It's been just over 3 months since Gary had moved back to Pallet Town. He was living with Ash at his gym and spending his days going to his grandfather's lab to conduct his research and to look after the Pokémon there. Ash had been training hard against challenging trainers so he would be in tip top shape as one of the Elite Four for the Pokémon League which was coming up in just under 2 weeks.

"Ash?" Gary called out as he walked in the door after a long day at the lab. He knew Ash would be in the gym training for the upcoming Pokémon League, but he felt the need to call for his partner anyway.

When he didn't get a response he took off his lab coat, tossed it onto a hook then walked over to the big windows looking down on the gym. Sure enough, Ash was down there battling against some young boy. He was about 13 or 14 by the looks of it. He was using an Azumarill, while Ash was using his trusty Pikachu. It was an easy match considering the type advantage Pikachu had. Azumarill was knocked out after just two of Pikachu's attacks.

Gary watched Ash jump up and down in his victory; just like he did when he was a kid. "He hasn't changed a bit" Gary smiled to himself. He walked over to the couch, planted his feet on the coffee table, flicked on the TV and relaxed with his hands behind his head, waiting for Ash to come up the stairs.

He hears Ash's footsteps coming up the stairs and he relaxes on the couch, trying to look as calm as possible.

Once Ash entered the room he scans over to the couch to see his lover quite content sitting on the couch.

"Gary! You're home! Did you see that match?" Ash shouted, excitedly.

"Yeah I just caught the end of it. Good old Pikachu is still going strong eh?" says Gary.

Ash walks up to the couch and plops next to Gary.

"Yeah, well he's only 10. He's got plenty more years left!" says Ash.

"Where is he?" asks Gary.

"Oh he's resting downstairs with everyone else."

"So, Ash have you given any thought as to who you're going to use at the Pokémon League this year? Are you gonna go with a specific type?" Gary asks him.

"Nah, I'm gonna mix it up. Each of my Pokémon will be a different type, but I haven't decided yet."

"You haven't decided who you're gonna use? Ash, the Pokémon League starts in two weeks! You gotta be prepared." says Gary.

"I will be! Don't worry about it, I'll choose my strongest Pokémon and I'll be fine." Ash says a little annoyed as looks away from Gary to glare at the TV.

"I'm just saying, being part of the Elite Four is no joke. They chose you for a reason and you have to be prepared."

Ash turns his head to glance at Gary. He saw in his eyes that same glare he always gave him when he was mocking Ash's training style. The way he arched his eyebrows and how he pursed his lips reminded Ash so much of the old rival days.

"You're an amazing trainer Ash." says Gary, softening his face. "I know you will smoke the competition but sometimes you just need a little reminding."

"Yeah…" Ash trailed off. "So how was your day?" he said, changing the subject.

"Well, the batch of Eevee hatched today. One of them was born a shiny." Gary replies.

"Oh that's awesome! You must be excited!" says Ash.

"Yeah the assistants were all amazed by it. Like they've never seen a shiny Pokémon before."

Ash let out a small laugh as he scooted over closer to Gary. He lies down and rests his head on Gary's lap. Gary begins combing his fingers through Ash's spikey raven hair which causes him to fall instantly to sleep in his boyfriend's lap.

Two weeks seemed to fly by as the morning of the first day of the Pokémon League has arrived.

Ash was rudely awoken by his alarm clock. He slapped the snooze button, and then groaned as he rolled over to put his arm around Gary, who was just waking up as well. He rolled over to face Ash, looking at him with one eye open.

"You're so cute in the morning." Ash tells him as he sweeps his hair out of his face.

"Ha-ha, what time is it?" Gary asks as a light red colour splashes across his face.

"6 a.m." replies Ash.

"What? Why so early?" groans Gary.

"It starts at 8 and it takes at least an hour to get there." says Ash, propping himself up onto his elbows.

He throws the blanket off of him and attempts to get off the bed when he is stopped by a hand on his arm.

"Wait; just… stay in bed for a few more minutes..." Gary seductively tells him.

Ash looks at the clock which now read 6:05. He looks at Gary and smiles, crawling back into bed with him. He brushes Gary's hair behind his ears before he grips onto the back of his hair. He brings his lips to Gary's, slipping in his tongue into his mouth, crashing his tongue against his.

Gary's hands explore Ash's backside, pulling his body closer. He guides his fingers along the waistband of Ash's boxers, eventually pulling them off.

"Is that morning wood or are you just happy to see me?" jokes Gary.

Ash laughs as he leans down to give Gary another kiss. His lips trail down from Gary's neck down his chest to his stomach, eventually making his way down to Gary's penis.

He sucks his way up Gary's shaft, then swirls his tongue around the tip.

"Oooh Ashy-boy you're so good at that." moans Gary.

"You like that huh?" says Ash in a deep sexy voice before he takes all of Gary into his mouth. He bobs his head up and down, slowing down to give the tip a little more attention.

Gary moans as he runs his fingers through Ash's thick hair, sweeping it off his face. He loves looking at Ash's face as he goes down on him.

Ash suddenly stops what he's doing and crawls up to straddle Gary. He leans down to kiss him as he grinds himself against Gary's throbbing hard on.

"Mmmm I wanna be inside you, Ash." Gary moans after breaking away from Ash's kiss.

Ash looks deep into Gary's shadowy emerald eyes, then smiles. He wastes no time leaning over Gary to grab the lube out of the drawer.

He backs up, pours lube directly onto his penis and lathers it all over, making sure to get it completely covered.

Ash straddles Gary a second time, lowering himself onto his boyfriend's throbbing member, guiding it with his hand. Gary lets out a throated moan, still baffled at how tight his little Ashy-boy is.

Once Ash has lowered himself completely onto Gary, he begins grinding ontop of him, shooting waves of pleasure crawling through his skin.

Ash gives a throated groan with every thrust he gives Gary. He places his hands on Gary's chest for stability. They lock eyes and can't help but think to themselves, how lucky they both are. These boys were deeply in love and finally they were together, after 20 long years of harbouring their affections towards one other.

"Let's switch." says Gary after a few minutes of silence.

"W-What?" said Ash, completely distracted by the pleasure.

Gary rolls Ash onto his back, careful not to pull out entirely. He begins thrusting roughly into Ash, sending both of their pleasure meters through the roof. Ash moaned Gary's name so loud he thought the neighbors would hear.

He nuzzled his face into Gary's neck, then wraps his arms around his back, hanging on for dear life. He grips onto Gary's back, leaving long scratch marks. Gary was used to this, Ash had a tendency to scratch his back, but he didn't mind at all.

Ash and Gary seemed to have climaxed at the same time as neither of them actually knew who came first.

The boys lied there for a while, Ash nice and cozy in Gary's arms until he looked at the time. 6:38.

"Fuck! I gotta get ready!" says Ash as he reluctantly hops out of bed, heading to the shower.

After a quick 5 minute shower, Ash is fumbling around the room, his towel just barley staying on his body as he tries to find clean clothes to wear. Once he finds an acceptable outfit, he quickly dries himself off and pulls them on.

Gary just lies back in bed, watching his man get dressed. Ash quickly picks up his backpack and swings it around his one shoulder, walking over to Gary.

"So I'll see you tonight? You'll be there for my last match of the day?" Ash asks him.

"After I'm done with work I'll head straight over." Gary answers.

Ash sits on the bed then leans down to give Gary a good-bye kiss, but Gary wraps his arms around him, making him stay just a bit longer. He didn't want to let him go.

Ash finally breaks the kiss and looks into those damn shadowy eyes of Gary's. He still couldn't believe how god damn lucky he was that he was with the man he's always loved.

"Marry me." Gary whispers.

"What?" says Ash, a little taken aback. He wondered if he heard him correctly.

"Ash Ketchum, will you marry me?"

Ash glanced back at him, stunned. Marry him? Did Gary just really propose? He imagined it would be a bit more romantic than this, but he never thought those words would ever come out of Gary Oak's mouth.

He finally is snapped out of his haze. He looked down at his man, then smiles.

"Of course I'll marry you." He says as he leans forward for another kiss. This kiss was unlike anything they had ever done before. It was slow, and passionate and neither of them wanted it to end.

"You'd better get going or you're going to be late. Go kick some ass will ya?" says Gary.

Ash just chuckles and pecks Gary's lips before getting off the bed.

"I'll see you tonight, okay?" he says standing in the doorway.

"Can't wait."

Ash blows Gary a kiss as he exits the bedroom and heads downstairs. Gary is still lying in bed, collecting his own thoughts. "Ash Ketchum is my fiancé." He says to himself out loud. His mind racing with what seems like a million different thoughts.

He thinks of his earliest memory of Ash, at about 4 years old he would steal Ash's toys just so he would run after him. He flashes forward to when they were both 10 years old and both receiving their starter Pokémon. Gary had chosen Squirtle and Ash had been stuck with Pikachu. The boys think a lot alike because if it was Ash who had gotten there first, he would have chosen Squirtle as well.

He smiles to himself as he recalls the past few months being with Ash. He almost thinks how all this could easily be a dream. Why would Ash wanna be with him? He treated him like shit for years, and he basically forgave him for everything and still fell in love with him. Gary had finally gotten everything he ever wanted; he was engaged to Ash Ketchum, the love of his life.

Ashwalked out of his house, got into his car and started backing up out of his driveway. Once he was on the road, he couldn't really focus on the road due to the fact that all he was thinking about was Gary's proposal. He almost couldn't believe that Gary actually asked him to marry him. He has loved this boy all his life and has had so many dreams about that moment, and now it actually has happened for real. He was engaged to Gary Oak.

He was wondering how he would tell his mother. Sure, she would be happy for them but she wasn't too keen on the two of them moving in together so fast. But he didn't really care about her opinion, this was his life and this is all he has ever wanted. The man he loved to come home to at the end of the day. (Plus he had mind blowing sex with him.) He just never knew that would be Gary. He never thought Gary would return his love, but it turns out they've loved each other for basically their entire lives. Ash couldn't be happier. He was ecstatic inside and he just couldn't wait to get to the Indigo Plateau. Brock, Misty, May and Max were all there waiting for him to see him battle. He couldn't wait to tell them all about his engagement to the love of his life, Gary Motherfucking Oak.


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