(A/N: It's time for the return of iCarly: The Musical! This is going through the summer between graduation and college, minus *gasp* Sam! I waited until now because yesterday... I saw MEMPHIS on Broadway! It's about to end its run, and the lead was FREAKING ADAM PASCAL! As soon as he stepped on stage, I grabbed my friend's arm and squeezed the life out of him. Anyone else who saw Memphis knows how AMAZING it is. Anywho, let's get this show on the road, shall we?)

It was two days after they had graduated. Everyone had been sitting in their houses or apartments, doing what they usually do, not talking to anyone much. Carly still worked at Quisp. Tasha was taking summer classes at university. Brad had been moping around, only talking to Carly, Freddie, and Melanie. Freddie stayed in his apartment, leaving once to pick up his AZT. Lani hung out with Ariana and Jamie, naturally, but it wasn't the same. Melanie left her house to mourn with Brad. Wendy, Valerie, Missy, Shannon, and Patrice stayed in Patrice's apartment for the past two days; she lived at the Bushwell Plaza, just like Brad, Carly, and Brad did. Gibby, Jonah, Pete, and Shane were all seen by Carly at her job the previous day. Spencer had been too wrapped up in his art sculptors or was camping with his friend Socko to notice his sister's actions.

And Sam stayed on their minds. Her funeral was planned to be in a few days.

But tonight, they were going to celebrate graduating.

Freddie buttoned up his shirt and ran a comb through his hair. He checked out his reflection in the mirror. He thought he looked perfect for his girlfriend.

"There are chicks just ripe for some kissing
And I mean to kiss me a few
Man those chicks don't know what they're missing
I've got a lot of livin' to do!"

Brad quietly opened his bedroom window and climbed onto the fire escape. He looked back to make sure his parents weren't there before descending toward the groun below.

"Sizzling steaks all ready for tasting
And there's Cadillacs all shiny and new
Gotta move 'cause time is a-wasting
There's such a lot of livin' to do!"

Carly danced out of Quisp and headed toward her friends' hangout- the Groovy Smoothie.

"There are men of nineteen or twenty
Who are suave and reckless and true
Older men who give a girl plenty
I've got a lot of livin' to do!"

Lani drove her, Ariana, and Jamie, passing many familiar faces heading to the same place as them.

"There's music to play
Places to go
People to see
Everything for you and me!"

It seemed that they all went inside at once. T-Bo groaned; they always moved tables together when they did. And within thirty seconds, every table in the restaurant was pushed together by seventeen loud teenagers who were shouting their orders at the Jamaican. He sighed.

"What the heck do y'all want?" he snapped. He counted up a tally; six Strawberry Splats, five Blueberry Bangs, five Tingleberry Blitzes, and one JalepeƱo Blitz (ordered by Melanie, who could actually drink the smoothie without feeling the intense burning inside of her mouth). He nodded and started making the drinks.

"Oh, life's a ball
If only you know it
And it's all just waiting for you
You're alive
So come on and show it
We got a lot of livin'
Such a lot of livin'
Got a lot of livin' to do!"

"Do any of y'all wanna pickle?" T-Bo asked, holding up a stick penetrating five large pickles.