By: One Hell of a Night

"Hey brain! Maybe we should sing that song about the time we stole the magical fire panties from Pheonix's drawer!" Deadpool said to himself

"No my son, we must not travel down that road again." Deadpool's brain says back

"Aww you're no fun! Anyway….who was I supposed to kill again?" Deadpool asks himself

"OH! Can we kill Miley Cyrus?" Deadpool's brain asks

"No, but don't fear my children! She will meet her end soon!" Deadpool says as he laughs evilly

Then suddenly a mighty voice calls out to Deadpool, "What the Hell are you doing here Wade? Unless you wish to pay for all the sins you've committed, I think you should go."

"Oh hey, there's a creep in the room. I wonder if he likes marshmallows and roasting weenies." Deadpool's brain says

"Wait, roasting weenies? Don't tell me its fire head man talking to us!" Deadpool worries

"We must flee! Um..I mean… advance in the opposite direction!" Deadpool's brain strategizes

"Oh wait, now I remember why we're here! I was going to ask fire skull man to help me kill someone! " Deadpool says

"Help you? Sorry, I don't do teamwork and all of that shit." Ghost Rider tells Deadpool

"What's with this dramatic I work alone stuff?" Deadpool asks ghost rider

"Maybe blackheart broke up with him or something! After all the name implies he'll leave ya'." Deadpool's brain says

"No silly! I'm pretty sure he's straight!" Deadpool tells his brain

"Straight? You mean blackheart's a guy!" Deadpool's brain yells

"Didn't you read his Wikipedia article?" Deadpool asks his brain

"No, you read it while I was in the shower. When I came out you where watching the episode of Dick Figures when red and blue where delivering pizza to those lesbians." Deadpool's brain replies

"Oh yeah! We liked that episode didn't we?" Deadpool asks his brain

"Yeah….mmmmm…boobs on stick figure bodies! " Deadpool's brain replie

Next Time: We Actually Find Out Who Deadpool wants Ghost Rider to help him kill.