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Belinda Grant's POV

The wooden chair is hard against my back as I watch the people pass on their way to the square.

"Belinda, dear, it's time to get dressed," My mom says, rubbing her very pregnant belly. I sigh and look up at her with my sparkling blue eyes trying to read her mind. Sense I don't talk much, I memorize peoples expressions, when they are feeling a certain way. Now, I was just confused, my mom's face is the easiest face to understand, but now it's not. It's like a mixture of her sad face, her tired face, and her guilty face. I quit trying to read her expression and nod my head slowly.

"Ruby, let her get dressed herself, she is 16, shouldn't she be able to?" Miles, my stepfather asks. My mom's hazel eyes widen and she turns around. Her back, now facing me.

"Of course, honey," She says letting him lead her out of the room. She turns her hazel gaze on mine and there it is again, the unreadable expression. I sigh slowly slipping into my knee-length brown skirt. The white blouse fits a bit small because my mother is rounder then I, but it will have to do. When I'm done, I head out the door into the heavy heat. My blonde hair sticks to my back and I am afraid of sweating through my blouse.

"Hey, you!" Thalia screams coming up behind me. I wave. Her grass, green eyes find my tousled hair and she grunts. "Must I do everything for you?" She asks. I shrug not wanting to answer. She sits me down on a random stump and braids my hair. "You going to visit Skylar?" Thalia asks. I nod. "Can I come?" I nod again. Her eyes light up and I braid her black hair back as well. "Let's go!" She yells running in front of me. I follow a bit slower, but still following. She grins at me when she sees Cameo and Hunter's tall forms leaning against the wooden fence, enclosing my horse, Skylar.

"Hey, Belinda, Thalia," My step-brother Cameo says.

"Hey, Lindsay, Smalls," Hunter says slightly smirking. I grin and lightly smack his arm. "What, no, Hello dingbat?" He asks me watching my reaction. Hunter likes to mess around with us, playfully. Dingbat is my nick-name for him occasionally because he calls me Lindsay, and Thalia, Smalls. She is pretty short though.

"Hi! Cameo," I say speaking before thinking.

"Wow, two words in one day, impressive," Hunter says causing me to slap him again, this time a bit harder.

"Dingbat," I whisper for only Thalia to hear. She giggles and lightly pecks Cameo's cheek. They have been going out for like two months and I think it's disgusting.

"Belinda, You have to tell your mom about me," Cameo asks, his expression was hurt. I shifted from one foot to the other, afraid of what to say.

"Fine," I say. "After the reapings," Finishing I look up at Hunter's happy green eyes. My stomach does summer saults when I realize he was watching me.

"Let's go guys," Cameo says grabbing my elbow and pulling me towards town. Hunter bounds to my side, reminding me of a puppy dog. Smiling, I walk between the two boys.

Skylark Rayden's POV

The sun doesn't hit the Victors village as much as the town but it hits enough to sweat like a pig. Sweat drips down my head, falling onto my soaking back. I straighten up from my place leaning on the tree. Jogging around the village is my daily workout. My golden lab, Sunny, bounds around my feet trying to get my attention. Finally coming to a stop, where my friends and I congregate I find that at least half of them are already standing there.

"Hey guys!" I yell, Holly, Brittany, Latisha and Matilda turn their heads my way. I wave at them and come up.

"Go change, you smell" Holly says wrinkling her nose and pointing her small finger at the door of her house. I find my closet of shirts under her bed and pick one out. I wash up in her bathroom and pull the blue shirt over my head. Latisha sits on a chair next to her sister, Brittany, their brown hair neat and curled for today. Samantha and Kayden show up smiling. They have the most beautiful white blonde hair and she always wears hers in a messy ponytail. Being the oldest of the group, at 15 she usually takes charge.

"I can only stay for a bit, I have to go change for the reaping." I say. They nod not looking up from the bracelets they are making. I sigh and turn to Kayden, the only other boy of the group, thought the youngest, at 9. "How's it going buddy?" I ask him.

"Good, Samantha just brought me back from Eric's ," He said. Eric was Kayden's other best friend, the one that didn't like hanging out with all the girl's (including me), Most people said I look more like a girl, and also act more like on. I always shrug it off but now sense I always try to Impress Latisha, it doesn't always fall very well.

"Gotta go, Talk to ya'll later," I say, I return to my short trek back home my sweaty shirt trailing behind me. I return home and slip into my carefully laid out, dark jeans and a red t-shirt.

I settle down quickly in the 14-year-old section. My dark blue eyes lock on District one's escort, Harlequine Jesslite, Her pink hair sticks up all over the place sending chills down my back. I steady myself against the rope.

"Girl's first!" Harlequine shouts. Her thin hand reaches in to the girls bowl and pulls out a slip of paper. "Riley Montoya!" I stand stock-still waiting for at least five volunteers. A sudden silence overcomes District one. A small girl pushes her way through the crowd. Her sweet blue eyes filled with tears. She looked twelve.

"I volunteer!" A girl yells tumbling onto the stage.

"Your name?" Harlequine asks.

"Belinda Grant," She whispers. I turn to my parents who are mouthing words to my sister, who is onstage being a victor and all.

"Jake Talloom," Harlequine yells. I watch my parents send kisses my sisters way and a surge of jealousy and anger speeds through my veins. I shoot forward.

"I volunteer!" I notice I'm not the only boy, so I push past everyone and easily mount the steps, taking my place beside Belinda.

"Your name, Son?" She asks.

"Skylark Rayden," I say almost shouting.