LbN: Written for Fapezberry Week, day 2. xPosted to Tumblr.

"Well, well…Quinn Fabray."

The fifth year nearly jumped out of her skin as she whipped around. No…this couldn't be happening to her. Anyone but Rachel Berry! "R…Rachel."

"And what would a Ravenclaw be doing out at this late hour?" the Slytherin asked. "Not causing any trouble I hope?"

"I was just…just studying. I lost track of time."

"And yet the library is that way," Rachel said, pointing. "The opposite direction from where you came. Could it be that you're actually sneaking out? Perhaps to go see your Gryffindor girlfriend?"

"Santana's not my girlfriend," Quinn said, quickly.

Rachel laughed. "And I'm not a descendant of Merlin. Which I am, by the way. Anyway, don't look so frightened." She tucked a stray piece of hair behind the younger girl's ear. "I'll make you a deal. Take me with you, and I won't take any points off your houses."

"Take you…why would I…?"

"Because I'm awesome. And your girlfriend's a Gryffindor—nice and adventurous."

"I think bringing someone into your relationship is the kind of thing you talk about first," Quinn said. "Especially if that someone is a Slytherin."

Rachel smiled and nodded. "Fine then. Talk about it tonight. I expect an invitation to one of your little…er…tea parties. Off you go. Wouldn't want you to be late."

Quinn glared at her and turned to go. Feeling like she should get a parting shot in, she said, "You shouldn't proposition people in the middle of the corridors at night."

"Shouldn't let people catch you out."

Quinn watched the Prefect blow her a kiss and walk toward the dungeons. She turned toward the stairs and headed to the Room of Requirement, smiling.

It might not be so bad to have a Slytherin on their side.