A tentacle rape story.

Warning: Adult content only. Sexual themes and rape.

Chapter 2: It begins

Previously in chapter 1: Shirley was tentacle raped and see what happens now.

"Ahhhhhh!" Shirley screams as tentacles invade her nipples and pussy. Blood starts oozing out of her vagina. More tentacles start coming out of the dark forest. A tiny tentacle approaches her urethra and inserts itself into her urethra and makes its way into her uterus. "Stop! Please! It hurts!" The tentacle monster finally reveals itself and says "But Shirley it has just begun and besides there is pleasure to be made. After that we will devour you and no one will notice you were gone but first we will steal your virginity by invading every tiny hole you have in your tiny little body." Shirley starts to cry and asks while the tentacles go in deeper in her urethra, nipples, and vagina. "Why would you choose me and not any other girl like Melissa." The monster replies "We think you were the one we should rape and devour because of your cuteness to us." Without letting her reply another tentacle thrusts itself in to her asshole. She screams "AHHHH!" "Aren't you enjoying it. It should feel nice to you." She says "No it doesn't. P-Please let me go, I cant t-take much more of this p-pain and t-torture. A tentacle holds her pussy open an another tentacle goes inside of her. "W-why are you doing this! It doesn't feel nice, it feels like a knife stabing me in my vagina and chest." Alex hears her scream and approaches the monster. Alex blushes at the sight of her crush, naked, raped, and tortured. The monster sees Alex and drops Shirley leaving her unconsicious on the floor. A tentacle grabs Alex's leg and drags him closer to the monster. Shirley wakes up and Alex yells "Run Shirley before he gets a chance to rape you again." Shirley covers her boobs and crotch with her hands and runs back to the town, naked but luckily nobody was around to see her.

Find out what happens in chapter 3.

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