A voice filled the room and Steve looked up from SHIELD's alarmingly large collection of Hydra weapons. It was...awe-inspiring, the most incredible sound he'd ever heard. He couldn't understand it at all and yet, just hearing it was making him feel strangely peaceful.

Without realizing it, the soldier fell to his knees and listened. And for a short time, (A few seconds, even though it felt longer to the soldier.) all the doubt and fears about this new time vanished, all his past hurts, the memory of lost friends. All ceased troubling him. He was content, calmer than he'd been in ages.

In a few rooms over, the knees of Tony, Bruce and Coulson met the floor for entirely different reasons. A noise like screeching had filled the room.

It was agony. Their hands, clamped tightly around their heads, did nothing to drown out the noise. Had it lasted a second longer, Bruce's eye would have flashed green, had it lasted even two seconds longer, sparks would have danced off Tony's arc reactor.

But, it didn't. In fact, the noise stopped almost as instantly as it had started and the three humans were able to shakily push themselves off the floor.

"What, the hell, was that!?" Tony gasped, his hand pushed against his chest as he panted for breath.

The ring of liquid still hovered in the air next to the alien but it splashed into the bowl as Tony asked his question, splattering Castiel's trench coat with bright red spots. The alien didn't even flinch as the bloodied water splashed onto him, instead, his eyes remained wide, shocked, and apologetic.

"Forgive me," he said. "I was not-"

The door flew open and the god of thunder stormed into the room with Mjolnir held in a way that suggested a certain readiness for action.

"You!" Thor said, pointing his hammer towards Castiel. "Who are you! Were you the source of that energy? "

Castiel's eyes narrowed. "That's hardly your concern, Asgardian."

"I do not need you to tell me what is and is not my concern," Thor replied. "I only require an answer to my question."

"But I am not required to give it to you," Castiel retorted.

He wasn't allowed to hurt the Asgardian, but, as Dean would say, he didn't have to "Play Nice" either.

"Bold words, warrior," Thor said. "I should smite you down for your insolence."

"You'll...smite me?" Castiel said giving the Asgardian a stare that was part amusement, part disbelief.

"Ladies, calm down and shut up," Tony said. "Banner, come look at this," he said pointing towards a computer monitor he had moved towards.

"What's the matter?" Bruce asked.

"See for yourself."

Bruce walked over and stared at the screen before looking up and giving Tony an astonished look. The billionaire nodded in agreement with the doctor's shock.

The screen they had been using resembled a spider web more that a computer. It was covered in wide, circular cracks and, on the few parts of the screen that were spared, the only display was static. A quick survey of the room revealed that every other electronic in the room shared an equal state of disrepair.

"What did you do?" Banner asked, looking incredulously at Castiel. "We're going to have to completely recreate our tracking program!"

"Assuming we can," Tony said. "How many labs does SHIELD have on deck with the sort of tech we need?"

"They don't grow on trees Stark," Fury said as he and Natasha walked into the lab. He gazed around the room and wondered, not for the first time, why he had ever agreed to be the director of SHIELD.

Everything glass, including the large glass window overlooking the bridge, was cracked. Papers were strewn everywhere, and one of the tables was covered in red fluid. Thor looked ready to attack the angel, the blood-spattered angel looked like he had already been attacked and Stark and Banner shared twin looks of anger, frustration and pure disbelief. Not to mention the fact that they both looked just as ready to punch the angel as Thor.

It was nothing less that pure chaos.

"What happened here?" he asked, after he finished his survey of the room.

"Wouldn't we all like to know," Tony said. "Why don't you ask your alien buddy," he pointed at Castiel.

Fury turned to Castiel and fixed the angel with an expectant look,"Well, 'alien buddy'," he said. "Care to explain?"

Castiel's guilty look was back as he responded, "My spell was too powerful," the angel said. "I have used it before, but it was foolish of me to try something like that in an environment like this. I have grown unaccustomed to having to limit my powers and for that I apologize."

After all, it was the first time he'd had the ability of an Archangel while on Earth. The power increase was huge and not something he was used to while being around something as fragile as glass and plastic. (Heaven would never break as easily as the room had). The amount his power had grown was shocking. He'd used that spell on Earth before, and it had never caused the level of destruction it had wreaked on the room.

"If it worked, then I won't have any problems forgiving you," Fury said slowly.

Castiel's expression came close to a grimace, "The Jotun has some sort of wards up," he said. "They are much stronger than I had realized it was capable of producing. I do not believe that my normal tracking methods will be effective."

"Isn't that convenient," Tony said. "Well, if nothing else, we've learned that if 'magic' can't find Loki then, we can count on it to destroy the things that can," he said, with false cheer, as he gestured around the decimated room. "I knew I burned my Hogwarts letter for a reason."

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