Author's Note: Another story inspired by a prompt in my writing book. Today's prompt was to write a story beginning with "They had nothing to say to say to each other" and the max number of words it can have is 250. I've always loved the moments on the show where not a word is spoken, but so much is said between the boys. I've been toying around with doing more short stories so who knows? I might write more like this!

They had nothing to say to each other.

Dean was too pissed off to speak and Sam was busy trying to hold on to consciousness. Blood was sluggishly seeping into the towel that Dean had managed to scrounge up from the trunk of the Impala. Dean was breaking every speed limit law known to man on the way to the hospital, but Sam understood why he refused to speak. If Dean had done what Sam had done—took the bullet meant for his brother—the youngest Winchester would've been just as upset. What did Dean expect though? That Sam would just let his big brother be shot?

A speed bump caused Sam to curse quietly as pain flared up. Dean's eyes darted to him. His gaze held no fury, just worry. Sam shot him a tired grin and he swore that he heard Dean mutter something about "pain in the ass little brothers". Sam smirked through the fatigue of blood loss and the pain that came from having a bullet lodged in your side.

Another speed bump and Sam groaned. Dean's gaze met his again and Sam shook his head slightly.


Dean cursed and forced the Impala to go even faster. Sam forced his arm to move and placed his hand on his bigger brother's shoulder.

I'll be okay.

A bit of the worry drained from Dean's face.

Sometimes, words never had to be spoken to get a point across.

Sam and Dean were going to be just fine.

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