A Very Special Rabbit

Chapter 2

'Pooh, Piglet, Tigger... I'm home!' The bedroom door swung open as the human boy walked into the room.

Tigger simply sighed and continued gazing out the window even as the other two dolls left their game behind to greet their favorite human child. For some strange reason, all he could think of lately was the rabbit doll from the window. There was an ache inside of him as he imagined her being lovingly adopted by a human, since it meant he would never see her again.

'What's in the box, Christopher Robin?' Piglet asked loudly, startling the tiger doll from his thoughts.

Glancing over his shoulder at the small group, Tigger found his curiosity piqued at the sight of a yellow box with a pink ribbon wrapped around it, then tied into a lovely bow on top.

'It's a surprise for all of you. Tigger, don't you want to help Pooh and Piglet open it?' the boy smiled gently at the tiger doll on the window-ledge.

'Well, I suppose tiggers do like surprises,' the tiger answered, using the bed to bounce from the ledge to the floor with ease.

Christopher Robin sat back, watching as his favorite toys pulled at the ribbon until it finally fell to the ground in an unraveled mess. Three sets of paws pushed at the box lid until it slid to the floor with a soft thud.

Tigger gripped the top edge of the box tightly and pulled himself up so that he could look down into the container, but just as he was doing so, he found himself nose to the nose with another stuffed animal. Familiar blue eyes gazed back at him, golden ears perked up as the pair stared at each other in amazement.

'Oh, it's a new friend,' Winnie the Pooh announced happily, clapping his paws.

'How wonderful,' Piglet added.

Christopher Robin plucked the bunny from the box and set him down gently on the ground. Immediately, the bear and piglet made their way over to welcome their new playmate.

'I'm Winnie the Pooh, and this is my friend Piglet,' the bear chuckled, gesturing to the small pink creature at his side.

'And I'm Tigger. That's T-I-double ggggrrr,' the tiger added, bouncing closer on his tail.

The bunny smiled back at them, blue eyes sparkling with happiness. Mouth opening, a gentle, but rather masculine, voice announced, 'I'm very pleased to meet you all. I am Rabbit.'

It didn't really surprise the group when the first comment out of their highly excitable friend's mouth was...

'You're a boy bunny?'

'Of course, I am,' Rabbit frowned at the tiger doll who was staring at him in shock.

'Sorry, it's just...' Tigger attempted to explain, but couldn't find the proper words to do so.

'What? I look too delicate, too fragile to be a male?' the bunny crossed his arms over his chest as he glared in annoyance at the tiger.

'Maybe it would be best if Piglet showed you around, Rabbit,' Christopher Robin interrupted, gesturing to the timid little pig.

'Yes, I think that would be a fine idea, Christopher Robin,' Rabbit agreed, stomping past the tiger without another word.

'Christopher Robin! It's dinner time!' the boy's mother called out from the stairwell. The human child closed the door behind him as he headed downstairs, leaving Tigger and Pooh alone in the middle of the room as Piglet gave Rabbit a tour of the rest of the bedroom.

'Are you upset that he's not a she, Tigger?' Pooh asked, sitting down next to his friend.

Tigger slumped over with a sigh, looking completely miserable. 'I dunno. He's just so pretty and all. Besides, he seems to hate me now...'

'Awww, Rabbit doesn't hate you. He just needs time to get to know you better,' the bear patted his friend on the back in an attempt to cheer him up.

'Yeah, I guess you're right. Hey, maybe I should give him a present. Yah know, to say I'm sorry and all,' the tiger's face brightened as he looked around the room for something special for the bunny.

'How about honey? Everyone likes honey,' Pooh stated, rubbing his tummy.

'I don't think rabbits eat honey, Pooh bear. Christopher Robin told us that they like carrots... but I don't have any carrots. Wait, that's it! I've got the perfect present for long-ears,' Tigger bounced away, leaving the bear to blink after him.

'And that's the entire bedroom. Pooh and I normally sleep on Christopher Robin's bed. Tigger likes to sleep in the highest drawer. Christopher's mother stores his extra blankets in there, so it's very soft. Where do you want to sleep?' Piglet asked, leading the bunny back to the center of the room where Pooh bear was still sitting.

'I'm not sure. I used to sleep with Cassie when she was a child, but then she moved me to a high shelf when she was too old to play with me. So, I suppose I've been up high for a very long time and I've grown used to it,' Rabbit gazed around at the shelves on Christopher Robin's walls. They were higher than Cassie's, so he wouldn't be able to jump down from them without hurting himself. The bunny turned around, only to jump back in fright at the sight of something colorful coming toward his face.

'Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you,' Tigger apologized, rubbing the back of his neck with one paw while the other held out a flower as a peace offering.

Rabbit glanced at the flower, then up at the tiger, then back at the flower in shock. Warmth swept through him at the gesture and he found himself accepting the gift with a smile.

'Thank you... um, Tigger, was it?' the golden bunny sniffed the flower and stroked it's petals gently.

'Yep, that's me. Tigger. You're not still mad at me, are you?' the tiger asked meekly.

Rabbit examined the other toy, taking in his slumped posture and saddened eyes. It was impossible to stay mad with the tiger, especially when he looked so unhappy. 'No, I'm not mad. In fact, I'm sorry too. I should be used to others thinking I'm a female by now.'

'Then we can be friends?' Black eyes gazed at the rabbit pleadingly.

'Yes, we can be friends,' Rabbit agreed, twirling the flower between his fingertips.

'Oh dear,' Piglet's words were the only warning the older toy had before he found himself pounced by the excitable tiger. The flower flew out of his hand and landed in Piglet's waiting paws.

'I guess we should have warned you. Tigger likes to bounce people,' Pooh commented in an extremely relaxed manner while Rabbit attempted to get his rapid breathing under control.

'Oh boy, this is going to be great! We'll be able to play together every day, Rabbit! You're my new bestest-best friend!' Tigger jumped off the bunny and helped him to his feet.

'Oh joy...' Rabbit sighed deeply as he gazed up at the tiger.

'I knew you'd be thrilled too. So, have you decided where you want to sleep? I don't mind sharing my bunk with you, long-ears,' Tigger gestured to the half-open top dresser drawer.

'As long as you promise not to bounce me while I'm trying to sleep,' the bunny commented, smoothing down his fur.

'Alright, but it's going to be hard to keep that promise,' the tiger stated, bouncing on his tail with excess energy.

'What? Why?' Rabbit frowned immediately, crossing his arms over his chest in annoyance as he watched the tiger bounce in front of him.

'Cause you're just so bounce-able, bunny boy! Hoohoohoohoo!' Tigger leapt onto all fours and leaned up to nuzzle the other toy's pink nose fondly.

Blushing, Rabbit found himself clinging tightly to the tiger as he bounced them both up to the top drawer, setting the bunny down gently on the blanket inside.

'So, what do you think?' Tigger gestured to the cozy drawer they were now sitting in.

'I... I think it's very nice, Tigger,' Rabbit ventured a shy smile at his new friend. The bright smile he got in return was enough to make him think {Yes, I think I will quite like living here} before he was roughly bounced again.

Sighing, the bunny gazed up at the tiger pinning him down and decided that perhaps his new sleeping arrangement wasn't so bad after all. Tigger seemed to be the cuddling sort, and he was rather interesting to look at. A bit excitable, make that extremely excitable, but then he was a younger toy.

'You okay, long-ears? I didn't bounce you too hard, did I?' Tigger was gazing down at him with a worried look, clearly taking his silence to mean something was wrong.

'I'm fine. I suppose I shall just have to get used to being bounced,' Rabbit stated, allowing a smile to spread over his lips.

'Yep. You're just too bounce-able to resist. Rrrrr.'

Rabbit blinked in amazement as a loud purr vibrated up the tiger's throat, his striped tail swishing behind him. A sudden urge rushed through the bunny's body... an urge that was impossible to resist. Threading his arms around the tiger's neck, Rabbit pulled the striped creature down until their lips met. The purr quieted as Tigger blinked down at him in shock, then it started up again, louder than before, as the tiger kissed him back.

'I'm back. Are you all getting along?' Christopher Robin's voice brought the rabbit and tiger crashing back to reality as they pulled away from each other quickly. Glancing to the side, Rabbit was amused to note that Tigger was blushing, something he was sure that he was doing as well.

'There you are,' the boy's face came into view as he stood on tip-toe to look into the drawer.

'Hello Christopher Robin,' Rabbit stood up, smoothing out his fur once more. Tigger echoed his words and was soon standing at his side.

'Are you going to be sleeping with Tigger, Rabbit?' the boy asked innocently.

'Yes, I suppose I will be,' Rabbit mused aloud.

'Great. But, it's not bedtime yet, so why don't you two come down and play,' Christopher Robin suggested, lifting the pair out of the drawer and putting them on the floor next to Piglet and Pooh.

After a long evening of adventure with his new friends, Rabbit found himself snuggling closer to his warm, fuzzy pillow as they cuddled under the blankets and drifted off to sleep.

...the end...

Note: Wow, that kiss wrote itself. Cute! If I do say so myself.