President Taine's POV

I sit in a wooden chair, feet planted firmly on the ground. The cold air from the window rushes in on me lifting my brown hair in the wind. It was ten minutes before I had to stand before the capitol and announce the twist for the 100th annual Hunger Games. This year, I was sure, as going to be a good year. First of all because of being my first of being president, but secondly because it was a Quarter Quell. I was just as excited as every pathetic crazy, person in the capitol.

"Mam, it's time," The man says leading me to the glorious stage.

"Welcome, Welcome!" I shout into the crowd. 'We are gathered here on this bright day, To find out the wonderful twist to this years extraordinary games! "Now bring me the quell box," I hiss at the man behind me. A small boy with spiky blonde hair arrives by my side and hands me the small box. I retreive the card marked "100th Hunger Games" And immediately begin to read it.

"For this years Quarter Quell as a reminder that even the youngest children can be torn from their families, each tribute will have a "minion," A girl from the ages 2-8 entered with them. This girl will be reaped on reaping day as well as the two tributes. Two little girls from each District. The daughters of victors. If you die the child dies with you and vice versa." "May the odds be EVER in your favor," I say trying to creep all the children in the districts out. I was right this year will be a very interesting year indeed.