I walked by the dead gardens at the crumbling old castle. I touched their barren stalks and wondered what this garden looked like before. I saw something, of trees in the shapes of candelabras, of luscious flowers and exotic birds. I saw a man, one named Simon among the birds. What was I seeing? I didn't know anyone named Simon. I'd never seen those trees or birds in my life.

I studied the dead trees more closely. They had wire around them in some places and grew in odd ways. Oh my god, I thought, these are those trees. I saw the past! I walked on and saw a bunch of empty cages. I saw a flash of what had lived in those cages. Ogres. Beyond that was a row of huts. Gnomes. An old Gnome woman. A child. A girl. And a prince. What I saw made no sense, but I knew it was real.

A twig snapped behind me and I turned around. A boy stood there, staring at me. He had curly brown hair and freckles. He smiled at me. "This is where I come to do my thinking, too." I was suddenly reminded of another boy who had stood in the sane spot. Char, prince of Kyrria. An apple. A centaur. Teaching. Learning. A girl, my age. Laughter. The boy held out his hand. "I'm Avan." I shook it. "Clara." He smiled. "Good to meet you, Clara." He grabbed my hand, which seemed a bit forward, but you know, he was handsome, so I didn't really mind.

"Come see this." He took me to a row of huts that had clearly not been liven in for several years. A happy Gnome child. Char smiling at the girl. Ella. Her name was Ella. Avan smiled. "The Gnomes used to live here. My ancestor, Charmont, used to come here. With a girl named Ella. He kept a journal. The one page I've been allowed to read talked about this place. And a lot about Ella of Frell." His eyes became vacant, and I realized he was seeing what I saw, Char and Ella together. He was a descendant of Char. I must be related to Ella of Frell.

I wait for his eyes to focus again. "What did you see?" He looked startled. "What?" "You can see the past, can't you? Ella and Char." Avan nodded. "Ya, ya I can. I can see them." I smiled. "I'm related to Ella. I can see them." He looked at me. "Woah. That's... woah. I wonder what happened to them." I looked at him. "Ya, me too." It dawned on him. "I'll read Char's diary!"

I just look at him. He looks back, staring into my eyes, and I know he feels it too. It's like we've known each other forever, like we've lived a whole life together. He looks away, breaking the connection. "I'll be back here tomorrow, with the journal." I nod, excited alreay.