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Master's Training and New Faces!

Dracula watched her from his mirror on the wall. He was pleased with what he saw. Very pleased as he sat on his chair drinking from his own cup of wine.

"She is beginning to understand. I admit I was unaware of her talents in hand-to-hand combat. Quit a pleasant surprise actually." He smirked as he watched his Dampire walk back to the castle with a skip in her step. "But this is only the beginning for her. Soon we shall both see what else she can do."

"Yes Master." Ranfield said and turned to face the Count. "Master? Might I suggest a certain training method?"

An eyebrow raised, the Count turned to his human servant with a curious expression. "And what specific 'training method' do you recommend my new servant?"

"I've – read many of the American tabloids on their athletics," Ranfield spoke in a delicate tone as the old vampire watched him, "One in particular is their famous track and field."

Dracula furrowed his brows as he wondered if he should dare to ask more about Ranfield's plan.

The sun was setting as I entered through the wooden doors of the Frankenstein Castle and started down the hall, but not before I spotted a room that held a sword rack. Not just any sword rack, but with rapiers and such that people use in those fencing schools.

"Cool." I commented as I mindlessly entered the wide room with heavy red carpets and curtains. Approaching the rack of rapiers, I chose a smaller and more slender one from the bunch. Its long and tin color blade with a needle sharp end was so light that as I swished it a few times in the air it made a loud hissing sound. I always had a fascination with swords, especially foils. The kind the Count possesses has definitely caught my interest. Some of the handles actually have rubies or other gems on their hilts.

Taking a defensive stance, I held the foil in front of me and started to swing at an invisible foe. The sound of the blade as it cut through the air made me smile. I felt a little of my 'wild side' starting to enjoy this too as I swung the blade again and again.

When I spun around to swing the foil right, I wasn't prepared for the loud clang of another foil colliding with mine as the Count stood grinning down at me.

"Are you enjoying yourself, my dear?" His white teeth flashed as he held his foil against mine.

"Ummm – Ya! Actually – I've never seen a better – err – collection of swords like this. I got curious." I admitted as I couldn't help but tremble a bit under how his eyes were watching me.

"I admire your taste in my collection, darling." He smiled as his thumb rubbed over the ruby on the top hilt of the foil. "These are quit old after all. Yet I'm impressed to see you hold some knowledge to wielding a blade."

"Some. Not a lot." I shrugged as I saw the way his blue eyes shimmered at me almost in delight.

"Would you like to expand that knowledge?" His smooth tone following his smile. "To learn from such a weapon can be quite useful."

"Really?" I nearly gaped at him. "I didn't know that would be in the job description!"

"Tis' a simple lesson to learn actually." He said, ignoring my recent crack. "Even as a half-vampire, developing this skill can be very thrilling."

"I'll bet!" I huffed as I took my stance again only a few feet away from him. "Alright! I'm game! Show me what the King of Vampires can do in a duel!"

Flashing a fanged grin at me, I wonder if I just made the biggest (make that second) mistake in my life by challenging him to a fencing duel.

"First; straighten your form. Your back must be even with your feet." He walked around me while his cold hands straightened my back and his black boots lightly tapping my feet into the right place. I almost shivered at his cold touch but said nothing as he continued to probe and poke at me. He then nodded his head at me once he saw I was in the right stance.

"Good. Now," He stood only a yard away and raised his own foil at me, "En-guard!"

With a quick movement of his sword arm I raised my own foil to meet his in a loud metal clang. Disconnecting just as fast, he swung at me again, this time a lot harder. He's testing my strength! Shit! I better stay on my toes!

But just as I go to block him again, I found he had succeeded in backing me into a wall. Quickly finding a way out, I ducked under his blade and skated behind him so fast I thought I would have the jump on him. But I realize I didn't as he blocked my foil with his own from behind.

Twisting around to face me, his smile remained as he swings at me, almost knocking me off my feet. Damn! He may be lean but he definitely is strong!

"Come now, darling!" His blue eyes spoke volumes as he poked me lightly on the shoulder with the end of his blade. "You're supposed to be paying attention to your opponent! Never wander too long, less you end up failing!"

With one mighty swipe of his sword arm, he tripped me off my feet. Landing on my back as my arms fanned out I froze as the tip of the Count's foil was on my chest.

"I win." He said in his dark and smooth tone.

I shriveled my face in annoyance and did something that surprised even me. With one swift kick, I knocked the sword out of the Count's hand and jumped back to my feet like some ninja. As I turned to face the vampire with my own blade, the speechless expression on his face was sheer priceless.

Bold! Incredulous little woman you are! His thoughts matched the breathless sight of his wide blue eyes.

I couldn't help but show off my own grin. "I was once told; don't get mad, just get revenge!"

His laughter rang through the room and I thought I would tremble by how maniacal it almost sounded.

"And what a delightful suggestion it is!" He grinned and with a wave of his hand, the foil I kicked away flew back to him. Shit! He's got Jedi powers too?

He was attacking me before I could get my bearings again, this time with fever. His strikes and blows made me wonder if I wasn't a half vampire I would have been easily overpowered. Though I managed to get a few swings of my own in, he easily blocked them and then decided to end our duel by pushing me right against the stone wall, the connection of the foils mere inches from my face as he stood tall over me.

Spreading the swords apart a little, he leaned closer till his cold breath was on my face. "Do you surrender now?" He purred like a cat would after catching a mouse.

My chest heaving slightly I stared back into those ever sinful eyes of his. "You know. This time I think I will, but I won't surrender all the time. I'm too stubborn for that."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, darling." He chuckled as he slowly released me from the wall. "I'd prefer a proper challenge. With time, I'm sure you will meet my necessary requirements."

"And what kind of requirements are those?" I asked as we placed the foils back on the sword rack.

He frowned a bit when I didn't address him by 'Master,' but he didn't say anything on it. He's probably thinking that I will have to say it later. Ya right! I'd rather squeeze a fresh lemon in my mouth before I call him Master again!

"You will learn soon enough. Come." He said and had me follow him out of the room. Did he mean to what I said, or what I was thinking? Either way, I felt a little tense as I was led down the hallway.

"Ranfield has offered a unique training method to test your new skills on," The Count said as we stopped at a wide hallway with a few winding stair cases going up and down, "Even I am eager to see how well you shall fare."

"Training method? Like what exactly?" I asked but stopped and felt stunned at the sight before me.

The Dwergi had all made a long line down the hallway and up the stair cases. They were all a few feet apart from the other and were all holding certain colored flags. Ranfield was on standby, with his pocket watch in hand as Dracula approached him.

"Is everything ready, Ranfield?"

"Yes Master. Everything is set for her first run." He said as he adjusted his gray locks under his Bowler.

"Run?" I eyed the scene with the Dwergi and the flags. It didn't really take a scientist to figure it out. "You're gonna check out how fast I can run?"

"In a way," The Count smiled down at me casually. "The last run I saw you perform was when you were under my control. Now conscious of your own actions, we shall see how your speed shall perform through this particular course." He waved his arm towards the Dwergi. "See how many of the red flags you can capture as you run pass the Dwergi. Ranfield shall be timing your performance."

"Where the hell did you get this idea?" I turned to both of them in shock.

"I did some reading on your country's athletic sports," Ranfield spoke up, "I figured you would be more comfortable if you should start with the things you know."

"Like the One Hundred Yard Dash mixed with Capture the Flag?" I stated roughly. "You guys sure didn't waste any time!"

"There is no other time like the present to start a lesson." Dracula spook in his rich accent. I gave him my most annoyed expression but he returned it with his smug smile. "Come now, my dear girl. Surly you would not fail such a trivial test as this, hm?"

"You guys are despicable." I said the last word like Sylvester the cat would, but the vampire only raised one of his eyebrows at me.

"There is no reason for you to act like you lost the use of your tongue, girl." He said looking a little annoyed at me. I went to open my mouth to retort, but closed it again and sighed. After all, how do you explain cartoon character interpretations to a five century old vampire?

"Whatever. When do you want me to start?" I huffed as I removed my brown overcoat and left it as a heap on the floor.

"Ranfield. Start the timer and – BEGIN!" The last word Dracula said rang through the hallway.

Shit! He didn't even give me time to warm up! I thought as I quickly raced down the hallway that the Dwergi had lined up in, their small flags held up for me to grab. Since I was instructed to only grab the red ones; I went after those as I quickly turned down the corridor and followed the long line of the little imps.

Zigzagging down the hallway and up the stone stair case after passing each Dwergi, I found that the power in my legs was more than I anticipated on. Focusing my eyes as much as I could to locating which Dwergi had red flags, the feel of almost flying was exhilarating.

Once I figured I had all the red flags both up and down the levels of the castle corridors, I raced back to the starting point where Ranfield and Dracula patiently waited for me. I screeched to a halt on my heals and hunched over on my knees as my right hand held a bunch of red flags. I heard a click of the timer as I caught my next breath.

"So? How – did – I do?" I gasped as the Count began to circle me curiously.

"Three-point-ten seconds." Ranfield stated as I squinted my brows in confusion. "But, you did manage to collect all twenty red flags."

"But – I felt I could have flown down that hallway!" I said as my heart still raced. "I don't see how I could have been that slow?"

"I do." Dracula smirked as he stood in front of me. "Your speed is held back by lack of training from your home country. I can easily tell that you have little experience in running, as well as the control of speed along with your breathing; which explains why you feel so drained."

"Well, I was never for Track and Field anyway." I shrugged for there really wasn't any use in arguing over the subject. Even I can agree that I was kind of sloppy on that run.

"A childish term, but I agree." The Count smirked when I frowned as his cold presence breezed through my head. "But do not fret. That is where this training will come highly recommended for you. To test where you are strongest, and overcome where you are weakest."

"Boy, do I feel fortunate." I scowled but he waved my sarcasm away.

"You shall be running every morning before sunrise," Dracula said as he paced around me again. "I shall have the werewolf mark the necessary trail and keep watch during your runs."

"You can't be serious." I stared at him in near shock. Oh, God! I'm definitely in Hell now! Having Dracula as a Master was enough, but to have that big ass dog watching me during a morning jog? This is just plain torture!

"I am." He grinned down as he took my chin in his cold hand and came just a few inches closer to my face. "I am expecting great results from you. Do not fail at something so simple, my servant. When you succeed, and you will; we shall continue on more of the trivial tasks for a Dampire."

"Don't you mean a Dampire such as I?" I said rather dryly.

"Only if you prove to be more of the stubborn kind." He smirked and released my face. "In the meantime, I suppose I could tell you more of what to expect as a half vampire."

Suddenly the feeling of dread was replaced by curiosity as I followed the Count out of the hallway while the Dwergi and Ranfield scattered around the castle to do their own thing.

"So, vampires…" I spoke coolly as I watched his back stay very straight as he walked like the high noble he was in life. "Not much is said about you guys except in movies and books. I mean, even I thought vampires weren't real! There must be a lot of vampires if Count Dracula is around again! How come you're still in hiding? Aren't the forces of evil always looking to take over the world or something?"

"First! Be silent!" He spun around and placed a long cold finger on my lips. "Apart from what you have read in your history books – a true vampire never exposes himself into the open unless absolute victory is within his grasp. Second; it is wise to remain in shadow till that opportunity presents itself. The world of shadow is our sanctuary. Do not forget that. If the world of the living should collide with ours, a disaster greater then I can predict will occur. Without silence; both mankind and monsters shall fall into a chaos that not even the levels of Hell can hold!

"Silence! Patients! Strategy! These are the three keys to absolute victory! But in order for you to learn any of these, you must be more cooperative!" His blue eyes glowed like embers as he held my gaze while removing his finger from my mouth. "Did I not say to listen and learn? You shall find that those are the best of things to do now."

Wow! What nerve did I pinch? Though I have to say he has quit the voice to speak in, I have to remember not to tick him off!

"Umm – right! Whatever you say, boss." I gave him a half smirk, but he only gave an annoyed glare in return.

"The correct term of address is Master." His frown set as he turned his back to me again and started down another hallway. "It would please me to hear it from you."

"I'll bet." Like I want to boost his already large ego. "I'd rather have you bit me to call you that again." I muttered but I should know by now even he has super hearing too.

"I would like to, darling. But seeing as how you would enjoy it too much I shall refrain from such, seeing as my large ego would also partake in its pleasures." His grin broadened when he saw my stunned face and the heat slowly rising to my cheeks.

"I can't believe you just said that." I said as my wide eyes stared at him and for once I actually felt fearful of what will happen next.

"Remember darling, your mind is mine now." His walked closer to me as I remained frozen on the spot. "I can easily access it more than you have noticed."

"Oh boy." I breathed as I tried to ignore the Count's intense staring and teasing expression on his face. "Err – I don't think I can do that yet, can I?"

"Perhaps it will be a more difficult task for a half vampire to read minds." He confirmed as we started down the hallway again. "The mind, human or otherwise, is quit a puzzle in itself. It takes self-control and a great amount of will power on one's part to bend another's will to them."

"Tell me about it." I groaned as the Count raised an eyebrow. "I've seen a lot of phony magicians try and hypnotize people. It didn't work on me at all."

"My dear, this time you stand in front of a true magician of the dark arts." He grinned and then suddenly he was no longer in front of me. With a blink of an eye, he had moved too quickly for me to spot.

"Whoa." I breathed as I turned around to try and find him, but no luck.

"To be a wielder of such magic you must first understand yourself." His voice echoed around me. When I thought I caught a glimpse of him, he would disappear again. "All of who you are must be accepted by you only, for anything to be accomplished. That is where we shall begin in your training."

"I guess that's always been a problem for me." I shrugged and stared down at my feet. "I never really took the time to accept anything that has happened in my life."

"Now you have that chance and even more to accomplish in your new life." His voice sounded gentile for once, but I nearly jumped when I found him standing in front of me again.

"I don't think I can pop in and out of nowhere either!" I said as his eyes shinned with amusement.

"It is a simple trick once mastered." He smirked as he walked around me once. "Much like walking on walls."

"Seriously?" I gaped at him as my interest grew. "That would be something to learn! I don't know if I can though."

"You will never know if you don't try." He said then stopped behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders, making me relive a familiar scene. "First, relax. Breath. The world you once knew has expanded. You have no chains connecting to it like before. You have freedom like no other."

Unlike now? I thought but focused on calming my rapid beating heart and breathing like he said, and I just stared at the wall trying to decipher his words.

"Okay." I breathed as I felt my muscles relax in my arms and legs.

"Good. Walk forward." He lightly pushed me towards the stone wall. I felt my heart beat faster as we stopped only a few feet from it. "Calm yourself, dear. You must have an opened mind. Fear dose nothing but make you weak. Tear off that fear and replace it with your confidence. Only then will you find success."

"Okay. Okay." I bit my lip then closed my eyes and focused on my breathing again. You can't blame me for being nervous. I bet anyone would be ecstatic to learn how to walk on walls like Spiderman, but I was always used to having my feet on the floor.

"Now, take your first step." He commanded lightly. Taking my right foot into the air I gently placed it on the wall. "Take the next step." He said and I raised my left foot, yet I felt shaky as I bent my knees down some while I squeezed my eyes shut. "Relax, darling. Stand up straight. Now walk forward." He instructed as I was inclined to do as he said.

Things really didn't feel any different as he let go of my shoulders and I casually walked forth but I kept my eyes closed for good measure. I honestly felt like the same as I always do when walking.

"Is it working? Am I doing it?" I finally asked out of curiosity.

"Why don't you open your eyes and see for yourself." He chuckled in that velvet tone of his.

When I finally got the courage to, I blinked my eyes open and found I was standing vertically on the wall. My mind took a few seconds to compute before I started to realize I was on a wall. I'm on a wall! I'm walking on a freaken wall!

"Holy – Whoa!" I breathed and stared at my feet with new realization. "This is insane! But so cool! I – I can't believe I'm actually walking on a wall! I've got to be dreaming!"

"I promise you, darling. This is no dream." The Count smirked up at me as I tested my feet by walking several paces higher.

"Wow! Peter Parker can eat my dust!" I ran towards the ceiling and examined it closely. "I wonder how long I can do this?"

"Keep practicing, darling. You'll soon find out." His smirk remained as his human servant appeared before him.

"Master. I did as you asked and wiped clean of any existing files of C's life in America." Ranfield said with a small bow. "It was tedious at first but doable. I even managed to ship all of her belongings here."


They turned around to find me slipping off of the ceiling and hit the floor with my back. Ranfield made a wince with his eyes as Dracula remained impassive yet in a disapproving way. I made a loud 'oaf' before standing, popping my back into place, and ran to face them.

"Did I just hear that right? You got my stuff?" I asked as I fought to keep my breathing even along with my excitement.

"Yes." Ranfield said evenly. "But it won't be here for a few days since its being shipped from across the ocean and the countryside. But don't worry, everything you own from the dormitory in America will get here."

"Yes!" I jumped in my happiness. I'll finally have all my back clothes and accessories! Well, aside from my mp3 full of rock and classic music. But at least I won't be totally deprived now! "Thank you, Ranfield." I finally managed to control myself after I was given a board look mixed with annoyance from the Count.

"Now that that is cleared," Dracula motioned for me to follow him as Ranfield brought up the rear, "There are still many things we must do before the sun rises again."

"I can't wait." I said in half excited tone but I was ignored.

For the rest of the night, the Count taught me how to morph my fingernails into claws and discover what else I was limited at. Being a half vampire, I found I can lift about two hundred and fifty pounds of rocks in two separate bags without much difficulty, though my arms began to strain a bit after dragging them across a room for the last two hours. I even found I can punch a brick wall without breaking my hand in the process. Corse it hurt like hell at first, but the Count said that in time I'll quickly get over the pain.

Dracula found out though that I can jump at least five stories into the air. How he discovered this was when one of the Dwergi had ran off with my brown leather coat and was racing with a few others on a set of stairs. Being the possessive person I was with things that were mine, I leaped the distance up, landed in front of the Dwergi that had my coat and grabbed it away from it after throwing a few curse words. The Count found it all amusing after I casually walked down the stair case and back at his side.

But after all that, I began to feel my stomach ache a bit and my fangs beginning to tangle with a familiar need. The feeling surprised me because I know I just had blood this morning, now I needed more? No way!

"Hungry again, my servant?" Dracula grinned as his eyes seemed to shin in my direction like he was enjoying a show or something.

"I guess, but – I just ate like – this morning! How can I need more now?" I asked in a half panicked tone.

"Because, like many fledgling vampires that have been turned," The Count explained casually, "The first few months of feeding will be quit frequent until you learn to adjust."

I groaned in annoyance as I began to chew at my bottom lip. I really, really didn't want to go through with drinking blood again just to satisfy my other half.

"Would you rather be in pain from hunger again?" Dracula asked as he noticed my discomfort.

I pressed my lips together and didn't answer which was all the answer he needed.

"Then this will be an excellent opportunity to teach you how to hunt!" He gave me a fanged grin as I felt the color leave from my face.

"Umm – hu-hunt?" I stuttered as I felt my limbs weaken slightly from my fear.

"What is there to fear, my dear?" He asked but his blue eyes hardened, like he was ready to scold a child for hiding something.

"Oh! Err – Nothing! It's just – Do I really have to hunt on – p-people?" I finally said and braced myself for the yelling, but instead I got a chuckle out of him.

"Of cores you have to feed on people." He smiled as his eyes seem to soften a bit. "Human blood is our only true source of strength and satisfaction. Though you could always hunt on typical game such as deer and other form of animals… But! It must always be human blood! Nothing else is more pure to satisfy the vampire need; or in this case; Dampire."

I had a feeling he'd say that. I thought and gave a weary sigh. Rubbing the back of my neck I began to feel sheepish under his ever watchful gaze. "Okay… Oh! What about just criminals then! I saw some grave robbers not too long ago! Maybe I can go find them again! Or… if there are any thieves or such running around."

"I suppose that will do for now." His voice only sounded half pleased but he didn't argue about it. "Very well, my servant. You have another task from me. Hunt down these 'grave robbers' and bring me their blood. This way I can tell if you are capable of being a hunter of the night."

I swallowed thickly as I felt like I would faint while he smirked at me as he sat at a nearby table. Taking a familiar glass goblet from the table he held it out for me to take. I hesitated at first but took the glass anyway as I felt my nerves run colder at a possibility. "Do – do I have to kill all of them?"

His smile never disturbed me more than at that moment and I fought to keep myself from trembling under darkening eyes. "If you must, you shall. But remember, take only what you need and bring me a full glass once you're done. Control will be the most valuable of lessons for this hunt. Use all of your senses, for as you can see along with everything else; they have been heightened. You have one hour, and the time starts now."

Oh man! Do I have to say it? I thought as my own voice shouts "Yes" in the back of my mind. Gritting my teeth at first I force the words out of my mouth. "Yes, Master."

"Good." He grinned in satisfaction and waved his hand towards a nearby door when it opened by itself. "Now go."

Damn it! Why am I always stuck in these situations? I groaned to myself as I passed around the graveyard I had been to only yesterday. Using my now keen eyesight, I spotted the shovel on the ground. It still held the blood stain on it. Perfect!

Using my nose (though I felt really silly about it) I sniffed the metallic stuff and found the scent of one of the robbers not too far away. I even smelled the other three's odor follow the first around the forest and backtrack to the village.

So they are from this village? Or – are they just hiding in it?

"Hu." I breathed in the night air, for I can feel that the sun was going to rise in another two hours, but I only had less than an hour left. "Well, let's get this over with."

I trailed down into the village in a trotting like manner as I sniffed the air again. They were close by, but somewhere in hiding. Maybe they found a house and bunked in for the night. Or… I turned around and found a place with small music (like a guitar or something) and with lots of talking and the strong scent of alcohol. Along with the four grave robber's scent, I can see other people in there; talking and drinking. Great. I'll probably be scaring the rest of the people here half to death once they find out what I'm doing here.

Making sure I had the glass goblet in check, I casually strode up to the public pub. Eyeing through the door, I spotted the four I was looking for in the corner and drinking beer. At least I think it was beer, the stuff looked kinda green instead of gold. Maybe it's the mugs they were drinking out of. I even saw the one I had nailed in the chest, nursing a bandage over his broken rib. But right across from the room sat the Three Romanian Stooges. How nice. The whole gang is here.

With one final breath, I stepped into the pub. The guy on a cheap looking guitar stopped playing as all eyes fell on me. This must be what a deer feels like in the headlight before being run-over, but I kept my cool as I walked further inside.

"Well if it isn't the Half'a!" Huggle shouted as the other two (Naity and Boozen) looked my way. "Come have 'a drink with us!"

"Thanks but – I'm kinda here on – a hunt." I cleared my throat. Maybe that wasn't the best word to say because most of the people began backing into the walls as far away from me as possible. Except for that robber in the green shirt. He stood up and faced at me with challenge shining in his eyes.

"Vampiric bitch! You think you can hunt us! Like sheep!" He shouted as he pulled out a long looking knife from his boot. Now why didn't he pull that out from before?

"Look! I'm not the one who was trying to rob that graveyard!" I said as all eyes turned to the four in utter disbelief.

"This is our home! Our lives! We do what we want here!" He screamed and then lunged for my face. I dodged and tripped him to the floor, but the guy must have been partly drunk already because he fell on his knife and the sickening sound of flesh being pierced made my heart race.

I remained focused though as the dying man rolled over on his back, showing the knife in his belly and the blood staining his green shirt.

"Well, ya won't get an easier meal than that!" Huggle said with a sigh as I stared at him in shock but he waved it off. "Just take what ya need from the man and let him die in peace."

The remorse stayed on my face as I knelt down and pulled the knife out letting the free flowing blood spill into the goblet. Once it filled, I took his wrist and bit down, closing my eyes as I sucked the rest of the blood down my throat, feeling modified and satisfied at the same time.

The sound of the man's heart beat faded till it stopped as I felt full once again. Carefully, I held the full goblet close to my chest. "Sorry." I finally said as I stood back up while the three remaining robbers sat quivering in their sets.

"Tis nothing to be sorry about." A familiar looking old man walked up to me. His beard was trimmed nicely as he wore a thick brown coat over his shoulders and dark trousers to match. "That's the way of vampires. Be they half or not. But in this case, it wasn't you who killed him. His arrogance would have been the end of him anyway. But at least now we know who has been robbing our graveyards."

The rest of the village people mumbled in agreement as the three robbers remained fearful yet quiet in their sets, but my attention was currently on the elder in front of me. "I know you! You're the one who helped Amy and the others from before!"

"Yes." He nodded tiredly. "Though I tried to convince them to return to their own land where it was safer, that Amy girl was just too stubborn."

"Tell me about it. I had to live with her in a small room for almost four years of my collage life." I said and then I almost forgot my manners. "My name is C."

"I know. I am Carl." He replied and we both shook hands, well, me with my free right hand as my left was carefully holding the blood filled goblet.

"That's a nice name." I smiled a bit as two other villagers dragged the dead robber out as the other three trailed out behind them. Conversation started up again as the bartender went back to cleaning his mugs and the guitarist went back to playing a few notes.

"It was once my grandfather's name." He said as he turned to sit down on the nearest chair. "He fell in love with my grandmother here and decided to stay in Romania where he had my father."

"Really? Your grandfather's not from Romania?" I asked in mild curiosity.

"No. He was from Rome, Italy in –," But he was interrupted when a loud voice came from outside the pub.

"Dampire C! Come out so I can see you!" The voice sounded like a young male but full of demand. Not sure if I was supposed to be nervous but the rest of the people in the pup made a groaning and annoyed sounds.

"That would be our beloved young Lord Devon; son of the Prince Derik who resides in the northern city of Suceava." Huggle grunted as the other two went back to their beers without a care in the world.

"Lord?" I looked around at everyone in confusion. "I thought the Count was the only Lord around here."

"Lord of the Undead maybe." Naity huffed and took another long sip from his mug.

"We have live Princes alright," Carl said as he rubbed his forehead. "Just some tend to be more stressful than most. We just thank God he only comes twice every month to survey our village."

"…And I suppose this is one of those times?" I asked as a few nodded.

"He'll be a bit more pompous now that you're here." Huggle said and leaned closer to me. "Words of advice for ya lass; don't upset him! As a young Lord he likes to see everyone treat him with the tittle he's been given, and if that will make him leave all the sooner, then that's what you'll do!"

I frowned at him. There was no way I was gonna treat some guy who thinks he's King of the Hill because he's a Lord. I get enough hassle just calling Dracula; Master! I don't need this bull shit now!

"Will see about that!" I hissed and marched out the doors with Carl close behind me whispering; "This should be good."

I held the bloody goblet to my chest as I spotted three people on horses; all brown with black hair. Two of the men wearing thick leather armor sat at each side of a guy who looked like a high school boy dressed up as a noble for Halloween! He wore a dark blue cloak with a crimson and violet vest and dark brown pants. When he faced me, his expression was stricken with short blond hair as his green eyes examined me. Typical.

"You are the Dampire I heard so much about?" He questioned with his chin held high as he steered his horse my way and I spotted a sword on his right hip. Jesus! How seriously can one person be about a tittle? Well, I guess I shouldn't poke fun since Dracula holds his tittle true too, but not like this.

"I guess that's me." I smirked back as Carl made a light coughing noise behind me but I ignored him.

He eyed me closely and made his horse stop only a few feet from me as he spotted the goblet of blood in my hands. "I am Lord Devon; son of Prince Derik in Suceava. I've come far to discover if the rumors of the known Count Dracula taking on a half vampire servant are true."

"As true as I'm standing here now." I shrugged my shoulders at him.

"An American too." He spat and I had to bit my tongue from shouting back. "Are you the one who also killed that man those villagers had dragged out not moments ago?"

"Um – no. That was an accident." I said honestly. Well, it was technically the robbers fault for bringing out the knife while being drunk. All I did was trip the idiot.

"An accident." The noble repeated bitterly. "I suppose it would be an accident to your kind."

Ouch. This guy is starting to push his luck. But I kept myself calm as the guy started to ramble.

"In this country murder is not an accident!" He said as he looked down at me from his nose. "Your Master might think otherwise but I do not favor his laws!" Who still does? "It's barbaric in this century and must be put to a stop! I alone have been given the task to inform him to cease his rule of fear and to embrace these peaceful times!" Good luck with that. "As such I understand you've been held against your will. Though I am not without pity for the beautiful women the Count takes under his wing," Wait! Is he hitting on me? "Should the need arise, come and find me and I shall do all in my power to help you break away from your new chains. But remember to address me as Lord or Sir in the future. Do we have an understanding?"

Oh I'll show you what I understand! My mind began to fell fueled by the blood I drank as I felt my eyes burn in rage at the young noble. "Oh, yes Sir. I understand. There's just this one question I have." I said in a light and airy tone.

"Ask away then." He said indifferently as his gaze held mine.

"How long have you had that stick up your ass?" I said and Carl wiped his head at me in surprise while there was faint muttering from within the pub. Devon frowned at me as his two henchmen looked at each other in question, but I spoke again before he could.

"I mean; holly shit! I would say to get off of that 'high horse' of yours, but only so that the horse could get a break from that large ass you have!" I cracked a grin when I heard laughter from Huggle and the others inside. "I'll tell you what I understand! You're a stuck up, dim-witted, dumb ass who only gives a shit that he's a Lord because he was born as one! Well I'll tell you what! I don't even give a damn that you're a Lord! Or even a son of a Prince for that fact!"

"How – dare you -!" Devon's face grew a fierce color of red, but I cut him off again.

"Oh I dare! I dared to be a servant of Count Dracula because of a dare! So don't bitch to me that I don't care about human life!" I said as I saw him clench the reins tightly on his horse. "I still have a heart beat besides being a half vampire so don't even start with me! Why don't you just go back to daddy and leave me the fuck alone! And you can take all your words of 'nobility' and shove them up your ass!"

"You –! You ungrateful, fowl mouthed little girl!" He shouted as his hands were shaking with his own fury.

"I've heard better comebacks from a five year old! You're nothing special! You're a joke in a clown suit!" I said as more laughter reached my ears while Carl just gaped at me in awe.

"You will be punished for this! Mark my words you blood sucking heathen! I will not be disrespect this way!" He said as his green eyes lit like hot coals.

"Looks like I already did!" I smiled as I casually walked passed him on his horse while the Lord looked like he was about to explode. "Oh, and before you start accusing people of shit why don't you try finding out the whole story first!"

"I can see you're going to be difficult to deal with!" He gritted his teeth at me as he kept his back straight.

"Hey Lordling! Do yourself a favor and look up the term; F O! Couse you're gonna hear it a lot from me!" I said and gave him a backhand wave while I started for Castle Frankenstein.

"My Lord, it be best not to peruse her. She might as well have more fire than the Count himself." Carl warned as the young noble stared after the Dampire in pure hatred.

"Every wench has their breaking point," Devon growled as his two body guards trotted up beside him, "I'll just need more time to exploit hers!." Then he rode off down the street.

"You're not the only one assessing such, young Sir." Carl shook his head as he recalled sending C's roomy and the others to Italy.

"What a jack ass." I mumbled as I recalled the encounter with the Lord. Ha! Lord! He doesn't even disserve the tittle! As I marched down the stone bridge and through the high wooden doors I kept the goblet in check. I heard his dark and velvet voice greet me as I entered the dining room, or that's what I assumed it was what with the very long table and few chairs around it.

"Ah! Well done, darling." Dracula grinned as he accepted the cup of blood from me. "Though not how I expected you to complete the task."

"Oh, you saw that hu?" I put my hands on my hips in defiance while Ranfield watched from afar the table. "Then you probably saw everything else that happened tonight too!"

When he chuckled I fought the urge to bark at him for laughing. I maybe an Emo bitch at times but I have teeth and claws now! And I'll be damned even further if I'm gonna stand by and do nothing while someone rubes me the wrong way!

"Calm yourself, my dear servant." He smiled when he noticed the red flash in my eyes. "It is pointless to waist such energy on that whelp. Yet I applaud you for facing the boy so – rationally. It is only natural for him to fell like the dominant one; much like his ancestors before him."

"So you've dealt with his kind before?" I asked in half interest.

"Much like I've dealt with many others in the past." The old vampire said as he drank down the goblet of blood without another thought. When he was done he turned his blue eyes and glared at me. "But his family controls the southernmost peak of my lands, and I prefer not to have another Civil War brewing; especially when started from a servant of mine!"

With that he stood up from his chair and set the now empty goblet down. "You will do well to avoid that boy from now on. If he should confront you again, ignore him. I cannot afford the hassles the Royals will throw at me should you make any more ill impressions to their youngest heir."

"But he started it with- !"

"I do not care who started it!" The Count seethed at me angrily. "You will drop it immediately! Follow my orders and ignore the whelp! Continue your training! Remember that it is we who must remain the ever visions of true strength! That includes self-control!"

I stood there in silence like a scolded child again. I guess I was acting a little hot-headed. Gess, when am I going to learn to put a cap on my temper?

"That – my dear, is what I will personally train you in, but tomorrow night." Dracula said as he turned on his heels to the nearest door, but stopped in mid-stride as he turned to face me again. "The Werewolf has finished marking a decent trail for your run. Complete it and explore the village. Learn from your new surroundings as a hunter would. Return to the castle and rest once you're through. Am I clear?"

I sighed in annoyance before I said; "As crystal, Master."

"Good. I go to rest now. Ranfield, you have your orders as well and I expect them to be followed." The Count glared at him to before turning away with his cape flowing behind him.

"Yes Master." Ranfield replied before the door was slammed shut behind him. After a few awkward moments of silence, we turned to face each other. "Don't worry C. The Lord Devon likes to infuriate everyone with his superiority. Just, try not to let him get to you again."

"How old is that guy anyway?" I tuned to him as I folded my arms over my chest.

"Why, I believe his eighteenth birthday was just last week." Ranfield said thoughtfully.

"What? That guy is way younger than I am and he acts like a snob!" I growled but then I fought to calm my anger again, for not just five minutes ago I felt like my other half would pop out and go on a rampage.

"Deep breaths, C. Remember to take deep breaths." Ranfield instructed as he rubbed a hand on my back soothingly. "You're still a recent Dampire. It will take some time to control these powers of yours. Now I have some things to take care of. I'll be back around noon. If you need anything just ask the Dwergi. Despite their rough nature they can understand English pretty good."

"Ya. See ya later." I waved him off and went outside again. As I stepped off the bridge I spotted the Werewolf clawing at a tree trunk. He spotted my staring and gave me a low growl and motioned, with his long snout, towards a narrow and rocky looking path into the woods. "Ya I hear ya. So, those trees that are marked by your claws are the ones I follow for the path, right?"

He gave a grunt and nodded his head once before leaping into the forest first. I sighed as I saw the sun starting to rise over the snow-caped mountains and then I started after the Werewolf.

It must have taken me two whole hours as I tried to follow the big wolf around the forest and hopping he wouldn't get me lost. Te he, whose walking whom? Or in this case; running? But I managed to follow the guy out of the woods again and back to the starting point that was the stone bridge. I felt a little exhausted after the run, but the wolf gave me a few growls and grunts before he turned and walked away to his own room in the dungeons.

"What? I thought I did pretty good. Not that I understand you or anything." I sighed as I realized I was talking to myself now, so I started to trail down back into the village to do some exploring.

The village was just starting to wake up a bit so I just wandered down the streets. The Three Stooges were still in the pub, and Carl was now loading a bunch of furs on a cart. I gave him a hand while interviewing him about what the others had done while they were still here and plotting to save me.

He was very interesting for a single old man. Said that his grandfather was actually a monk for a while before coming to Romania. He even invented stuff! Wish my grandparents where that interesting! Mine only taught me how to read, right, dance and play a little piano.

Carl only smiled at me and said the simple things sometimes bring out true happiness. How true is that? Anyway, I found out that my little scuffle with Lord Devon became the talk of the town and a few actually congratulated me for standing up to the guy.

Once I learn a few things about the town from the villages, I began to feel more comfortable here. Sure they told me how the Count used to have three vampire brides in the past but I didn't care. As far as the history of Count Dracula goes, he might as well have seduced and screwed every woman from here to Norway! Not that it's any of my business to know, but when I asked about what happened to them Carl claimed they were killed by a fierce hunter sent by the Vatican in Rome. Sounds brutal.

After I started to help out some of the villagers with a few mild chores, since I was board, they started to grow a little more comfortable with me too. One even offered me a few free pears. Corse I didn't want to insult the guy by not taking them, so I thought a few pears will do for a nice mid-day snack.

I decided to perch on a nearby roof and munch on the pears, grateful that this half vampire change hasn't rendered me of eating anything else besides blood. In fact, I think it's only heightened my sense of taste. Dracula did say that all of my senses would be heightened than what I was used to. Oh well, back to my pears.

I felt the sun relax on my skin a bit and for once I'm grateful for it, knowing I won't be always felling the nice warmth of sun, yet I didn't feel sad about it either. As I started to grow more relaxed and went to take bit from the pear again, I heard a soft hissing sound like something flying through the air before my pear was yanked out of my hand so quickly I nearly did a double take.

"What the –!" I gasped when I saw where the pear had landed, pinned on a wooden building with a small and silver looking arrow sticking out of it. "What the hell?" I breathed as I felt my heart race when I turned to find the source of the arrow.

There, not two buildings from me, stood a tall figure in a big black coat while pointing, what looks like a crossbow. I went to look at the figures face but it was hidden under a hat with wide flaps. His boots pounded on the ground as he pointed the crossbow to my chest. Oh shit!

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