Chapter 4- Will you

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It felt like forever after getting dressed I got ready really quickly because I was so anxious, I'm now just sat in my foot room watching TV, with my hand on my bump I felt it kick and as a natural reaction I shouted to Luc to come and feel it move and then I realised it was just me, I thought to myself look at you can't spent 5 minutes without thinking about Luc and then started to giggle to myself, I couldn't believe that over 1 year ago when me and Luc first met we hated each other or so we thought and now we are madly in love with a child coming, in less than a week. Without realising, Luc was stood behind me, just looking at me and smiling I only notices because I was wondering where he was and what he was doing. I forgot that I gave him a key and he could just come in

"Ah Mr Hemingway, there you are I was wondering where you got to!" I said trying to stand up with the biggest bump ever.

"I'm right here Miss McKee, where I should be, with you!" he said with a little smirk

He quickly ran over to my side and gave me his hand to help me up, as soon as I was up I was facing in he just stood there looking down at me,

"What you looking at?" I said with sarcasm it was a rhetorical question but I knew I would get the answer.

"What does it look like!" replying with as much sarcasm I gave him "My beautiful girlfriend!"

I just smiled at him he knew what I was thinking it didn't need words,

I just look down at the floor and before i knew it Luc's hand came up to my face and leading me to look at him and before i knew it his lips was pressed against mine and then he put his arms around me, cuddling me, he knows that this is when i feel my safest with his muscular arms raped around me he's like a big protective teddy bear, he doesn't know I think that though if he did it would wreak his 'street cred', I started giggling to myself thinking of Luc being a giant teddy bear.

"WHAT! What's wrong" he exclaimed with worry

"Haha, nothing Luc, honestly it doesn't matter, anyway shouldn't we be going now?

"Only if you are sure! And yes we should! My lady" holding out his arm.

"Why thank-you, kind Sir!" I reply looking into his eyes,

We walk out of my flat giggling and smiling.

"Eddi?" Luc questioned


"You do know that you look amazing tonight don't you? I mean I have never seen up in a dress and i love it, I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you and you should know that!

I just blushed I didn't know what to say really I just blurted out "Thank you Luc, and your looking extremely hansom tonight like ever before."


As we neared closer and closer to the restaurant I got more and more nervous because I knew what was going to happen but I just didn't know how I would say it. I had it in my mind all day but now as I'm this close I'm so nervous I have never had to do this before in my life and it could end up in so many ways!

"So where are we going then?"

There were about 3 restaurants in our sight,

"That one!" Luc pointed to the Middle restaurant

Eddi gasped at the restaurant I was taking her to

"But...Luc...its s..."

I cut her off mid sentence "its my treat for you, my beautiful, amazing girlfriend, I don't care of the price this is our night and I'm treating you, anyway you need it with the baby coming soon we won't get many."

"But Luc I don't..."

"Yes you do and don't say anything different" I cut her off mid sentence again.

We got to the restaurant door and i opened the door for her.

"Like a true gentleman Luc" Eddi said looking up at me and smirking

"Will it's not like I take you out many places we are always working, so I'm taking advantage that I can!"

We walk over to the desk

"Mr Hemingway, table for 2."

"Ah Mr Hemingway, Please, come this way." The man walked us over to the table and gave us up menus

"Thank you" I said

"DA SPAGO then!" Eddi said smirking

"Haha yes Eddi DA SPAGO"

"Right then what are we having then?"