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Part three

Chikane took a deep breath to calm herself as her mind made this sleep over a bigger deal than it was. And it was – for her. Himeko roused such a response from her body, she felt helpless to stop each and every reaction. It was getting progressively worse the more they spent time together. She sighed, deciding to get into her pajamas and wait for Himeko to arrive.

It was twenty minutes before she heard a knock and an eagerness rose in her as she opened the door to welcome in her friend.

Himeko held a small bag of necessities in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. The dark-haired girl offered a smile, watching as her friend jumped into the warm house and hastily shredded her coat.

"So …" Chikane had no idea what to say to replace the slice of awkwardness that hung in the air, she felt silly in her silky blue-dotted pajamas. "You know where the bathroom is to change. I'll be in the bedroom," God, it felt like her expectation should be about the bed and them together – alone and so close.

Deep down, she wanted to lock the door but not to keep Himeko out – but to keep herself in. The lights were turned off, and she hoped Himeko had better night vision then her.

She climbed into the aforementioned bed, drawing the covers back and cocooning herself within them. Everything around her she was aware of, the hesitant tap-tap-taps of Himeko heading to her bedroom and her ragged breathing and the pounding of her heart.

It was just Himeko – her long-time friend so … why did she feel so differently about her? And why was she coming to the conclusion of feeling anything about Himeko? When did her emotions change from platonic to desire for her? It was confusing but she knew that was the least of her problems now.

Chikane had to worry about their sleeping arrangements – which side did Himeko favor? Then Himeko entered, clad in pink silk shorts that reached mid-thigh and did nothing to hide the beckoning lithe shape of her legs and a white tank top that made her mind blank.

Smiling shyly, Himeko deposited herself on the edge of the bed, looking at Chikane from under her lashes. "Chikane," she paused, it felt like there wasn't much words she could say to dispel of the anticipation in the atmosphere. "I-I will take this side, are you sure I won't inconvenience you?"

The Himemiya heiress swallowed then nodded. You can do whatever you want, Himeko. But she didn't say it out loud.

She drew back for Himeko to lie down beside her, holding her breath when Himeko leaned towards her to balance herself. The proximity between them was only a hand reach away, Chikane sighed, relaxing to get into a comfortable position. The moment passed before she could catch a glimpse of disappointment in Himeko's eyes.

God, she had to sleep before she spent the whole night up. Chikane closed her eyes, blocking out the sounds and letting the darkness claim her.

-:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:-

Himeko had to bite back the sigh that wanted to escape. The body heat her friend emitted was enough to ward off the slight chill rising from the floors. But she was too aware of Chikane – the even breaths that told her she was sleeping and Himeko didn't want to test her self-control by looking at her. Not until she was sure that she could maintain composure.

Yet the trembling in her hands and the desire that heated her body, Himeko decided to take a cold shower and slowly inched her way out of the bedroom. I can't stay by her without wanting to spontaneously combust.

Once she was in the corridor, she looked back at the bedroom, sighed then continued her way to the bathroom. A few turns later, she went into the bathing area and stripped her pajamas, feeling sticky with sweat. Hopefully, a good cold shower would wash away the want from her.

Himeko had to look around, the bath tub was huge and the shower area was a stand up area. She wondered if it was safer than taking a dip into the bath. But she wouldn't be too picky and turned on the cold faucet. It stung her body when the icy water hit it; it felt like a thousand needles prickling her senses. Every breath of air she drew in was soothing to her tight throat, and felt the sweat being washed away; it was a great sensation to feel rejuvenated.

She sat on the wet floor, leaning on her hands as the water rained down on her. Himeko wanted to stay here forever but the small shivers from her body told her that she should get out before she went into shock. She wrapped a towel around her, securing it tightly so it wouldn't fall. Well … she hoped it would if Chikane saw her but she shook her head.

When Himeko arrived to a guestroom, the dressers were empty. She sighed, disappointed before heading back to Chikane's room and hoping that there were more pajamas.

The soft sound of even breaths calmed her, as long as she wasn't loud, Chikane would remain asleep and unaware of the state of undress underneath the towel. Slowly, she drew back the dresser, sighing in relief when she saw a magnitude of shirts and shorts. She picked out her new set, looking back at the unconscious Chikane before undoing her towel and hastily putting on her shorts and shirt. Himeko squirmed, aware of the fabric brushing over her bare sex and the rough feel of the shirt ghosting over her breasts.

"Himeko …?" Chikane groaned, leaning on her arms as she looked at Himeko who stood by the dresser. "Why aren't you in bed?"

"Um, I decided to take a shower. I'm sorry if I woke you up, Chikane …" Himeko said, laying a hand where her heart was pounding rapidly at being caught out of bed. She swallowed, hot at the notion of sharing the bed with her deep crush. Especially with Chikane being oblivious to her less-than-friendly thoughts, Himeko would rather sleep on a couch if it would help the desire to simmer down.

Chikane sighed, patting a hand on her left side – a gesture Himeko knew that her friend wanted her back in bed and by her side. She walked to Chikane's side before surprising herself by straddling her friend. Suddenly, Chikane was awake – the alert expression in her eyes made Himeko blush at her bold actions. She tentatively sought out Chikane's hands, leading them to lie above her head as she pinned her down.

"H-Himeko …" The breathy quality of her friend's voice made her feel dizzy – these weren't the reactions Himeko was expecting. So did that mean Chikane felt the same if she wasn't pushing her away? The smile tugging at her lips agreed and she gazed into dark eyes, wondering if anyone got caught up in their colour and drowned because she certainly was.

She leaned down, pulled to Chikane like a magnet. The distance between their lips was a heady sensation – an overwhelming feeling of wanting to brush her lips against that full mouth and wanting to save it for the right time. Himeko wasn't sure which the better choice was, but the feel of Chikane's body beneath hers was arousing. "Chikane … I want to – to kiss you so much." She whispered softly, eyes conveying the words she couldn't say beyond that sentence.

"Oh, oh … Himeko, you feel that way about me?" Chikane said.

"God yes, Chikane … I-I am sorry for doing this …" Himeko left answer in the air before swinging a leg on the other side of Chikane to get off of her. She doesn't feel the same … That cracked her heart but a hand laid itself on her thigh, rubbing soothingly.

"Hear me out before you run, Himeko." The pleading tone in Chikane's voice made her pause, Himeko sighed, slumping.

"I –" A finger on her lips stopped her from saying anything more, Himeko gazed at Chikane intently, wondering what she was doing.

"I love you, Himeko – more than a friend should. I can say that I am in love with you," the words Chikane spoken were making her dizzy with relief. And it caused warmth to flutter in her stomach and lighten her heart. "I've never felt this way before; it's frightening since you're my best friend – the only one I can trust. And now, I trust you with my heart …"

Himeko nodded, breathless at the confession and more than aware of the caress on her thigh.

"So," Chikane gazed through her lashes, "Can you kiss me?"

Himeko knew her answer and closed the space between their lips.

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