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1. Love
Summary: Chell knew that some machines were capable of feeling more complex emotions than people would give them credit for. But ... love?
Genre: Romance
Characters: Chell, Wheatley
Warnings: Chelley

Chell was well-aware that some machines - including the one Intelligence Dampening Sphere that she had somehow saved from a long exile in outer space - were capable of feeling more complex, more human emotions than most people would give them credit for.

Still, it came as a surprise when, one night, Wheatley snuggled up against her side (just why did the touch of metal against clothing make her face flushed?) and said, almost mumbling, "Chell, I ... I t-think I might love you."

On some intellectual level, she had been expecting it. Subtlety was not one of his finer points, and his affection and admiration for her was obvious from a mile away.

But still, when he actually told her, it came as a shock. Could a machine - let alone a machine that had tried to murder her - be capable of love? Was it just some trick of programming?

"I - well, I mean, you don't have to love me back. Only if you want to, luv."

In There, he had only called her 'luv' a handful of times, all of them when he was actively trying to kill her. But Outside, he had begun to call her that regularly, and she had to admit that she found it rather endearing.

And she also had to admit she liked that little metal-ball. Of course, those first few years had been tentative, both of them on edge, not quite trusting the other. But as the years passed, they grew closer, until they were best friends.

"I - I mean, we can just remain friends. Which is a good idea. A very good idea. A tremendous idea, if I do say so myself." His lower shutter lifted in his approximation of a smile, and she couldn't help but smile back.

"Wait - wait a second," he said, as she wrapped her arms around him. "What are you doing? Is this a hug? Well, if it is, do keep on doing this .. this hugging thing that you humans do. I have to admit, it is rather enjoyable, especially with you doing it." He gave a short burst of nervous laughter.

Chell gave one of the silent laughs that she loved so much, before hugging him tighter. He sighed, his handlebars and shutters drooping as he relaxed. A few years ago, he would've been afraid of her harming him, but now he was unafraid. He trusted her. She trusted him.

Muffled against him was the voice he had waited five years to hear. "I love you too, Wheatley."