this wouldn't be, this couldn't be Hagrid coming to tell him he was a wizard? After all, that had been almost eight years ago, he knew fine who he was.

But his body was not as it should be, it was small and extremely skinny, clad in raggedy cast offs. Where was the muscular but heavily scarred body he had grown accustomed to? He glanced over at the sofa where his cousin sat, a lot shorter from when he'd last seen him but also a lot fatter. Gone was the boxer's brawn that Dudley had actually managed to build up, he was as obese and unhealthy as he had been in his youth.

Harry couldn't move, his brain could not fully comprehend what was going on. Mere moments before, he'd been standing watching as Voldemort fell dead on the floor and yet he appeared to be back in the sea shack where he'd learned he was a wizard. It was like his seven years at Hogwarts had never happened and yet he could remember everything vividly. For instance, in a moment Uncle Vernon would come charging in with a rifle followed by Aunt Petunia...


As another deafening knock was heard, Uncle Vernon suddenly came charging into the living room of the shack, followed closely by Aunt Petunia.

"Who's there?" Uncle Vernon attempted to call out in a challenging and menacing voice. "I warn you, I'm armed."

Harry shook his head, this was so damned familiar and he knew exactly what was going to happen next, a pause and then Hagrid would knock the door down. His relatives would scream and the half giant would ask for a cup of tea. And that of course, had only been the beginning of Harry's weirdest but most exciting birthday.

"Wow, I'm eleven," Harry mumbled distractedly to himself as there was a pause from outside and then the biggest bang of the night so far.


The entire shack shook with the force of the blow and the door caved in, slamming to the floor with a painful bang. Harry winced at the noise, but it wasn't as bad as last time. Since he knew what to expect, his heart wasn't racing as fast as it should have been. In fact, a hopeful feeling was started to well up inside him, he was about to see Hagrid.

Sure enough, the entire doorframe was suddenly filled by a very large mass, completely blocking out the raging storm outside. A moment later and to Harry's intense relief, the gamekeeper of Hogwart's stepped in, dressed in his familiar shaggy overcoat with his jet black, wild beard all over the place. The Dursleys were screaming but Harry paid them no mind, he was too busy grinning as Hagrid casually said.

"Couldn't make us a cup of tea, could ya? Not been an easy journey."

Pausing only to lift the door up with one hand and put it back in place, Hagrid stomped over to the sofa where Dudley was staring aghast. Harry had to struggle to hold back laughter as Hagrid went.

"Move over, yer great pudding."

Dudley yelped as though he'd been stung by an invisible bee and bounced over to his parents. Well, Harry had no other way to describe just how Dudley's jelly like mass managed to move so fast. Harry looked back at Hagrid and saw that he was smiling gently, obviously very pleased to see him.

For his part, Harry was very pleased to see Hagrid and decided to focus on the moment rather than the consuming confusion he felt. He'd deal with that later, once he had a moment to himself to think things through. Briefly, Ron and Hermione faces flared up inside him but he also pushed them aside. He was in an eleven year old's body without a wand, there was currently nothing he could do to find them. At least at the present, he would work out what to do later.

"And here's Harry," Hagrid was now saying as Harry registered that he was considerably less concerned about his friends than he should be. It was as though something was dampening down his worry for them, allowing him to deal with the current situation. Pretty weird but he was definitely going with it.

"H-hello?" he managed to croak, struggling to sound curious about the stranger in front of him.

Hagrid chuckled and quickly said.

"Sorry, almost forgot you won't know me. Name's Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of keys and grounds of Hogwarts and a friend of yer parents."

"You were a friend of my parents?" Harry repeated, doing his best to inject eagerness into his tone.

"That's right," Hagrid said proudly. "Ya look just like yer dad but yer got yer mum's eyes."

"I do?" Harry said, cocking his head curiously. "I didn't know that."

"Ya don't know?" Hagrid repeated in complete astonishment, staring at Harry in disbelief. "But surely yer've seen their photos and the like?"

Harry glanced at the Dursleys who were huddled in a corner, particularly Aunt Petunia. She flinched slightly at the grief stricken accusation his look gave her.

"Never," was all he said as he looked back at Hagrid.

"Never!" Hagrid thundered, jumping to his feet, making the whole floor rumble. "You've never seen a photo of them."

"No," Harry confirmed in a soft voice. "All I know about them was that they were drunks who got killed in a car crash."

If Hagrid had a lot less hair, then his face would probably be a bright red colour of fury right about now. As it was, it was up to his flashing eyes to betray the emotion he was currently experiencing. However Harry wasn't scared as he knew perfectly well it wasn't directed at him and he also wasn't worried. Hagrid would never actually harm the Dursleys, he would only give them a good scare. After all they'd done to him, they thoroughly deserved it.

Besides, it would probably do Dudley some good, show him that it wasn't nice to intimidated by someone a lot bigger and stronger than you.

"A car crash?" Hagrid was now roaring. "A car crash kill Lily and James Potter. It's a scandal, an outrage?"

Uncle Vernon made a rather weak noise before managing to stutter.

"I-I demand that you leave...a-at once."

He tried aiming the rifle at Hagrid but the half giant simply grabbed it and tied a knot in it. It was like the rifle was nothing more than a child's straw, before tossing the knotted rifle into a corner of the shack, where it could do no harm. Uncle Vernon's eyes were popping, Aunt Petunia was as white as a sheet and Dudley was making whimpering noises.

Hagrid now spun around to look at Harry again, his eyes wide with sadness and pity.

" you know anything about Hogwart's Harry? About who yer are?"

Mentally, Harry smiled at this but managed to keep a straight face. Shaking his head slightly, he said.

"I'm...I'm just Harry sir."

"Call me Hagrid," Hagrid said distractedly, running a hand through his wild hair. "Oh blimey, I never thought I'd have to tell ya, but ya have ta know."

"Stop!" Uncle Vernon exclaimed as he saw where this was going. "I forbid you to tell this boy anything."

"Go boil ya head, ya great prune," Hagrid snapped, sounding very annoyed and Uncle Vernon shrunk back.

Looking Harry squarely in the eye, Hagrid said firmly.

"Harry...yer a wizard!"

There was silence as Harry took this in, remembering fondly the first time Hagrid had told him. He also remembered what he needed to say, for now he definitely had to pretend to be his eleven year old self. He wasn't entirely sure why this was but his guy feeling told him this was the right course of action to take.

"I-I'm a what?" he exclaimed, eyes wide.

"A wizard, Harry," Hagrid told him proudly, now smiling again. "And a thumping good one, once yer trained up a bit. You'll be going to Hogwart's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry with other kids just like you."

"Really?" Harry said in wonder as Uncle Vernon found his voice again.

"Oh no he won't. I refuse to pay for him to go to that freak school..."

"It's taken care of," Hagrid growled, giving Uncle Vernon a very dark look. "Yer don't have to pay a single Knut, ya just have to stand back and let him go."

"Knut?" Harry questioned, trying to keep track of what he shouldn't know.

"Eh...wizard money," Hagrid explained distractedly.

"Now listen here," he told the Dursley's sternly. "Ya knew this day was coming, ya've known since the day young Harry was left with ya. His name has been down for Hogwart's since the moment he was born and there's not a force on earth which can stop him from doing. And definitely not mumbling Muggles like you."

As Aunt Petunia scowled at this, Harry said dutifully.


"Non magic folk," Hagrid said kindly. "And these are the biggest bunch of Muggles I ever laid eyes on."

Harry couldn't help but agree with that. He knew there was a question he had to ask and it was better to get it over with quickly.

"Hagrid...if my parent's didn't die in a car crash, how did they die?"

The next ten minutes involved Hagrid explaining gently but thoroughly what had happened. Harry knew so much about it already, through Voldemort, he'd even witnessed it. Hagrid had to blow his nose several times, saying how devastated he'd been when the two Potters had died. Harry glanced at the Dursleys a couple of times and saw how wide Dudley's eyes were, he was shocked at how his aunt and uncle had died.

"Maybe there's a bit of hope for you, Dud," he thought to himself as he concentrated on Hagrid again.

"And that's're the Boy-Who-Lived," Hagrid finished gravely.

Harry frowned, as though trying to understand everything he'd just been told.

"Is Voldemort really dead?" he finally asked.

"No one knows, although most people think he is," Hagrid said darkly. "But Dumbledore thinks he's still out there someone, just biding his time. And I believe him, he's too dark a creature to be killed like that."

"Now that was definitely true," thought Harry.

"But you don't have to worry about him, Harry," the Hogwart's gamekeeper quickly said. "You'll be safe at Hogwarts, it's got Dumbledore there. He's the greatest headmaster that Hogwards has ever seen, he's the only one You-Know-Who was ever afraid of."

Harry allowed himself a small smile at that, that was also true.

"He'll not be going," Uncle Vernon, once again tried. He hadn't travelled all over the county to escape the letters just for this giant of a man to take the boy away.

"Oh and I suppose a great Muggle like yerself is going to stop him?" Hagrid stated very sarcastically. "Dumbledore sent me to get him and that's just what I'm going to do..."

"I'm not letting some crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks," Uncle Vernon bellowed as Harry sighed.

"Shouldn't have said that, Uncle," he thought as Hagrid suddenly brandished a bright pink umbrella and roared.


There was a bright flash and Dudley and Uncle Vernon squealed with pain and shock as a pig's tail appeared on their rears. Aunt Petunia shrieked and all three Dursleys charged through to the next room, slamming the door shut behind him. Harry blinked; Uncle Vernon hadn't gotten a tail last time. It seemed that even a small change in the way he acted could change other things.

He felt a tiny pang of sympathy for Dudley but knew it hadn't caused lasting damage. He wasn't even sure if it had taught Dudley anything except a fear of adult wizards. Well, he'd think about it later, there was more pressing thing to be doing now.

"Ah...shouldn't have lost ma temper," Hagrid said a little sheepishly. "Actually meant to turn them into pigs but doesn't look like there was much to change."

He looked at Harry and mumbled.

" grateful if you didn't mention this to anyone at Hogwart, technically speaking not supposed to do magic. Was allowed while I was delivering yer letters, but..."

"Of course I won't," Harry promised as Hagrid trailed off. He decided not to ask why Hagrid couldn't, he save that for another time.

"Anyway," Hagrid said, clapping his hands together. "Why don't I get a fire going and we can have a bit of supper? And you can finally get to read your letter."

"Sounds great," Harry said with a wide smile as Hagrid took off his coat and partially draped it over the sofa. He directed Harry to have a seat while he got started with things and Harry gladly did so.

Harry watched as Hagrid lit a fire and started pulling things from the many pockets of his coat, including sausages; a kettle, mugs, toasting forks and a box he suspected contained his birthday cake. He grinned, Hagrid had given him his first ever birthday cake...that he could remember anyway. Harry wasn't sure if Hagrid had actually baked the cake himself but from what he remembered, Hagrid might at least have helped ice it.

While Hagrid started cooking the sausages, Harry carefully opened his letter and read it, even though he knew what it said. But seeing those familiar words with the familiar signature at the bottom gave him a lot of comfort. He would ensure this letter was put somewhere safe so that he could always treasure it. The first one had become lost in the seven years he attended Hogwarts, he wasn't going to lose this one.

"Here we go," Hagrid said at last, placing the cooked sausages in thick, homemade buttered bread. "And I've also got a little something for after."

Again, Harry grinned as he was handed the boy and opened it to reveal a delicious smelling iced birthday cake. It was pink with green letters spelling out his name and Harry knew that inside was chocolate sponge and strawberry jam. He warmly thanked Hagrid who waved it away with a smile, handing Harry his dinner.

Thinking about how his stomach only contained a banana and stale packet of crisps, Harry enjoyed the meal immensely. As he helped himself to some cake, Hagrid said.

"We'll go and get all yer things tomorrow, at Diagon Alley. I'll just send a letter to Dumbledore and we'll settle down for the night. You can kip under me coat; it'll keep ya nice and warm. Don't worry is it wriggles, that's just a couple of dormice."

As Hagrid turned to write his letter, Harry shook his head, that was so like Hagrid. As he settled down in the folds of the massive coat, his thoughts turned to his friends. Had they also gone back in time like he had? He dearly hoped so as he doubted he could do this alone...whatever he'd gone back in time to do. Once he had Hedwig again, he was looking forward to that a lot, he would send them both letters and see how they responded.

In the meantime, if they had gone back in time, what was happening to them right now...

Author's note. The next chapter contains at least Ron's POV, possibly Hermione's and we see how their coping with the time travel. I hope I've captured Harry okay, it will be explained why he isn't freaking out more later on in the story. Also hope his sympathy towards Dudley isn't too ooc. I just thought that after the monsters he's faced, Harry might be more willing to try to establish a relationship with his cousin, especially as he knows Dudley is capable of change. See how it goes anyway.