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Love Symphony

Prologue / Begin

Hey, it's Haruna Nagashima! In middle school, her whole life was about softball and shoujo manga. Haruna spent day and night practicing, and became the best pitcher on the team. But when she entered high school, she wanted to find true love like in the comics she read, so Haruna poured through magazines to figure out the trends. The styles didn't fit her personality or body type at all, and good-looking Yoh Komiyama noticed. Haruna begged and begged Yoh to be her "love coach". At first, he rejected her, having been hurt by cruel girls in the past and hating people who wanted to be attractive. After realizing Haruna wasn't like the girls he dated before, he agreed, on one condition : she couldn't fall for him! But Haruna did anyway, and confessed her feelings. Since Haruna had zero boyfriend experience, she was insecure of herself, but felt confident in her feelings for Yoh. As Yoh spent more and more time with Haruna, he found out that he really did treasure her, and she changed his whole life. Haruna and Yoh were happily in love, but then Yoh had to leave for college – in Tokyo.

Chapter 1 /Begin

Haruna Nagashima was splayed out on her best friend's bed, squirming around with a pillow smashed up to her face. Mami Takahashi sat at her desk, concerned about Haruna.

"Mami? What do you do when you're bored?" Haruna asked in a totally deflated monotone.

Mami didn't respond for a moment. What did she do when she was bored?

The teenager looked around her room. With its tan walls, plain cream-colored bed, and Maplewood desk, it fit Mami's personality one hundred percent – simple but content. Haruna had inspired Mami to hang up a framed photo of her family, and at the corner of the photo was her best friend's smiling face. Haruna had butted in on the family portrait, which made Mami laugh. Then Mami knew what she did when she was bored.

"When I'm bored, Haruna, I hang out with you," Mami said with a grin.

Haruna stopped squirming for a moment and lifted the pillow off her head just enough so that Mami could see Haruna's bright smile.

"But if you really don't have anything to do, why don't you get another part-time job?" Mami suggested.

Haruna sprang up from the bed, her smile wider than before. "You're right!" Haruna yelled excitedly. "I'll just get a job on the weekend! Thank you, Mami!" Haruna jumped up, and yelled, "Bye! I'm going to find a job!" She grinned. Mami always knew what to say.

The amber-haired girl was eager to get started as she ran into the June air. Mami was right! She could be raising money so that, next vacation, she could visit Yoh in Tokyo – and become pretty and sophisticated enough that Yoh would accidentally say, "You look cute," and blush. Haruna's expression became even more animated just thinking about it. She barely noticed the strange looks on people's faces as she raced down the streets, looking at the store doors to see if there was a hiring sign. She finally spotted one for a music shop.

Bursting through the door, Haruna looked around. The small shop was filled with instruments – violins, cellos, saxophones, trumpets, flutes, and lots of others that she had seen but couldn't name. One violin in particular caught her eye. "Wow," Haruna breathed. It was made of a very special wood, and was half encased in glass. The top of the glass case was opened, so she reached out to touch the smooth body of the violin when an employee appeared.

The chocolate brown-haired guy was about Haruna's age, staring at her with slight annoyance. He wore a black polo that said HIGH NOTES – AN INSTRUMENT SHOP. His black pants were baggy, and his silver wallet chain reminded Haruna of Yoh. He moved toward her.

"Look," he said, irritably closing the glass case, "you can't touch this." Then he put on a fake smile, and said in a sugary tone, "Anything else I can help you with?"

Haruna stared at the guy. "Hey . . . . . you're really hot," she blurted. A blush crept up her face, and she covered her mouth quickly. Haruna felt a weird sense of déjà vu. Then she remembered the first time she met Yoh. He had picked up her shoe, because it had fallen off, and Haruna had accidentally said that Yoh was attractive.

The guy backed away, and in an annoyed voice, said, "If you're one of those girls who randomly fall in love with me, you can just leave."

Haruna almost tripped as she tried to catch up. She threw up her hands and exclaimed, "No! I have a boyfriend! I'm looking for a part-time job!"

His deep, navy blue eyes looked back at her, and said, "Then follow me." Haruna walked behind him into a narrow hall, noticing that he was really serious about working here. Their echoed footsteps stopped as the two approached a door labeled MANAGER. It was all Haruna could do to stop bouncing around and calm down. She didn't want the manager to think she was just some high school girl, even though she definitely was.

The guy tapped on the door. There was an awkward silence between them as they waited for the response. He tugged on his white tie, and Haruna couldn't help but blurt, "What's your name?"

The male employee looked at her, and slowly turned back around while sighing. Haruna's happy bubble burst and tears formed at the corners of her eyes as she realized that he wasn't going to respond. To her surprise, and amazement, he said reluctantly, "Hiroki Yamazaki."

Haruna's excitement suddenly returned as she faced Hiroki and said happily, "I'm Haruna Nagashima! Can I call you Hiroki?"

She never got the response. The door opened and a big, bulky man wearing big, bulky clothes came out. His grayish-hair was slicked back, and Haruna winced as she saw the annoyed look on his face. He glared at her, and then turned to Hiroki as if looking for an excuse to get Haruna out of the shop.

Hiroki immediately said, "Hayato Takeda-sama, this girl is looking for a part-time job. Her name is Haruna Nagashima."

Takeda sneered at Haruna, and said, "Come inside my office." His fiery eyes turned to stare at Hiroki. They softened for a moment, and Haruna saw the same glint in his shining blue eyes as she did in Hiroki's. Then they became cold, and Takeda barked, "Go, Yamazaki."

Nervously, Haruna entered the manager's office. His place was filled with overflowing metal drawers and boxes of new instruments. She saw a flute peeking out of the box, as if waiting to be bought. The only personal thing was a photo on Takeda's desk, which was flipped around so Haruna couldn't see the picture. Takeda sat down in his leather chair, and began to speak.

"My name is Hayato Takeda," he started, "and not only am I the manager, but I'm also the boss and owner of High Notes. I can fire you any time you do something that displeases me."

Haruna sat in silence. The manager/boss/owner's glare was intense enough to make Haruna's smile and eagerness fade. She had no idea what to say that would make this scary – not to mention intimidating – guy impressed with her. Takeda looked at his watch, rolled his eyes and said, "Well, go on, talk! I am speaking Japanese, aren't I?"

The amber-haired girl opened her mouth and words came flooding out. "I'm Haruna Nagashima! I'm a third year in high school! In middle school, I played for a softball team, so I'm strong! My friend Mami says that I'm easily influenced – and so did my softball coach. It was also Mami who told me to get a part-time job, and . . . . . Ah! I forgot my resume!" Her eyes grew enormously big, and tears formed.

Takeda looked at his silver watch again, and sighed. "Look, I'll hire you. You don't need to show me your resume, or anything, because you seem like an honest person. I just need another hand to move the instruments, since Yamazaki can't carry the boxes and help the customers at the same time, can he? So it's good you're strong, or at least you say you are. Anyways, the salary here isn't really good, but you don't mind, do you? I'll give you the information when you start on Monday."

Haruna shook her head, smiling widely. She bounced out of her chair, and yelled, "Thank you, Takeda-sama! THANK YOU!" She bounded out of the office smiling as widely as humanly possible. As soon as she spotted Hiroki, she ran over to him, almost tripping. "Sempai! Thank you!"

Hiroki stared at her in confusion, mixed with the tad bit of annoyance that always seemed to be there in his expressions. "Why are you thanking me? I didn't do anything. Hey, stop looking at me like that!"

Haruna blinked. "Stop looking at you like what?"

"Like you . . . . . I don't know. That face just makes me feel weird. It's bothersome." Haruna still didn't understand what he was saying. He sighed a little out of agitation. It was no use explaining, Hiroki decided. "It's fine. What was it you were so happy about?"

"I got the job, sempai!"

Her sempai's lips tugged at the corners, almost close to smiling. For the first time, the annoyance was replaced by slight amusement. "Don't call me sempai. If you'll call me Hiroki, I'll call you Haruna. Deal? And don't look at customers like that – it'll freak them out, you got that, er, Haruna?"

The amber-haired girl's face lit up completely. Even as she bounced out of HIGH NOTES she repeated her new sempai's name. "Hiroki. Hiroki." And then she smiled, because the name somehow reminded her of Yoh.

Yoh was packing his bags, preparing for the flight back home. He so badly missed Haruna, and while he hated to admit it, he wanted to see Fumi, Asaoka, and even his little sister. Yoh longed for all the good times he had with them. He thought back to those good times, with a grin on his face, feeling more than a little sentimental.

There was a knock on the door, and before Yoh could ask who it was, his friend burst in. "What are you doing, Yoh Komiyama? You didn't tell me you were leaving!"

Yoh rolled his eyes, irritated that his daydreaming was being interrupted. "I'm going back home for the holidays. It's not that big of a deal. I'll be back soon," he promised.

"But, Yoh . . . . . well, I could never stop you, so why would you listen to me now?" Yoh's friend sighed, and plopped down on Yoh's navy blue sheets, head in hand.

Yoh looked toward the narrow bed. "I figured you'd already have your own plans," he explained, shrugging just a little. Yoh went back to packing his bags, already tired of the conversation.

His friend, who was also his classmate, looked disappointed. He felt bad, but not guilty enough to cancel his trip back home. Haruna's smile and face seemed to be everywhere these days, and he felt scared that he was going to end up being the over-emotional one in this relationship. Yoh had no idea what she could be doing while he was away, though he definitely knew she wouldn't cheat on him – she had promised that. But, on second thought, Haruna could be "dating" someone without even knowing it. The guy would say he was in a long-distance relationship too, and soon they'd be talking in cafes, and visiting the aquarium and then they'd basically be dating. Haruna would be too, er, dense to realize what she was doing. Yoh tried to get rid of the thought, not noticing that his friend had gotten up from the bed.

The beautiful, long-haired girl walked over to Yoh, her polka-dot skirt fluttering behind her. Her caramel-colored eyes stared intently into Yoh's, and she took a deep breath. "I just wanted to spend the holidays with the guy I like. I'll miss you, Yoh."

And she walked out of the room, leaving Yoh alone in his dorm with thoughts of Haruna and Mizuki Shibata running through his mind.

Chapter 1/End

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