Island Love

Chapter 1: Where am I?

She's crawling her way out of the salty water and into the soft dark ivory sand. She lays there for a few minutes then blacks out. A few moments later, she's in a house, which has almost Mexican look and feel to it, big windows, cabinets well just about everything you can think of that a room has.

Musa: "Oh, my head hurts" *hears a knock on the door* "Come in"

A magenta haired guy enters the room, binging Musa breakfast in bed, Toast with butter, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Syrup and Whipped Cream on top, Water and Orange Juice.

Musa: "Whoa, that's a lot of food for just one girl, but thanks, my name is Musa, what's your name?"

The magenta hair guy smiles and replies.

Riven: "My names Riven, and yeah it is a lot of food, but my mom insisted in making sure you get your strength back, and your welcome!"

Musa: "Well tell her that I said thanks, wait where am I? I can't seem to remember anything!"

Riven: "You're in Puerto Rico, you were stranded on the beach in San Juan when my family and I were about to pack and leave, my mom didn't wanted to leave you there stranded so we brought you back to our place till you woke to help you get back home, you don't remember what happened to you?"

Musa: "No I don't, all I remember is hanging out with my girls, and then I got on a sandy beach and blacked out, nothing else"

Riven: "Well why don't you eat your breakfast and I'll go tell my mom you woke up and that you're ok, how's that sound?"

Musa: "Sure, I'll come down right after I'm done stuffing my face!"

Riven smiles and walks out of the room, Musa finishes what's left of the plate, fixes her hair and comes out of the room walking down the stairs entering the kitchen coming face to face with Riven and his family.

Riven: "Done stuffing your face?"

Musa: "Yeah, I'm really full, and thanks for everything."

Riven: "No problem, oh this is my family, that one over by the stove is my mom Alice who made you breakfast, my dad Mike is at work, and these are my sisters, Bloom, Stella, Flora she's the youngest, Tecna and Layla is adopted but we love her and she's the closest to mom and I'm the oldest of all them."

Everyone greeted each other and said hi.

Musa: "Wow, this almost looks like my family, but the difference is I'm the youngest of my family and the only girl and I have an adopted brother too!"

Bloom: "Really, why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself?"

Flora: "Yeah it might even help you figure out what happened to you"

Musa: "Well sadly my mom past away when I was about 5 or 6 years old her name was Rose, my dad is a music producer his name is Hobo, and my older brother is Sky , then Brandon, Timmy, Helia, and the adopted one is Nabu, and last me"

Stella: "But if you last, why did you family adopted one before you?"

Flora: "Stella, that's not nice to say"

Musa: "No its ok, my dad kind of lost hope of having a girl, they were going to adopt a girl but fell in love with Nabu, 5 years later I came in and completed the family."

Alice: "Well I'm pretty sure they must be worried about you, but until you get you full memory back you'll have to stay, unless you remember your phone number?"

Musa: "Sadly I can't remember anything but my family, but I can't remember where I came from, the only thing I know is that I was with my friends and ended up in the beach, blacked out and ended up here with you guys"

Bloom: "Well I guess you'll have to dream to remember"

Musa: "Dream?"

Riven: "It sound silly but it works, it's a thing that our mom tells us whenever we forget something, but you can't think of anything when you go to sleep, when you feel sleepy, just sleep but don't think because if you think it makes it harder for your brain to remember anything"

Tecna: "That's right, the brain has a mind of its own, if you try to force it to remember, you won't get anything, but if you relax and let the brain do its thing, your memory will come back when you least expected"

Musa: "I won't have any problems with that, relaxing and going with the flow it's my thing."

Riven: "Oh really? Let's see how you handle Stella"

Musa: "Why do you say that like it's a bad thing?"

Bloom: "Well because…"

Stella: "Because were going shopping! Darling I must say I love the outfit you're wearing but you're not staying in the same clothes for the next few days or weeks, are you?"

Musa: "No but…"

Stella: "Perfect, let's get going, Riven you take us there, we'll call you when were done"

Riven: "If you'll be ever done"

Musa: "You're going to make him wait in the car?"

Stella: "Oh no darling, he works in the Cold Stone Ice Cream shop in the mall, by the time were done shopping he'll be on his last shift of the day and we'll get some ice cream when were done, head back home and watch movies"

Riven: "May I remind you I'm going to be late for work, and if you don't stop talking you'll have no ride to the mall"

The girls quickly get in the car and Riven drives them to the mall, on their way there Musa is amazed on how beautiful the Island looks, the beaches, the clubs the food smells amazing, and every were you turned there was always a little trailer selling fritters. They get to the mall and Musa is in complete shock when she enters.

Musa: "Whoa I have never seen so many stores in my life in just one place"

Riven: "Welcome to Plaza Las Americas, this is actually kind of Stella's home than our actual place, I'll catch up with you girls later, because I got to go to work."

Stella: "Oh there's a sale on shoes in Bakers, let's go!"

The girls go store to store buying clothes for Musa and for themselves, they head to Rainbow, Payless, Hot Topic, Pac Sun, Marshalls, Lacoste, Old Navy, Polo Ralph, Claire's , Ecko, Journeys, Aero Post. Well just about any were that sells clothes, shoes and accessories. Finally after hours and hours of shopping they head to Cold Stone to eat ice cream and catch up with Riven.

Mr. Brice: "Riven you get off early today, just give your sister the usual"

The Girls: "Thank you Mr. Brice"

Mr. Brice: "You Welcome Lady's"

Riven: "Damn Stella, I knew that you were going shopping, but not buying the whole damn mall"

Stella: "Well I said we were going shopping, but not all of this is Musa's, it's also Flo's, Bloom's, Tec's, Mines, Layla's and some stuff for you, mom and dad."

Musa: "But seriously Stella, you didn't had to pay for my things"

Stella: "Darling you're our guest; it's the least I can do"

Riven: "ok, here you Ice Cream"

Stella: "Thanks, oh Riven, Musa doesn't have Ice Cream, I know you just got off, but do you mind serving the little darling?"

Riven: "Sure thing, come on Musa"

Musa: "*Walks over to the Ice Creams counter* Ok what's on the menu?"

Riven: "Your pick, in Cold Stone, you pick the flavors, toppings and syrups, and since you're our guest, it's on the house, I'll play for it"

Musa: "Whoa, really?"

Riven: "Yup"

Musa: "It's like being a kid in an ice cream candy store; I can pick anything I want on my ice cream?

Riven: "Anything you want"

Musa: "Ok then, I want a Big Bowl of French Vanilla Ice Cream, White and Dark Chocolate Chips, M&M's, Snickers, Fudge Brownie, Caramel Syrup and 2 spoons please."

Riven: "Ok one big, French V, Choco and Snow Chips, Marty and Mark, Peanut Bar, Choco Pillow and Brown Goo with two Shovels coming right up, it's Cold stone talk for your order"

Musa giggles as she watches Riven make her ice cream, her mouths waters with every candy she see's going into her ice cream. Once it was done, Riven hand out her ice cream.

Riven: "What's with the two spoons?"

Musa: "So I can share it with you, it's the least I can do for what you did this morning and this is not going to fit in my stomach so I need an extra mouth to help me with it"

Riven shakes his head and laughs, the gang hang out at the Ice Cream shop and chat for a while, once everyone was done with their ice creams, they head back to the gang's place to watch movies.

Mike: "Well looks like the sleeping mermaid wok up"

Musa: "Tanks to you and your family, sorry if I'm a bother I'm Musa by the way"

Mike: "Nah it's alright, besides I have 5 girls, getting you to a safe place until you got better was kind of an instinct, I'm Mike and I'm glad you're alright."

Flora: "Dad, she can't remember anything, but her family, all she knows is that she was with her friends and she got to the beach and blacked out, nothing else"

Mike: "Not even where she came from?"

Layla: "Nothing"

Mike: "Well I guess she'll just have to dream to remember"

Layla: "Dad how long can she stay until she can remember?"

Mike: "As long as she needs to, if it takes 10 years for her to remember, then 10 years we'll watch over her, just make sure she's comfy and gets to her family safe and sound"

Alice: "Musa soon enough you'll know why do this, for now relax, try to remember and get to know us better."

Musa: "You guys are all so nice; I don't know how to thank you"

Tacna: "Just try to remember, get back to your family and become friends with us"

Layla: "And don't ever loose contact with us once your back with your family"

Musa: "Trust me I won't"

Mike: "Well if you guys will excuse me, I'm going to take a shower and hit the sack; I got to get up really early tomorrow, goodnight"

Everyone: "Goodnight"

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