A/N: Hey everyone! This is 14AmyChan's story that i adopted from her. I changed a few things wording and structure wise, but other than that the story is pretty much the same. I felt like it needed a propper ending...that will happen eventualy...

It was day nine of Train's confinement. He was getting bored and he almost let it show. He looked down at the 'food' on the tray that was messily placed in front of him. He couldn't wait to get back to his apartment. Sleep. See Saya again. Milk. Thats what he was missing. Good milk that didnt look like it was a breeding ground for aliens.. Train looked at his watch. Only another eighteen hours until he could see Saya again, unless she decided to go get another bounty.

Honestly, Train thought, resting his head back against the wall and letting a smile creep onto his face. That girl is such a handful, so lively and free, and always around to bail me out of trouble. But, this next part, he would have to do on his own.

"Heartnet," Sephiria said, standing in the tiny doorway. Train was a little surprised, but kept a grim look on his face. It was a few hours before his release time. "You may go home now. Your activities will be limited and you will have to hand over Hades." Sephiria held out her hand expectantly. Train really didn't want to give up Hades, but this would probably be the best way to part with Chronos.

Train placed the heavy gun in the Capitan's hand with a sad sigh. As soon as he did, Sephiria stepped aside and Train was given free passage into the blinding light of day. It took a minute for him to get re-acquainted with the sun's rays. Even though he was still half way blind from the sun, he pulled out his phone and tried to look at it.

'Inbox Full. Delete Some Messages To Recieve The Rest'

Train's eyes widened, which gave the sun advantage to make them burn. This phone could hold over forty messages! If she was this worried, then who knows what she would do when she finally saw him. She would either be really happy or really mad. Now, Train had two options, he could...

A) go straight to Saya so she would know he's alive or

B) walk around for a bit and let her cool off.

Train frowned and stuffed the little phone into his pockets, not wanting to check the messages.

Train started walking in the direction of their apartments, thinking, If she hasn't cooled off after ten days, I don't think a couple of hours are going to make any difference... He sighed and put his hands in his pockets. He felt off balance without his trusty partner, Hades, at his side. Train's chestnut hair fell into his face as he continued his walk, trying to think up a good way to face Saya when he finally got a hold of her.

Creed watched from his regular post at Chronos as Train left eight hours earlier than planned. The wind played with his silver hair as hatred filled the man's eyes. Damn that witch... He thought with a growl. She would pay. Yes, he would stop at nothing to see the witch that changed Train pay...