Well this is my first fanfic forgive for my orthographic mistakes seens the english it´s not my first languaje.

Hope you like it d:

Militar Service

It was saturday in the morning Seung Jo and Ha Ni were ready to go to school.

Ha Ni could you get the mail please. omonie asked

Sure omonie

When she saw the cards he saw the card of militar service for seung jo

She stard looking at the card with a sad face.

Seung Jo already had to leave to the army for 2 years.

With a sigh she enterd home to give the mail to everyone.

Omo Ha Ni why do you look so sad? Said omonie when she enterd to the kitchen.

The card of militar service of Seung Jo is here. she said

Well this is it for now I promise i´ll update when my brother let me