Their Bat Cave

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Soto decided to decorate their bat cave. Rebecca couldn't but grin.

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"Soto…what are you doing?"

Rebecca stopped at the end of the stairs and tilted her head to the side. She watched as he was trying to put a fake bat in one of the corner of their office. She shook her head and slowly approached him. She tried to avoid the boxes all over the floor. This place was going to kill her with all of these boxes. They have been working on getting some sort of organization involved. So, far…it looked liked more of a mess.

"Decorating our bat cave."

"With false bats?"

"Would you want real ones instead?"

She laughed.

"No. Beside it will scare the tourists."

"We couldn't have that. But you know…I was going to add a stage light but I don't think that our favorite person would like it. Probably scowl me and talk to me like I am a child. This is very unbecoming of you, Doctor. So I used some black sheet of duct tape and cut out the bat symbol and put it in the window. Awesome, right?"

He was totally right about their favorite agent. Although, she would have loved to seen the look on his face.


She grinned to herself as he watched his childish glee of decorating their "bat cave". He added another fake bat in another corner. Her old office was simple. There was her desk, her chair, her cup for her pencils, and her computer. Nothing personal…just simple and clean. But when she saw Soto's desk at his comic book shop for the first time, it was decorate with his art. Sometimes, it left her in awe. Half finished art stuffed in folders and on the walls. Pencils, markers, and pen covered his desk. She was surprised that he could find anything. Little action figures littered the shelves and every corner of his desk.

But it suited him to the T.

"So what else are you planning to add?'

"Some memorabilia…possible some posters. Something to spice up these walls."

"….Can I asked why?"

"Because it has been theirs for so long. It is going to be ours."

"I like that idea."

"Good…Now going through those posters. There are in the box. See if you like of those to put on the wall."

She stepped over a box to make her way to a box filled with tubes of posters. She picked up and read the label.

"How did you get so many?"

"Those posters didn't sell. I kept a few of them."

"I can see why X-Men didn't sell."

"Hey! I get the best pick!"

She laughed.

"What about your art? I mean that would be good wall art. I have seen the stuff that you have drawn. It is impressive stuff."

Soto stumbled over his words and she could swear that he was blushing. It was adorable.

"Still working on it. So…Batman or Superman?"

"Neither….Captain America is all the way."

He laughed.

"Evil woman. Captain America isn't even in the DC universe."

"Awww…I am sorry that I disappointed in your comic book world."

He flashed her that grin.

"Don't worry. I have time to corrupt you."

She couldn't help but feel okay with that.


A/N: A little drabble that my friend asked me to do. I was totally sad when this show was canceled…but read and review if you wish.