Okay, this is my first fanfic on MM. So, if it's bad, it not my fault! Okay, wish me luck on this one, I've been thinking it out in my head for a long time, and am finally going to try and get it out there.

It was, of course, a bright and sunny day in Metro City. But the only dark cloud was above a young, Wayne Scott's head as he glared daggers at the boy across the room. The small, blue boy sat quietly in a chair in the back of the room, seemingly interested in the teachers current lesson. He had his legs tightly together, and sat stiff and straight, green eyes glued ahead with his small hands in his lap. Wayne hated the boy with a passion, he never thought he'd actually hate someone before or so much. Wayne didn't know the exact reason why he felt the way he did. From afar, the boy looked shy and sweet and innocent, but up close he was terrible.

"Okay, kids", their teacher said, and Wayne turned his attention to her, "I have a suprise."

The children leaned slightly forward in anticipation.

"I've decided that we should all learn a little more about one another. So..", she tilted her head to the side, "I want to all to find a partner and write down 10 things about them to present to the class next week."

Some of the children groaned while others smiled and laughed, and the teacher soon added,

"No it can't just be anything like 'he or she have blue eyes' or 'he or she likes to wear yellow'. It has to be something personal and special. Understood?", she set her hands on her hips expectantly. Her small number of students nodded and soon began to choose their partner. However, Wayne made no move to choose anyone, he would wait for things to calm down before just grabbing a lone kid. This was a stupid assignment and he would easily get through it, whoever it was.

Syx sat calmly. He had learned from many other occasions that it was easier to just sit and ask someone who also had no partner rather then be rejected coldly. He gave the little fish on the table next to him a small smile, to which the small fish obliged and returned the gesture.

Once everyone had seemingly had their own partner, the teacher spoke up again,

"Okay, good. Now, is there anyone that does not have a partner?", she asked looking around.

Just about in unison, only two hands rose up into the air, and the teacher looked almost suprised at the coincidence. Both boys then looked at each other and their eyes widened greatly. Syx dropped his hand halfway down as the entire class turned to stare at them.

"Okay, then. I would suppose that you two know what thats means...so, I guess thats everybody.", she turned around to look at the clock on the wall above her desk.

"I also guess that means you can go.", as she said the last word, the children all stood and bolted out the door.

"Oh! Make sure to choose which one of your houses you'll be going to! Don't forget!", she yelled out there doorway.

Fortunately, Syx had managed to convince the warden to let him walk back to the prison at the end of the day. The warden had also gone out of his way to bye him a small one-strap bag in which to carry Minion. It was a dark pea green, and it fit perfectly on his narrow left shoulder and rested on his right hip. He held onto the strap of the bad tightly as he walked, keeping his eyes downcast, only to jolt up and freeze when he suddenly fely another presence.

"I hope you know that we're going to your house..", Wayne said highly. Syx just looked at him in shock, but then his expression turned to worry.

"Huh? Um...Why?", The smaller boy replied quietly

"Did you really think that I'd trust you in my house? Please.", Syx set his eyes down on the ground again. Well, this was going to be fun.

Okay...I hope that was...okaaaayy*sweatdrop* I need confidence to continue this...