Hey guys! I'm so glad you all liked the last chap! That makes me really happy :D Heres the next one! The next chapter will most likely be the interview with the families as one person will die today..leaving eight tributes left! Cross your fingers it's not your tribute!

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Barlee Marson's POV District 9, Age 1

I can hear my heart beat slow with every breath and I lay my hand over Abby's warm body. She lies curled against my side, huddled in the fluffy pink blanket. I can feel her squirm under the weight of my arm. After receiving, two cupcakes and a loaf of bread, Abby and I were satisfied. After a few hours, I noticed how tired and dehydrated we both have become. I had collapsed under a tree, pulling an exhausted Abby with me.

"Wirsty." Abby mumbles in her sleep as she turns over.

"I know Abs, I know." I coo into her ear. I plant a kiss on her forehead and lean my head back against the tree. Why can't it just come fast, death. I can feel deaths fingers slowly curl themselves around me, pulling me into their arms.

"To slow." I mumble. I nudge Abby off my lap, not wanting her to come with me. "Too young." I utter. My eyes flutter shut and darkness overcomes me. I can hear a large beep for Abby and then nothing else.

Kathrina Chalice's POV

"There are nine of us left, just a couple more until one of us wins." Secret says, eyeing me carefully.

"Eight, someone died while you were asleep." I say simply. I glance over at the two little girls, sitting by themselves playing. Secret fashioned two small dolls for them out of grass. A small tinkling of bells is heard and Anabella and Isabel hop up and chase after the parachute. They bring it back to us and Secret automatically tears it open.

"Useless, three daggers. Whatever for?" He asks.

"It might be a warning, there might be trouble nearby." Secret throws one of the daggers towards me and I catch it, prepared for battle. We stay on guard for a couple of hours, trying to stick with the task at hand.

"I think it's safe." I say, settling down on the ground.

"I'll take watch first." Secret says. I watch him sit beside Anabella, knife in one hand.

Hey guys! Sorry this chapter was so short…I just needed 2 get it out! The next chap will be the family interviews of the final 8!

Here are the dead tributes:

1. Tynan Ree- Steps off his plate

2. Naria Janis- Drops Dead

3. Leonardo Baron- Knife in side

4. Madison Reese- Drops Dead

5. Alexis Bane- Stabbed in the back

6. July Zachary- Drops Dead

7. Lemouras Rayport- Axe in shoulder

8. Emma Seller- Killed by axe

9. Belinda Grant- Drops Dead

10. Sparkle Velia- Knife in head

11. Mackenzie Jazz- Drops Dead

12. Annie Moore- Axe down on her

13. Jacobsan Manson- Drops Dead

14. Emlyn Chaston- Hit by knife

15. Samantha Laine- Drops Dead

16. Ashley-Oak Terragon- Axe to the head

17. Lillia Summers- Drops dead

18. Margarent Maine- Stabbed with Sword

19. Skylark Rayden- Drops dead

20. Ember Greene- Smothered by Avalanche

21. Mirium Tone- Drops Dead

22. Sunny Thyme- Skull smashed in by a bow

23. Jacinda Evening Lark- Drops Dead

24. Drake Stark- Killed by Kyle, Sword to the abdomen

25. Megan James- Drops Dead

26. Kyle Adams- Shot by Isabel Sky Tarragon

27- Audrey Kainer- Dropped Dead

28- Kerra Long- Stabbed by Anita Stark

29- Sophia Pabento- Dropped Dead

30- Barlee Marson- Dies of hunger

31- Abbigail Dyme- Drops dead

Dead: 16 tributes, 15 Minions

Left: 8 Tributes, 9 Minions

Dear Barlee Marson,

I am so truly sorry I killed you. I will miss you terribly, as you always struck me to be an extremely sweet guy. I love you and thank you for being such a good person. I really enjoyed writing for you!