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"Snake I think we may need some back up to take care of that beast," Blaze replied as she wrapped his upper arm. The beast had gotten through hid armor and pierced his skin at some point.

"I can take care of it myself" Snake Eyes felt offended that she thought she couldn't take care of himself in a fight after all they have been through. They have fought side by side and he has come to her rescue more then she has for simply because she got into more trouble then she could more often than not.

"Snake that beast is human and we can't kill him till we understand what's making him change," Blaze explained. She no longer killed without reason which meant she wasn't going to kill this man if she doesn't have to.

"How do you know that beast was human," Snake Eyes didn't see any sign of it being human. During the fight the beast showed no sign of humanity what's so ever.

"Because Rose was sent to kill a man. She was wondering a forest frequent by that man and why would a man frequent a place where there is known monster? Why would Rose feel safe enough that she let her guard down?" Blaze looked down at her love.

"He turns into the monster and Rose didn't know," Snake concluded. Snake Eyes was able to put everything together when he realized how odd it was for Rose to be caught unaware and almost die because of it. It would now be harder for Blaze to get her sister to listen to her and turn away from the life of a mercenary now and she would probably have to do the one thing that would kill her inside, kill Rose because she was a danger to the people around her.

"That's what I'm thinking but we don't have proof and will Hawk send help without solid proof," Blaze asked leaning on Snake Eyes chest as he wrapped his arms around her. She felt him shake his head no. It wasn't the first time that she felt sad that she would never hear is voice but she swallowed the despair and turned around. She leaned up and caught his lips in a kiss.


Snake smiled into the kiss and grabbed a remote from the table next to them and turn the lights on dim. He pulled away and watched the dim lights play in Blaze's smothering eyes. Snake Eyes pushed Blaze off of him and reached in his pocket and pulled out a small black box. Blaze's hands cover her mouth that covered her gasp as tears prickled at the corner of her eyes. "Snake are you," she couldn't finish her sentence.

Snake eyes nodded looking at her with his blue eyes that were starting to look worried. The silence seemed to last forever even though it was only a few seconds. Blaze smiled at him before responding.

"I couldn't image my life with anyone else," Rose leaned down and kissed Snake Eyes opened the box and slipped the ring on her finger. Blaze pulled away and looked at the ring. The silver intertwined the emerald and aquamarine stones that matched both of their eyes. "It's beautiful," Blaze pulled Snake Eyes to the bedroom of the house and they shed clothes each step of the way. Snake Eyes looked down at Blaze's body as he laid her on the bed. He smirked as he remember the first time he saw her, she had been trying to cover up her body but now she couldn't get undressed fast enough for him. Snake Eyes kissed her gently as his hands started to search her body for the sensitive spots he had found long ago.


Rose glared at the mirror as she stared at the bruise forming on her cheek. She couldn't believe she had been caught of guard! Let alone she almost died if it weren't for her sister and the stupid black ninja. One question wouldn't leave her mind, why did they save her and why didn't they chase her? Ok so maybe it was two questions that were bothering her. All her life she was told her sisters where heartless and wanted to see her dead but could it possibly be a lie? No they were heartless and she would see them dead if it was the last thing she did.

Alexis was a techno genius and hacked her way to stealing money and ruining people's lives. Blaze was a more hands on person and was a ruthless killer and killed anyone who she was paid to or whoever got in her way even if they were children. Now that they were together and had a team means she had to stop them and soon. She knew she was no saint but she had a code that she lived by and her family didn't and that meant they had to be taken care permanently and she would see to it herself even if sacrificing her life to see their end. As for their brother she would have to look more into his life but it seems as though he helps others by breaking law. She wants to meet him and see for herself what kind of life he lives because she wasn't going to let him turn out like their older sisters because they were worse that humanity has to offer in life.

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