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Prince of Death:

Return of the Speaker's Heir

By: The Potters of the Future

and Winged Seer Wolf



I do not own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. These concepts,

characters and places belong to

J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordian


This chapter is dedicated to all of the readers

and reviewer's who helped Winged Seer Wolf and I

get to this point.


Rating: T

Pairing(s): Harry/Thalia

(This will happen in Book 3)

(All others are in the air at this point.)

Beta: Winged Seer Wolf


Last year, Harry found out about his father, met others like himself, went to a magical school, dodged an old man's questions, all the while keeping Voldemort from the Ultimate power. Now in his second year, Harry the son of Hades must now contend with the return of an ancient line that threatens the destruction of Hogwarts itself.




What I said earlier may or may not stay the same.

Robotic Worm

One of you guesses is right.


I've planned for a while for Morty to be Harry's familiar but Morty needed to do his job first.


That's what I've done.


Well I already know what he's going to do when he grows up. There's nothing wrong with a witch/wizard being married to a Muggle with the Muggle working in the Muggle world whilst the Wizard/Witch works in the Wizarding world. Why should there be any problem with Thalia doing whatever she does and Harry working in the Wizarding world?


I think the two worlds go very well together. I have more plans on how I can further put them together. I do the main bulk of the writing but my Beta helps me on ideas when I'm struggling and has added a paragraph in here and there as well as making sure my writing and spelling is correct. As you can see it's another story. Yeah he is.


Chapter 1

Suspects Of A Demi-God Nature and Retrieval

Harry got off the train at Platform Nine and three quarters. He saw Hermione rush off to greet her parents who were looking very nervous surrounded by all the witches and wizards. Harry could spot the odd Muggle in the crowd that mainly consisted of witches and wizards.

'So these are your friends?' asked Mr. Granger suspiciously.

'Yes, Dad,' Hermione rolled her eyes.

'Aren't they a bit old for you?' Hermione's father asked eying up the twins warily who were grinning manically.

'Oh stop being silly, Mike,' interrupted Mrs. Granger, 'Hermione's a sensible girl.'

'But they're so much older than her,' Mike Granger said, 'she's much too young to be interested in boys.'

'Dad,' said a blushing, mortified Hermione.

'Mike, stop embarrassing your daughter,' Mrs. Granger rolled her eyes.

'Fred! George!' a high pitched screech came from somewhere near.

'Mum,' groaned George, 'we were just saying goodbye to Hermione.'

A gaggle of red haired children following behind a harassed looking woman had arrived where they were standing. Harry noticed that the little girl with brown eyes as wide as saucers was gaping at him like he was the star attraction.

'Are you really Harry Potter?' she squeaked in a very high pitched voice.

Harry winced, 'oh look there's Mister Brunner,' Harry said quickly, 'well we got to go.'

Harry pulled Cat and Eve off hearing the twins' raucous at the fact that out of everything Harry Potter could be afraid of it would be a ten year old girl who was more than a head shorter than he was.

The girls too were looking very amused at this fact. Harry ignored them waving goodbye to Neville who had sidled away from the noisy red headed family in favour of meeting up with his grandmother who was looking him over critically. Harry remembered the same look that Aunt Petunia got whenever he, Dudley or Uncle Vernon carried muck into the house.

'I think you've got yourself a fan girl,' chortled Cat.

'Oh joy,' Harry scowled.

Harry made his way to Chiron who looked at him slightly suspiciously. Harry realized that the centaur suspected him of stealing Zeus' Master Bolt for his father. Harry didn't say anything to the centaur in disguise knowing that Chiron would probably talk to him later about it.

Harry fell into step beside the five seventh years that were at Hogwarts. They were looking back the train softly. It was obvious that it was a sort of bittersweet farewell to them now that they were heading out into the world.

'Can't believe we're not coming back here,' Daniel son of Athena said softly. 'It feels like only yesterday I was being sorted,' he shook his blonde head. 'Still can't wait to begin my Magical Restoration Apprenticeship in Ireland.'

'Only you,' Raven snorted.

'Well it's better than ending up in the Ministry,' retorted Daniel.

'The only way to improve the Ministry is by working your way through the ranks,' retorted Raven.

'He does have a point, brother,' said Beckie interrupting their heated discussion, 'though I agree with you. I hope to get a place on a Curse Breaker course in London. I'll be able to discover Ancient Artifacts.'

'What's the use of artifacts that you can't fight with,' growled Wanda daughter of Ares, 'being an Auror is the only job.'

Anne daughter of Apollo rolled her eyes, 'well when you get yourself cursed I'll be there to fix you up.'

'Any way we all have to wait for our NEWTs results in July,' interjected Beckie.

'I know I'll pass,' smiled Anne, 'courtesy of being the daughter of the God of Prophecy.'

Chiron cleared his throat loudly, 'if you'd all make your way in threes out of the platform there is a bus waiting for us.'

Harry, Eve and Cat followed the others to the bus which seemed to be grey. Harry had a feeling that it had once been white but just hadn't been washed in a while. The twenty children and Chiron piled in on the way to Diagon Alley.

Sometime later they piled off the bus which drove away. It had obviously been hired by Chiron for the one ride using the money they got for strawberries and other produce of Camp Half Blood.

'Okay everyone go get some dinner,' Chiron called to them, 'Harry can I speak to you for a moment,' Chiron added.

Harry had a feeling that he knew what it was about considering that his father had been under suspicion for many months for having harry steal the Master Bolt. Harry had hoped that Chiron at least would realise Harry would never steal the Bolt. Never mind the fact Harry hadn't been anywhere near Olympus at the time.

There was a silence between the centaur and the demigod. Chiron waited until things quieted down and the other demigods weren't anywhere in the hearing range. Chiron hoped that Hades hadn't convinced Harry to steal the Master Bolt. Zeus would incinerate the boy in a second if that were the case.

Harry could see what his mentor was thinking and felt very bitter at the thought. Despite the fact he'd spent almost half his life in Camp Half Blood. Still the ones who knew who his father was didn't fully trust him. Not even Chiron. It was little wonder that so many children of Hades went psycho to try and get some respect.

'I know what it is you want to talk to me about,' Harry said breaking the silence.

'You do?' asked Chiron surprised that Harry would reveal having knowledge.

'Of course, dad warned me that the Lord of the Sky would be more likely to kill me than usual,' Harry said. 'And I don't know where the Lightening Bolt is,' Harry said emerald eyes glinting.

'You do realise that it would be your father who would benefit the most from having a war with the gods,' Chiron said.

Harry snorted at this, 'there's barely any space for the number of dead already. There are queues all the way back to the eighteenth century with rising costs there is nowhere near enough wealth to cover it. You should really be looking at his Poseidon,' Harry said angrily ignoring the clap of thunder that resounded after what Harry had said, 'after all he's the only one whose Symbol of Power hasn't been stolen.'

Harry then realised what he had said in his anger. Harry's emerald green eyes widened like saucers almost comically had the situation not been so grave. Harry clapped his hands over his mouth hoping naively that the thousand year old centaur had missed what he had said.

Chiron had been observing the son of Hades as the shadows flapped around him. He could feel the death coming off him in waves. There was a rumbling from underneath them. Chiron knew that he had to calm Harry down if they didn't want an earthquake in London.

Then Harry revealed what he was obviously not supposed to reveal if the hands clapped over his mouth and the widening of emerald saucers were anything to go by. Chiron didn't want to think what it meant if the Helm of Darkness was missing to. It could mean one of two things.

One Poseidon had stolen both his brothers' symbols through a demigod in order to claim kingship. Percy would be the first person that everyone would be suspicious of. That would be the case if Chiron did not know the boy. There was no way he could have done it he was completely ignorant of Greek Gods at the time. It had taken a few weeks for Percy to even believe that Greek Gods existed.

Poseidon could have used another demigod but Chiron couldn't think of any child who would risk Zeus' wrath for a god other than their own parent unless Poseidon had another child out there. Chiron doubted it. It was exceptionally hard to keep a Child of the Big Three away from monsters and satyrs especially when the child knew of their parentage which the child would have to steal the bolt.

Chiron didn't think that was very likely. He'd known Poseidon for many years and knew that the god was happy where he was under the sea. Poseidon didn't want to over ruler and he had little choice of demigods to use.

The second option was even more disturbing than Poseidon or Hades deciding he wanted to usurp Zeus from his throne; an unknown third party wanting a war with the gods which would undoubtedly lead to the end of western civilisation as they all knew it.

The thing was Chiron couldn't think of anyone who would want to destroy all the gods worked for. There was the odd demigod dissatisfied with their parents but they wouldn't have the power to hide the Lightening Bolt from Zeus. This implied that an immortal deity was involved.

Percy's prophecy confirmed that suspicion with "the god who has turned" in the West. Originally Chiron had believed it to be Hades, but if Hades' Symbol too had also been stolen, then who was the god who was behind the Master Bolt and Helm's disappearance.

There had been several conflicts with the gods over the years but never had they stooped to stealing each other's Symbols of Power. This was turning out to be far worse than Troy and it hadn't even started yet.

Then he realised something. He'd just sent the son of Poseidon who was the most obvious suspect to Hades. If Percy didn't return the Helm of Darkness to Hades he'd stay in the Underworld forever.

'Are you saying that the Helm of Darkness has been stolen?' asked Chiron.

'No I just meant that it could have been Poseidon too,' Harry said quickly.

'Please, Harry, don't lie to me,' Chiron said serious brown eyes boring into worried emerald ones. 'Has your father's Helm been stolen?'

Harry nodded once, 'yeah.'

'When?' asked Chiron quietly.

'He brought me to the Underworld on the twenty-first,' Harry said.

Chiron nodded, 'so he would have found out at the same time as the Lord of the Sky?' asked the trainer of heroes.

'Must have,' Harry agreed, 'he sent Alecto to find whether there was a child of Poseidon around.'

'Well there was one,' Chiron said gravely.

'Well does he have them?' Harry asked impatiently.

Chiron shook his head, 'no. He didn't even know about the gods when we found him. He faced a Kindly One-'Chiron began.

'Alecto,' Harry interrupted.

'Quite,' agreed Chiron, 'as well as the fates, and Pasiphaë's son and it still took him a few days to accept that he was a demigod.'

Harry snorted, 'idiot.'

'The point is that he's gone on a quest to face "the god who has turned" the Oracle pointed him west,' Chiron explained, 'if he turns up in the Underworld accusing your father having stolen the Master Bolt.'

'Dad will not be happy,' Harry said quietly.

'To put it mildly,' agreed Chiron. 'We've lost track of them.'

'I can Shadow Travel to them,' Harry said, 'I'd have to go alone because of the distance.'

Chiron nodded looking tired, 'I thought you'd say that.'

'Where are they?' asked Harry.

'That's the thing we lost track of them five days ago when they released some circus animals,' Chiron said, 'so we have no idea.'

'Have they reached the Underworld?' asked Harry.

'I have no idea,' Chiron sighed.

'I can't Travel to a place I don't know unless I've know someone there,' Harry said, 'you said "them",' Harry noted suddenly, 'who else is there?'

'Annabeth Chase-'Chiron began.

'A son of Poseidon and daughter of Athena are getting on?' Harry asked surprised.

'Being cordial at least,' Chiron said.

'Still with their parents it's quite surprising,' Harry commented. 'It's like me having a truce with a child of Demeter.'

'Well I think it's more Annabeth wants to go on a quest,' Chiron admitted.

'That sounds like Annabeth,' Harry said. 'Just those two?' asked Harry. 'No mediator?'

'Grover,' Chiron said.

'Grover?' asked Harry surprised.

After Thalia Grace had been almost killed and turned into a tree the Council of Cloven Elders had told the satyr that he was to wait before guiding another demigod to camp. It had been hot gossip at camp considering that a daughter of Zeus had been involved and there hadn't been a child of Zeus since the end of the Second World War.

True they didn't speak about this while Luke and Annabeth were around considering they had been the one who had been close to Thalia Grace. To this day they didn't discuss her. Harry couldn't help feel a little guilty knowing that she had been practically killed as his father's retaliation for Zeus attempting to kill him.

'He was given a second chance,' Chiron explained, 'he found Poseidon's son.'

'He does have a knack of finding the children of the Big Three,' noted Harry.

'So he's got his Searcher's license?' asked Harry.

Grover may not particularly like him but Harry like everybody else at Camp had heard of Grover's ambitions to become a Searcher. Harry had thought he'd never get it considering what had happened with Zeus' daughter but apparently he'd made up for it with the son of Poseidon.

'There were …' Chiron seemed the search for the right word, '… complications,' Chiron said carefully settling on a word, 'if they succeed the quest then he'll get his license.'

Harry shrugged, 'I should be able to get to them as there's two people I know.'

'Come on Morty,' Harry called.

'Where did you get him?' Chiron raised an eyebrow.

'Oh he's my familiar Mortis Cohortis,' Harry said, 'son of Cerberus.'

'How did you meet him?' asked Chiron.

'Long story,' Harry laughed, 'I'm sure Cat and Eve will be willing to tell you.'

'Good luck, Harry,' Chiron said softly.

'Tell Eve and Cat goodbye from me,' Harry said.

'Of course,' Chiron nodded.

'Morty we're going to be Shadow Travelling follow my path,' Harry told his dog.

'We get to see father,' Morty's second head practically squealed.

'What if he doesn't remember us,' worried the third head.

'Of course our father will remember us,' the second head said as though this was obvious.

'Are you sure?' asked the third head.

'Follow me,' Harry shouted.

Chiron watched as the son of the Lord of the Dead and the son of the Guardian of the Underworld disappeared into the shadows. Chiron just hoped that they would make it alright.


According to HP lexicon the train takes the Hogwarts students back to London on the twentieth of June which is the day before Zeus' ultimatum and the day that Percy, Annabeth and Grover get out of Lotus Casino.


What will Percy, Annabeth and Grover say about Harry turning up?

Will they discover on the trip to the Underworld who he is?

Will Harry arrive in time to save his half-siblings from Casino Lotus?


Chapter 2: To the Underworld We Go

Harry arrives at the entrance to the Underworld just as Annabeth is trying to bribe Charon. They then reach the Underworld where secrets unfold about Harry, The Traitor, and a possible reason for why the Symbols were stolen in the first place.