Deadpool Busting Balls: Chapter 3

"VAGINAL UNDERWEAR FIRE!" Deadpool's brain screams*

*(What a great way to begin a chapter ~ One Hell of a Night).

"We already made that joke back in chapter 2; how about some new material?" Deadpool says to his brain

"First you go to the local pharmacy, ask for something called Viagra, and it will help you GO F #& YOURSELF!" Deadpool's brain yells

"Did you even watch that video?" Deadpool asks

"No, I was playing a Will Shatner CD; his music makes me cry every time I hear it!" Deadpool's brain replies.

"Yeah, that Rocket Man song is just so inviting, I wonder if Elton John will ever sing it?" Deadpool says

"I don't think he ever will. Besides it would never catch on." Deadpool's brain says

"Catch….OH NOES! Spawn will be here any minute to kick my ass! Quick, give me my emergency meat cleaver!"

"We don't have one, and I think we just shit ourselves!"

"Don't panic myself! I always have a backup plan!"

"What would that be?"

"We will dig a moat! Then we shall get some alligators from hell to swim in it! Then we build a castle inside the moat, and then when Spawn comes we stick out our tongues and go neh neh neh neh neh!"

"….Let's do it!"

So in an effort to protect himself Deadpool built an indestructible fortress. But the bad thing is he started building it from the inside out. This meant that when he was done he was outside the alligator-filled moat, and he forgot to lower the draw bridge.

"SHIT!" Shouted Deadpool's brain

"Umm…..let me think…" Deadpool says

"We can think?" Deadpool's brain replies

"I've got it! We'll go over to Mitt Romney's house and punch him in the face!"

"Okay…maybe not. Seriously every republican who hears that will shove a chainsaw up our ass."

"Who cares? We didn't write this, that was One Hell of a Night!"

"That's right, I hate that asshole."

"Me too, I mean have you read, "SPAWN: OTHER"? Jesus that was worse than the Halo 2 Ending!"

"He's such a Masshole too, but sucks to be him because the redsox are really bad right now!"

"So children in the event that you meet One Hell of a Night on the street, just go up to him and kick him in the balls so hard that shit will come out of his di…"

Next Time: I kill Deadpool myself.

One Hell of an Author's Note: Hello internets! Sorry I haven't updated in 543,000,000 years; the reason being is that I have an awesome job and an awesome girlfriend! (A guy who writes Fan fiction but also has a life!? *GASP!*) Anyway please enjoy this recent addition, and please don't punch me for that Mitt (or Mit) Romney comment. I don't hate the republican party or anyone from it. Please do not troll.

K Thanx Bye.