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Harry stood in the doorway of the girl's bathroom on the second floor, watching the shadows dance across the surfaces of the room. He'd just gotten back from Hogsmede after using the secret tunnel that took him all the way to Honeydukes. Thankfully, the villagers didn't seem all that bothered if students turned up to buy things, it seemed to be some sort of old, unofficial tradition. At least, Fred and George never seemed to have any problems sneaking into the village and buying supplies for parties.

But Harry hadn't gone into Hogsmede for sweets and butterbeers, he'd gone to receive a package from the Post Office containing the hard to get potion ingredients. Knowing how long it took to reach Hogsmede, he'd set off at four in the morning and by the time he'd returned, it was almost seven. To give himself energy, he'd drunk a butterbeer he'd bought the last time he'd gone into the local village.

He'd shared the butterbeers with his friends; Ron had gulped down his with gusto while Hermione had enjoyed half of it before allowed Ron to have the rest of it. Of course, it had made the red head a little bit tipsy since his eleven year old body wasn't used to the stuff but Harry almost thought the effect was closer to a caffeine rush than alcoholic overdose. Anyway, he'd ended up getting told off in a couple of classes for not concentrating or messing around, almost earning detention.

Harry felt a little lightheaded with tiredness and the sugar rush but he ignored it as he stared at the hidden entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. He'd only visited it once, when he'd gone to rescue Ginny and had never felt any need to go back. But that had been in his previous life, it felt like something was whispering...calling to him. It didn't matter that there was a slumbering Basilisk deep within the Chamber; he still almost ached with an incredible urge to enter.

There was a loud creak and he glanced towards the door, listening for any sign of Filch or Mrs Norris. He didn't detect anything; this part of the castle was still deathly quiet. With a tired sigh, he checked the Map, making sure no one was heading in his direction. Seeing the way was clear, he gave the collection of taps and sinks one last glance before heading out of the bathroom. Just as well it was a weekend; he'd need to sleep in today.

Soon it would be the Christmas break and he would be reunited with Sirius at long last. If he could just ignore the allure of the Chamber a little longer, everything would be fine.


Sirius paced the sitting room, every now and then glancing at the clock and then at the fireplace. In less than ten minutes, Arthur would arrive home with his children and...

"Everything will be fine," she said soothingly, giving his shoulder a squeeze. "Harry will love you."

Sirius forced a smile onto his face but as soon as her back was turned, he grimaced. His stomach was twisting its self in knots; he hadn't been able to eat much at breakfast. Today was the day that he finally got to meet his godson, for the first time in a decade. Merlin, where had the time gone?

At least he wasn't the only nervous one. Little Ginny's face was white and she was nervously twirling a liquorice wand in her hands, occasionally nibbling on it. Sirius knew that she had corresponded with Harry through Ron but it didn't stop her from being both elated and terrified of his visit. Poor thing was petrified that she would make a fool of herself.

"You alright Pippi?"

She mumbled incoherently.

"Remember," he said teasingly. "At least you're not an ex convict, that's already a point in your favour."

This caused a smile to blossom on her face but she still said.

"Harry'll like you, you're really cool. He probably won't like me."

"Now, what's given you that idea Pippi?" he said, deciding to take a seat. "There's only a year's difference between you after all."

"But I'm a girl," she said morosely. "Fred and George said he won't have time for me."

"The same Fred and George who are notorious jokers?" he asked amused and she blushed.

"From what I've heard," he continued. "He's got a girl as one of his best friends so he isn't the kind of boy who thinks girls are icky. Come on, both of you love Quidditch, you can go flying together."

"The boys don't let me fly," she stated with a scowl, he'd heard this before. "I'm too little, I'm just a girl, mum wouldn't want it."

"Well I'll tell them they've got to let you have a go," Sirius declared. "So, which position would you play?"

"Chaser," she said excitedly before saying more shyly. "Harry's a Seeker."

"Sounds like we've got the making of a great team," he chuckled. "The twins as beaters, Harry as a Seeker, you as a chaser... Hmm, could Ron be a keeper or another chaser?"

She considered it thoughtfully.

"Maybe Keeper," she finally said. "He's big, he can block the goals."

"Excellent," Sirius said. "Now all we need is two chasers..."


"Ack...bloody soot," a lanky red head cursed as he stumbled from green flames that had just sprang up.

"Ron," squealed Ginny, jumping to her feet and throwing herself at him.

"Wha...Ginny," he exclaimed, almost stumbling back into the flames. "Watch it, they're coming through."

"Sorry," she said hastily as he lifted her away from the hearth as the flames roared again.

"Ow," a black, messy haired boy said ruefully as he stumbled forward, almost tripping out of the flames.

Sirius made forward as though in a dream, catching the eleven year old before he could fall onto the hard floor. Bright green eyes met his and widened in surprise and for a moment, there was silence. But a roar behind them caused Sirius to imitate the youngest Weasley boy and lifted Harry out of the way as more red heads tumbled from the fireplace.

"I...," Sirius began, no idea what he was going to say. Green eyes again found his and they were so full of emotion that Sirius's breath caught in his throat. The next moment, the green eyes were gone as the smaller form buried its self against him in a hug. And it occurred to Sirius that perhaps this meeting wouldn't be as bad as he'd been dreading.


"So," Sirius said with a smile that still felt strange. They were settled in Sirius's room lounging in some old chairs. "Tell me about yourself?"

"Where do you want me to start?" Harry said who was sitting with a kind of nervous energy and yet did not actually seem afraid of Sirius himself. This amazed the former convict, he'd been sure that Harry would be a lot shyer of him. Hell, he certainly would if the roles were reversed.

"At the beginning I guess," Sirius said casually. "What's your family like?"

"They're alright," Harry said with a slight shrug. "They don't like magic?"

"They don't?" Sirius said with a frown.

"Did you ever meet them?" Harry questioned, he honestly had no idea if even his dad had met the Dursleys.

"No," Sirius said, shaking his head. "But James did on a few occasions; he once went with Lily to meet your aunt and uncle at a restaurant. They uh...didn't hit it off, James and your uncle."

"I can imagine," Harry said with a laugh. "Did uncle Vernon ask him about his job and car?"

"As a matter of fact," Sirius said in disbelief. "He did ask about those things, your dad started telling him about his racing broom."

"That would not have impressed Uncle Vernon," Harry said knowable. "I have to keep all my school things in my room, so he can't see them. I don't mind, I'd rather keep them all safe there."

Sirius nodded, that made sense.

"What about your cousin?" he questioned. "Or cousins, do you get on with them?"

"I've just got one," Harry corrected. "Dudley and funnily enough, we've been getting on better since I found out I'm a wizard."

"Really?" Sirius said in surprise.

"Yeah, I've been showing him wizards sweets, he loves food," Harry said earnestly, pausing as the ghoul wailed and rattled overhead. "And he's kinda been showing interest in general, he persuaded my Uncle to let Professor McGonagall remove his pig's tail."

"Wait, wait, what?" Sirius burst out. "Let's back up a bit here, pig's tail?"

Harry grinned and told his godfather all about how his uncle and cousin ended up with pig tails, courtesy of Hagrid. Sirius was very amused by the story and chuckled throughout, feeling much lighter. He was glad that his godson was getting on better with his cousin even if his relationship with his aunt and uncle wasn't great. But at least Harry hadn't been put under pressure to go to a certain House like he had. Although of course if James had lived he would have brought Harry up on red and gold.

"I was thinking of getting Dudley some more sweets for Christmas," Harry now said. "Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon will just want some ordinary muggle things."

"I'm sure we can all go to Diagon Alley for a day out," Sirius suggested. "And if you want, we could also have a day out in the muggle world; perhaps meet up with your friend."

"Hermione?" Harry said with a smile. "That would be really good. Did you ever visit the muggle world?"

"Oh yeah," Sirius said with a grin. "Your mum introduced us to a lot of things but I would have gone out and explored it anyway just to annoy my family."

At Harry's curious look, he said. "They're a more extreme version of your aunt and uncle, they hated all things muggle. I never agreed with it so once I was of age, I went out as much as I could."

"What was your favourite muggle thing?" Harry questioned.

"Probably my bike," his godfather answered. "My motorbike but since I did add a lot of enchantments to it...I'll go with the cinema. I never would have imagined muggles could come up with such great films without the use of magic but they did. I remember Jaws, Alien, Halloween, Star Wars..."

He paused and then said wistfully. "Did they do a third Star Wars films?"

"I think so, yeah," Harry said with a nod, he vaguely remembered Dudley watching them.

"I'll have to see that," Sirius muttered to himself.

Harry secretly smiled to himself, Sirius was just like his old self and surely, things could only get better.


"Good to have a moment of peace and quiet," Pomona Sprout declared, gulping down her strong, heavily sugar tea. "Two weeks rest from the rapscallions we call students."

"Indeed," Snape said, leaning back in his chair with coffee in hand.

"It's been an interesting term," Flitwick piped up, almost swamped by the newspaper he'd been reading. "Still hard to believe about Quirinus, is he still in St Mungo's?"

"He is," McGonagall confirmed. "I believe Albus is planning to visit soon."

"Such a waste," her colleague murmured. "He was such a bright, hard working young man too."

Everyone murmured agreement except for Snape who calmly took a sip of coffee. There was a moment of silence until the Transfiguration teacher broke it.

"I wonder how Harry will get on with Sirius," McGonagall mused as the Potion's Master made a noise of derision. She ignored him and continued.

"I don't believe they'd directly communicated, it was thought best that they met face to face first."

"I'm sure they'll get on swimmingly," the Herbology teacher stated as Snape muttered. "I'm sure."

"Still hard to believe that Peter Pettigrew's been hiding here for what, ten years?" Professor Kettleburn now said. "Makes you want to look twice at everyone's pets."

They all nodded, if such an innocent looking rat could in reality be a cold blooded murderer.

"I thought I might have a heart attack when he appeared," McGonagall admitted. "It's lucky the children were able to slow him down and catch him."

"Very true," Flitwick said as his younger colleague looked very thoughtful.

"That rat," Snape said slowly. "He'd been enlarged when we caught him."

"Yes...that's right," his Charm's professor agreed. "And they'd levitated them, amazing, I'd only just taught them that charm."

"They have shown a lot of talent," McGonagall said slowly. "They seem to master the spells very quickly."

"Too quickly," Snape suddenly declared. "It's not normal."

"It's unusual," she corrected. "Their essays show that they study the course material and actually think about what they are going to say. Combined with some natural talent and concentration, of course they are doing well.

"They are too advanced," Snape insisted. "They shouldn't be able to do those kinds of spells, especially considering two of them are Muggle raised. And need we forget how they just happened to expose Quirrel?"

"What are you suggesting?" his older colleague demanded with narrowed eyes.

"They are not what they seem to be," he said darkly.

"Like what?" she exclaimed, throwing out her hands. "Death Eaters in disguise?"

"I don't know," he said coldly. "But there is something strange about them and I will find out what it is."

"What does Albus think?" Flitwick interrupted.

"He thinks they are not a danger," Snape muttered grudgingly.

"Well, thanks to them, You-Know-Who was exposed and so was Pettigrew," someone pointed out making Snape scowl. "If that's all they are going to do, I don't mind."

"We will see," the Potion's Master said coolly as he raised his cup to his lips. He knew there was something wrong with that trio and he found find out what.

Author's note. I hope Sirius is portrayed alright, I haven't read loads of stories with him in them. I don't tend to read stories where Sirius raises Harry because Harry nearly always becomes a bit of a brat who loves to prank people and bully Slytherins. It seems to be a bit of a cliché, whenever someone creates a character or takes over a canon one, they always make them into a prankster. Seriously, how many pranksters exist in real life? And even if they just want to make people laugh, there will still be those that hate being pranked no matter the intention and yet this aspect never seems to be addressed. I just really prefer Harry as a good natured boy who would happily leave the likes of Malfoy alone if only he left him alone. I know not everyone agrees with that, but that's me. Until next time.