Korra was a shadow looming over me. That was the simple truth. Yeah, Korra can bend all the elements, and her past lives have done some amazing things. But Korra did nothing! She was just some hot headed girl, who thinks she's better then everyone. Maybe she is… But I can't be mad at her. Korra and I aren't sisters, but we're as good as. Her parents took me in when I was very young. I feel as if I owe them my life…If it weren't for them I'd still be the same girl living alone in and igloo…at least that's what they told me. But I guess that's the reason I do so much for Korra. I guess one could call me her "manager". I made sure she went to all of her practices, she practiced her bending, and she didn't do anything stupid…That last one was the hardest. I always had to be the responsible one.

We've lived in the Southern Water Tribe under the protection of the Order of the White Lotus. I get why Korra was here, she was the Avatar, but why was I here? It's not like I really did anything, there wasn't much to do. I got Korra to her trainings and then I waited. I used to train with her when she was focusing on water bending, but we both finished that rather quickly. We learned from the best. Katara, she traveled with the avatar when she was younger. But after that, when Korra moved on to earth and fire, it got pretty lonely.

There was one person though; Well, he's not really a "Person" per say but I knew he would always be there for me. Kavi, I met him when he was a little cub. Kavi is my polar leopard, he's my best friend. We met around the same time Korra met Naga. Kavi and I are inseparable anywhere I went he followed closely behind. Kavi is a bit over protective but it is nice to know he cares. He is pretty big, about the same height as Naga but he is much slimmer.

Today Korra was practicing fire bending. Kavi and I sat in the back waiting for her to finish. This is what most of her training was like every single day. I sat in the side lines nestled in Kavi's fur, just watching as Korra shot fireballs at some poor guy's head. I watched the power run through her in every move, and there was an unmistakable fire in her eye.

You can take her. I put my lightly touched my temples as a headache came. They have been happening ever since I was little girl, so I've gotten used to them. I just don't know when there coming, or what that voice was. The voice always made my blood crawl and sent shivers up my spine. You know how most people have an angel and a devil on their shoulder? Well, I guessed that's my devil, so most times I ignored it.

"She's strong." I heard Katara say proudly.

"She lacks restraint." One of the elder said. Both were true. Korra finally brought the guy down to his knees.

"Woohoo! Did you see that Kalani!" She said running over to side toward me. "Why so gloomy! Three elements down! One to go!" She gloated. I heard Kavi whining. Kavi didn't not like Korra; he could just live without her gloating and bragging.Honestly, so could I. We walked over to the elders to get Korra's results. This was Korra final fire bending test. If she passed she would go onto air bending.

"I don't know how you handle her without completely mad, Kalani. But that's beside the point." One of the members of the White Lotus started. "Korra, you're getting a head of yourself as usual. We haven't decided if you passed your fire bending test. Ever since you were a little girl you excelled in the physical part of bending, but truly neglected the spiritual part."

"I haven't neglected it. It just doesn't come as easy to me." Korra shrugged.

"Korra you can't become the true avatar if you don't master the spiritual side, you need to calm yourself."

"I will and can master the spiritual part! That's why I should start training Tenzin now! He's the most spiritual person ever! But nothing compared to Kalani! She's clam…therefore spiritual." Another one of Korra's bright moments. Tenzin was Katara and Avatar Aang's son, he and his three kids were the last people who physically air bend.

"Do you think she's ready Master Katara?"

"Of course, Tenzin will be able to teach her everything she needs to know."

"Very well Korra, it's time for you start you air bending training."

"Yes finally!" That was my cue. Kavi and I got up and stood next to Korra.

"What she means is 'thank you all for believing in her'."

"Yeah! What she said."

I pushed Korra out of the way. "Korra you really should at least try and be more respectful to the elders and Master Katara."

"Yeah, I will. After I become a fully realized Avatar, which will be in one more elements!" She said jumping thrusting her fist into the air. We walked into to Naga's and Kavi's sleeping stables.

"Yeah, one more element plus mastering the spirit world." Naga came over as Korra started putting her riding tack on. I did the same to Kavi.

"But you can help me with that! C'mon you're the spiritual person in the tribe!" That was absolutely untrue…but ever since I was little I've felt more in tune with the spirit world than ours, I felt as if they were trying to tell me something but could just never seem to get through…So I spent a lot of time meditating trying to get in contact with spirits.

"I don't think I could…" I said looking down. That's a lie, I know I couldn't.

"Give yourself more credit Kalani! I might be the 'bridge connecting the two worlds' but your definitely the one crossing it!" Or at least trying to.

I hopped on to Kavi's back. "We should get going." Korra sighed.

We rode through the training facilities till we got to the gate. We both looked up at the sentry.

"We're just going for a stroll!" Korra yelled up.

"We're not going far." I convinced them, they opened the gate. They always trusted me more than Korra.

We walked outside of the camp, I saw Korra smirking at me.


"Race you to the ocean."

"You're on." I smiled. I whipped Kavi's reins and he went into a sprint. I could feel my extremely long hair that was clipped back flowing behind me.

Win. You can beat her. I didn't see Korra in front of me. I was winning. Good. Korra didn't like that; she pulled up next to me and pushed some snow in my face. Retaliate. I shook the snow away and pulled up right next to her. I blew in her general direction, the water vapor in the air heating up around her, creating a void of fog around her. As she slowed down, I speed up. The ocean was right in front of me. Very good.

I came to a short stop and jumped of Kavi's back. I took his face in my hands and started petting him.

"That's my boy." Very Good. I jumped a bit.

"That was totally unfair!" Korra yelled smiling at me.

"Sore loser! C'mon we should start going back… Tenzin is probably there already."

"Oh yeah! Let's go." Before I could even say a word Korra was out of there.

"If you went that fast you might of won!" I shouted after her.

"Shut up and come one!" I got back on Kavi and tried to catch up with her.