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It was quiet in the building as a young woman slipped through the doors leading her to the room in which had the documents she was sent to steal. She opens the file that was lying on the desk that was labeled: Assassination Order. The women smirked under her mask before grabbing it and walking out the door. She walked down the hallway when the alarm started going off. She cursed under her breath before she started running. Three men stepped in front of her wearing black clothes with a badge hanging from their neck and a gun on their hip. She took out a knife and ran out them sliding on the floor cutting the man in the middle on her right leg making him fall with his blood pooling around him. She got up and tossed the knife at the one on the right before kicking the least one in the arm as he pulled the trigger. The bullet grazed her shoulder as she took the weapon out the man's grasp and shot him between the eyes. With nothing else to do she set the building on fire before leaving. The building was blazing behind her when she got in her car and the cops showed up moments after she left.


Blaze watched as the young women left the scene and walked away before the cops could see her. She was going to go back home to where her boyfriend of two years was staying while on break from his work. He worked for a classified organization called G. . She was offered a spot there but she felt like she could help by traveling around the world and doing her best to stop other assassins. She slipped through the shadows to where she kept her bike. She quickly started it and taking off into the night.


The women handed the document to the leader of her clan. "Good work Rose," he smiled down at the women. One of his front teeth was missing because of a fight he was in when he was younger. Kit took off her mask reveling a mass of wavy brown hair and cold, calculating eyes.

"You're welcome Mister Stone," She nodded her head before leaving.

"Rose you may fing this interesting. This is where one of your older sisters was adopted," he handed her the file she was sent to get. Rose knew she had older sister but assumed they had died. Rose growled at her hate for her family. They left her to become one of the worlds best hitmen. She was often took on suicide missions because she had no one that would miss her. She left the room and went to the roof to read the file under the full moon.


Blaze sighed as laid next to the man who stole her heart and made her feel again. "Snake I'm telling you she feels like someone I should know," She let out a frustrated sigh.

~I know you will figure this out and stop them no matter when they are. I'm here to help you whenever you need it~ he signed. Blaze longed to hear his voice but it was taken away from him years ago.

"I know and that's why I love you," she pulled him into a passionate kiss.

~I love you too~ Snake Eyes signed before pulling her close for the night.

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