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"Can I eat or can I eat?" Train sighed out of relief for his full stomach. He led the way strolling casually down the street towards the hotel. Since Saya was resting, he saw no hurry.

"You eat too much! You swallowed a third of what we made!" Sven scolded his younger. He needed a smoke, so he reached into his suit and grabbed a cigarette. He sighed in defeat as he fished for a lighter. "At this rate, we'll never get out of debt…"

"How much do we owe?" Train asked, deciding to maybe pay attention. What figure could possibly be so big that he should worry about it?

"Almost 145 grand…" Sven grumbled, rummaging his coat for a lighter. All this talk was making him feel depressed. He was pretty sure that if Saya weren't around to curb Train most of the time, they would owe enough to buy the moon…

"What?!" Train leapt back in shock, yet he was careful not to knock over Eve, who seemed to be equally shocked. "How?!

"You didn't know that?" Sven asked, irritated, but he finally found his lighter. Sven placed the cigarette between his lips and set it to fire. He continued with the sense that he shouldn't be crossed, "You break stuff, it adds up." he accused. "People get hurt and we have to pay their medical bills, you eat enough to feed two armies-"

"Well…" Train shakily interrupted the list, which could have gone on awhile. Sulking in his shame, Train tried to bring up the mood. "We just need to pick up a large bounty.. A really..really-"

"If it were that easy, I wouldn't be worried." Sven cut him off.

"Must we be so negative, Svenny-baby?" Train felt like he was going to start whining. If they were this deep in debt because of him, then he'd have to actually start looking for the bounties, instead of just helping out with the chase. It was then that he noticed something.

A familiar face. A familiar coat. No, the familiar uniform. Train had spent three years wearing that uniform.

In a split-second, he was behind them, not making another move. Train knew that to deal with this one, he'd have to keep his head. Act rationally. If this man had wanted them dead, they would have already had funerals planned. Unlike Train, Sven and Eve turned to keep the man in their sights. They had no idea who this man was, did they?

"You look good, Black Cat~" the man coolly greeted Train, as if they were talking about the weather.

"You?" Train pretended to act dumb, then decided that wasn't a smart move. He switched tactics. "Nice entrance.." then, feeling the need to explain his former superior to his present partners, he continued with, "Chronos Number II, Belze."

Sven couldn't believe his ears. According to what he had heard from Saya and Train concerning his past, they weren't sure if the top two numbers were on their side or not, but avoided them all the same. After watching this man - Belze - reach into his pocket, Sven decided being safe was better than being sorry. Sven reached for his gun in his pocket.

"Relax." Belze said, noting Sven's intentions, as he reviled a tape from the inside of his coat pocket. He watched as Sven eased up. "I came to make a delivery." Belze tossed it to Train. Sensing the young man's apprehension, he explained "It's from your old boss, Karl."

With this new bit of news, Train snatched the tape from the air. Already, he was bursting with curiosity as to what the tape could possibly be about. Belze's voice pulled him to the present. "Now my job here is done"

"What's this?" Train asked, wondering if Belze was going to keep tabs on him. His mind instantly flashed to Saya, and kicked into defensive mode. Yet none of that reached his voice. "You aren't the type to make deliveries."

"No, but I was headed this way on another matter, and I owed Karl a favor." Belze explained casually. All the while, he watched the strange trio. He wondered what had happened to the sweeper woman.

"What other matter?" Sven asked, his ears perked. "Something to do with us?" He really hoped that Chronos wasn't plotting anything. Not at a time like this.

"Former International Bureau of Investigations agent, Sven Vollified?" Belze asked, confirming the man's identity. "Still touchy about secrets, are you?" He asked. Sven noticeably stiffened. "No need to worry. I can't tell you my mission, but I assure you I'm not here to hurt you." Belze looked at each of the Sweepers, and on the little girl. From all the paperwork they could gather on the girl, they could tell a lot about her, and she was interesting.

"Now then," Belze patted the girl on the head, gladdened to see that she reacted as any young child rather than a threat. "I'd better be going. Watch the video, I'd hate to think I'd wasted my time." And with that, Belze left to do some more tracking. "But whether or not you take Karl up on his offer, that's up to you."

In the next second, he was gone. "His offer?" Train asked curiously.

"Hey~" Saya greeted her partners as they came into the room, looking up from cleaning her gun. She smiled upon sensing the mood, wondering why everyone was so tense. "Something happen?"

"Number II just gave us a visit." Train said, happy that Saya was awake.

"So, who's this Karl guy?" Sven asked. He wanted to know who could possibly have a Chronos Number - an elite eraser - owe them a favor.

"Top brass at Chronos." Train said, but with his tone, he could have been talking about a close friend. "But he's such a nice guy that you wouldn't even know it!" Train popped the tape into the player and fiddled with the controls a bit. "Back when I was new, he looked after me."

Saya raised an eybrow and looked over at Eve, who seemed to know what was going on. After a quick debrief from the only other girl in the room, Saya was on track with everyone else. They all watched the tape, but Saya snuck a glance at Train's face, and he looked as if he were enjoying a pleasant memory.

"…And so I come to you…" the man, Karl, said, finishing his explanation of the string of killings in his city. "…I'm asking you to help me. If you can stop the killings, as mayor, I am prepared to offer a bounty of 150 thousand dollars."

At that statement, Train and Sven instantly jumped out of their seats. Saya knew why they were so excited, so she strained to hear the details the rest of the video had to offer.

"If you accept, make your way here." Karl tried smiling, but couldn't. "I look forward to a favorable response. Right now, you are my only hope…" With that, the video ended, leaving the atmosphere tense once more. There was an important decision before them.

"So, do we go?" Sven asked. "I know 150 grand is tempting, but…" Sven didn't know if Train and Saya wanted to risk getting involved with Chronos.

"But what?" Train asked, not even glancing at Saya. Saya however, seemed a little uneasy, then shook her head, and came back to earth with a smile.

"That's a little over what we need to pay the debts, right, Sven?" She asked, pointing out the obvious reason that Train would want to go. The first of two.

"What if we get involved with Chronos?" Sven asked. He wanted to make sure that they weren't about to make a large mistake.

"Who cares?" Train and Saya asked at once. It came off to Eve that they practiced this..

"So we're going?" Eve asked, looking at the adults. She was excited, but didn't know how to show it well.

"Looks like it." Sven sighed with a smile. Now that everyone was on board with the idea, there was no going back.

"Wow!" Eve gasped as she looked around the train station, not quite used to the largeness of the world yet. She looked every which way, taking it all in.

"Hey, Train, Saya, mind if I go get some smokes?" Sven asked, looking around for a vending machine or something. "I'm out."

"Go ahead." Train responded. "We'll watch after Eve."

Sven nodded and proceeded to walk away. The silence that followed was an awkward one, yet Eve seemed content to try and memorize the place. It was then that Train realized that he and Saya hadn't talked since Lunafort Tower. And not only that, it seemed like she was avoiding him. Why? Had i done something wrong?

"Hey, Saya~" Train called, seeming to pull the girl out of her own strain of thinking. "What's been on your mind?" he asked straight-forward. That was the one trait he had never been able to loose with Saya around, the ability to be blunt. "You've been more quiet than usual."

"Just thinking about some stuff.." Saya answered. The answer just hadn't been..her. It was like that one time that they got separated. Annette and Sven had shared stories, and Saya and Train had been there for every word.

"There's something you're not telling me." Train accused. He saw a flash of emotions flood her eyes for a second. He couldn't tell if she was angry or just being defensive.

"What makes you think that?" Saya asked. She had no idea where this was coming from. Oh wait.. she had let her mind wander back to that night, and she instantly got defensive about it… drat…

"You're not being yourself." Train pried. "What's going on in that head of yours?"

"I'm just thinking.." Saya got that far-off look in her eye. Train wondered what she was thinking about. For some reason, it really bugged him to not know.

"About..?" Train kept prodding.

"Lunafort Tower." Saya said, a little peeved that he hadn't left the subject alone already. "I want to know why that guy wanted to kill me, and why he kept calling me…"

"What'd he call you?" Train asked, not even having to ask who they were talking about. It still pissed him off that Saya had gotten as hurt as she did. He still wanted to kill him for it.

"He kept calling me a 'witch', do I seriously look like a witch?" Saya asked, then she looked at Train's face. His entire demeanor was becoming dark, even Eve, who had been absorbed in her surroundings, noticed.

Eve looked at Saya, confused. "What's a witch?" she asked. With that question, Saya could tell that Train stopped, then mentally rewound.

What is a witch? The question ran through both of their minds at once.

For Saya, the witch was the bad person in all the fairy tales. The horrid and deceitful woman who always misled lovable children for her own gain. And witches were never too pretty, either.

For Train, the witch was a fun Halloween costume. He didn't read too many fairy tales as a child, so he never knew why every called the witch 'bad'. He always got angry with Creed when he called her a witch because he thought Creed was making a statement. And quite frankly, it was more than a little annoying and embarrassing. After all, who ever heard of a witch without her black cat?

"It's a bad thing." Saya said just as Train answered with "It's a costume." Just then they looked at each other, both very confused.

"Why is it a bad thing?" Train asked, confused. He didn't particularly care for the costume style, he didn't consider it bad.

"Um…" Saya wasn't quite sure how to respond to this. She thought he knew what a witch was. "Have you ever read children's stories?"

"Um, Chronos from age of nine." Train pointed out. "Didn't really have time for bed time stories."

"So, it's a bad costume?" Eve put the two together, trying to piece it together. Putting it together, it sounded pretty funny. They couldn't help it. For the first time since Lunafort Tower, Train and Saya laughed together.

"I get the feeling I've just missed something." Sven came back, a cigarette in his mouth.

"Sven, what's a witch?" Eve asked, plodding over to her father figure.

"Huh?" Sven asked, not sure where the question had come from. Train and Saya just laughed some more. "Why don't we go get a hotel room?" Sven asked, pretty sure that Train and Saya were laughing at some kind of inside joke that he didnt even want to know about.

"Hey, Saya." Train talked to his friend while they waited for Sven and Eve to unpack.

"Yeah?" Saya had been in the kitchen, already helping herself to a glass of milk. Train reached around her and got himself a glass as well.

"Do you actually have a witch story?" he felt silly for asking. Here he is - a 23-year old man - asking for a children's story.

"Well, yeah, actually, I do." Saya never planned on telling anyone, but for some reason, she just couldn't let go of that worn-out book. "Wanna read it after we get this killer?"

"Sure," Train grinned, lifting his glass.

Saya tapped his with hers as she felt a smile slip on.

"It's a promise."

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