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Isabel-Sky Tarragon

Kerra Long warms her hands over the fire for warmth. I have to turn away to keep myself from glaring at Kerra, the murderer of my brother. I remind myself why I stayed with the career alliance, to get revenge for my brother's death.

"Are we going to stay with them?" Diana May whispers so that only I can hear, as if she read my mind. I turn my head to look at her eager awaiting eyes.

"For awhile," I say simply turning my head away. The other little minions run around the fire, playing with each other as long as they can.

Margaret Maines, grabs a sword from the ground and stars waving it around, scaring the other little girls.

"Should we hunt today or wait until tomorrow night?" Skylark Rayden asks glancing quickly at me. Kyle looks at Kerra who nods in agreement.

"We might as well start tonight, just not as long." Kerra speaks, lowering her hands from the fire to reach for her axe. I nod my head in agreement as Kyle tosses me another axe, which I catch with one arm.

"Let's go." Kyle says heaving a heavy jacket onto his shoulders. We pull all the minions with us not wanting to lose them. I give Kyle a small smile as I pass him, only to make him trust me. Kerra leads the way to the forest. As we travel quickly across the flatlands, I stay quiet, listening to the words flowing from the other careers mouths. Audrey Kainer holds Sophia Pabento strongly in her small arms, because of Kerra's lack of attention for her 2-year old minion. Margaret and Diana skip along beside me and I can hear Audrey humming quietly.

"Forest it is." Kyle says catching up to Kerra who walks in the lead. We enter the forest, pushing falling leaves and sticks out of our way.

Barlee Marson's POV

"Shhh….Abby….It's going to be okay." I say rubbing the blonde toddlers small back as I settle her down in the small sleeping bag. She looks up at me with wide green eyes.

"Really?" She asks, giving me a half smile.

"Yes, I promise." I say not being able to help it, I swoop down and plant a kiss on her forehead. "Now go to sleep. " I say placing an arm on her back, I lean my back on the tree.

We are curled inside a giant green bush so I doubt anyone can see or hear us, either way I pull my feet into my body, trying to make myself smaller. Abby whimpers and I rub her back soothingly. I hear a whooping and laughter, crackling of branches and trees and I'm planted to the ground, my arm enveloping Abby into my body. She looks up at me curiously. I put a finger to my lips and motion to her to climb back into the sleeping bag. She obeys, and soon all I can see are a few strands of her sun-kissed blonde hair.

Carefully, I push my way out of the bush and against the tree. I quietly scale the tree, trying to see who my predators are. My eyes scan the area, finally resting on the careers running wildly through the forest. I don't know what brings me to it, but soon I am jogging to the tree closest to the little girl wielding a small sword. I try to muffle my laugh as I wrap my arms around her bringing my hand to her mouth. I can feel her small tongue poking at my hands trying to get me to free her. I grab her wrist, making her free the sword. I pull her away from the descending careers, trying to not get them to notice her absence.

"I'm so sorry." I whisper as I bring the sword down on her. I just want to go home. She crumples to the ground. Once on the ground, she holds her hand out to me as her eyes glisten with tears.

"Please." She gasps, I take her hand and stroke her hair.

"I'm so sorry." I repeat, feeling my eyes tear up. She nods showing me that she understand where my heart is. She gives one last breath and her fingers unclasp from around my hand, and fall to the ground limply. A beep sounds, for the limp little girl lying in front of me, then a cannon must be for the career that was her tribute. Hearing cries of despair from the careers, I plant a kiss on her forehead and leave her stranded behind the tree. I head back to Abby who rubs her eyes and settles back into her sleeping bag. I lean my head back and lock my eyes on the sky, waiting for the anthem to begin to play.

Kathrina Chalice's POV

"Are you hungry?" I ask, turning to 5-year old Isabel who clasps my hand tightly. She nods, making me frown.

"We're bound to find some edible plants or something around here somewhere." Secret says quietly, panting. I shake my head.

"Let me take Anabella from you." I say reaching for the 3-year old settled in his arms. He nods taking Isabel's hand. I rest Anabella against my hip.

"Maybe one of us should stay here with the girls and the other one can go looking for food." Secret offers. I nod.

"Let's find a better place to sleep first." I say. We find shelter among large grasses and I settle the girls down.

"I'll go find food." He says.

"Don't stray to far." I warn letting him wander off.

"Kathrina?" Isabel asks.

"Yes?" I ask pulling my red hair into a ponytail.

"Are we safe?" She asks, looking up at me with big brown eyes.

"For now." I whisper pushing back a few loose strands of her long brown hair. She seems satisfied with that answer because she leans back into me. Anabella whimpers then settles herself down in my lap and drifts off to sleep.

Secret comes back a few minutes later, carrying a parachute in his arms.

"Look what we got!" He says. I shift over to see it, accidentally awakening Anabella.

"Whoops." I smile helping the little girl off my lap. Secret smiles and holds out the bowl of soup enclosed with four spoons.

"Yum." I say. We settle the soup down on the ground in between us. It takes several spoon fulls to satisfy my growling stomach and I can see Anabella still hungry after we tell them to stop eating. We ate half of the soup, leaving the other half for tomorrow. A cannon sounds and fear surges through my blood, I meet eyes with Secret but he only gives me a smile.

Anabella settles into Secrets lap and falls asleep easily, as Isabel lays her head in my lap, she however stays wide awake as the anthem begins.

First come the tribute, then the minion. In all I count 10 tributes and 9 minions…that can't be right though….

Review Please!

Here are the dead tributes:

1. Tynan Ree- Steps off his plate

2. Naria Janis- Drops Dead

3. Leonardo Baron- Knife in side

4. Madison Reese- Drops Dead

5. Alexis Bane- Stabbed in the back

6. July Zachary- Drops Dead

7. Lemouras Rayport- Axe in shoulder

8. Emma Seller- Killed by axe

9. Belinda Grant- Drops Dead

10. Sparkle Velia- Knife in head

11. Mackenzie Jazz- Drops Dead

12. Annie Moore- Axe down on her

13. Jacobsan Manson- Drops Dead

14. Emlyn Chaston- Hit by knife

15. Samantha Laine- Drops Dead

16. Ashley-Oak Terragon- Axe to the head

17. Lillia Summers- Drops dead

18. Margarent Maine- Stabbed with Sword

19. Skylark Rayden- Drops dead

Dead: 10 tributes, 9 Minions

Dear Skylark Rayden,

I always thought u were very interesting because of how u had a personality hidden under the surface. I personally liked that about u. I very much enjoyed writing for u and I am so sorry I killed you….welll ur minion. But anyway I hope u forgive me :D