This small excerpt was for a contest online which asked to submit a scenario where a zombie was to be killed.

A man and his teenage son walked down a long deserted highway until they ran into a warehouse, where it was decided that refuge will be taken inside for the night. They walk in quietly, searching out any living or undead threat that might be waiting in the spacious building. After assuring that the immediate area was safe, a collective sigh of relief was given.

It was too soon to let their guards down, as they began to relax a loud bang was heard coming through a door at the far end of the room they were in. The man checked his six shooter, to make sure it was loaded and put a hand over the hunting knife that was attached to his belt on his side. Looking over, his son had the double barrel shot gun at the ready. The banging was steady but became more insistent as the duo approached the door. A quick glance at his son, the man reached for the door knob, turned it slowly, and pushed the door open slowly.

From the darkness a hand shot out and pulled the door completely open, startling the man and making him trip backwards and fall flat to the ground as two foul stenched zombies emerged from the doorway. The son pulled the trigger on his shotgun catching the first zombie in the stomach almost tearing it apart, the force throwing it across the floor. He gave quick chase to finish it off, meanwhile the man wildly unloaded his six shooter on the second zombie who was fixed on making a meal out of him, completely missing its head, the closest hitting the zombies neck. The man franticly searched his pockets for more bullets, as he heard his son finishing off the first zombie with a loud blast, but it was too late. The zombie was on top of him clawing, teeth gnashing, ready to take a bite of him. Holding its head back the man called out for his son. Just as the zombie opened its mouth wide and began its death moan, the man saw the shotgun barrel being shoved into its mouth. The son guided the zombie up to its feet as the man rolled off his back to catch his breath. The son looked at the zombie as it seemed to try and bite off the barrel and smiled then he pulled the trigger. To his surprise nothing happened, he clicked again and again with no success. The zombie began to push against the barrel as it reached out for the son. The barrel began to break the putrid rotten flesh of the zombie and started to slide out through its cheek near the ear. Frozen in fear the son watched as the zombie pushed and started to get into arms reach of him, closer and closer its finger tips able to touch his jacket. Suddenly it went limp, all life left its body as the Father pulled his hunting knife from the back of the zombies skull. He looked at his son and said "you don't have infinite ammo like one of your games, next time remember to reload" then he turned around and wiped the knives blade off his jeans.