Journey to the center of the earth:

Author's note: I only own Hannah's god-daughter Olivia.


Thump, thump. I heard come from downstairs. "Hver er það?" I yelled. "I'm sorry I don't speak Icelandic!" A man's voice yelled back. I shrugged opening the door to reveal a slightly middle aged man and a boy more than likely my age-13. "Uh...can I help you?" I asked. "Hi." The younger boy piped up. "Hello." I said eyes darting between the two. "Hi, I'm trev-proffessor Anderson and this is my nephew Sean. I'm looking for Sigurbjorn Ásgeirsson..." Professor Anderson said. "Uh…I'm sorry he's…well he's dead." I looked down. "Dead?" Sean asked. "Yes. As in not living." I answered. "I got that…" He muttered. "Olivia? Olivia Hver er það?" Hannah came around to the door. "They were looking for Sigurbjorn." I answered sadly. "Um, this is Hannah." I said. "Hi I'm Proffesor Anderson and this is my nephew Sean we're from America and...well do you run the institute?" Proffesor Anderson asked. I frowned...there wasn't an institute. At least not anymore... "No. There is no institute." Hannah answered. "But the sign out front-" Prof. Anderson pointed behind him. "It failed." Hannah cut him off...yeah big time. "Oh. Did you work for him?" Prof. Anderson asked. "No. I'm his daughter. And this is my god-daughter Olivia." Hannah said. "Would you like to come in?" I offered. "Yes!" Sean exclaimed rubbing his arms. What a baby it wasn't that cold. "Coffee? Hot chocolate?" I asked. "Hot chocolate sounds awesome thanks." Sean answered stepping inside following me to the living room Prof. Anderson and Hannah behind us. "Water's just fine thank you." He said. I nodded getting the drinks. I threw a blanket at Sean too rolling my eyes. "Thanks." He said shivering. "Here, Proffessor." Hannah said handing him the water. "Oh um you can call me Trevor." He said. "So why are you looking for a dead man at this time of night?" Hannah asked. "This." Trevor said digging in his leather satchel to pull out The book Journey to the center of the earth. "Yes we know it. What about it?" I asked. "This belonged to my brother Max. He has notes all over the place in here and your father's name is in some of them." Trevor explained to Hannah. "We think he may have been in contact with him about something-I don't quite know what but something important." Trevor finished. I nodded, "So your brother was a vernian then?" I asked. "No...he was an explorer of sorts." Trevor said. "What's a vernian?" Sean asked drinking his hot chocolate. "A vernian is a person who believes that the writtings of Jules Verne was scientific fact." Hannah answered. "The guy was a science fiction writer. Yet, some people thought that his writings were real and set out to find 'the center of the earth,' my father was the biggest vernian of them all. He based his life work on that book."

Trevor scowled, "My brother was no vernian." He said. Walking over to the shelf I got our book and put it on the table next to the copy that once belonged to Max Anderson. "Flip through it." I shrugged. He flipped both books to the same page, and I noticed the same doodles scrawled on the sides. "See. That's probably how your brother knew him. He was definitely a vernian." Hannah said. Sean grimaced, "My dad was kind of….out there." He said. I nodded, "Most vernians are." I said. Trevor glared at us, "Don't say that. You didn't know him like I did." He snapped. "From the looks of it you didn't seem to know him as well as you thought you did either." Hannah said looking through the notes. Hannah sighed, "What are you two doing here?"

"I'm a scientist," insisted Trevor with raised eyebrows. "And a professor. There is some seismic activity going on around here and we thought we should check it out."

"With him?" I frowned pointing at Sean. Trevor shrugged and Sean looked up from his hot chocolate. "There aren't any roads north of here how do you expect to get there?" Hannah asked. "Um…" Trevor looked stumped. "I'm a mountain guide. I could take you there." Hannah offered. "Sounds great." Sean spoke up. I looked at him and nodded, "Great." Hannah frowned at me. "What do you mean?" She asked. "I mean it sounds fun." I smiled. "I don't think it's a great idea for you to come." She said. "Oh, come on Hannah it's just hiking." I whined. "Alright…" Although she still didn't sound sure. "Then it'll be five thousand." Hannah told Trevor. I raised my eyebrows, steep. "A day? That seems reasonable." Trevor said. I giggled and Sean gave me a weird look. "An hour." Hannah said in offended tone. Trevor looked about ready to sprint out of the house but Sean intervened, "Do you accept rolls of quarters?" He asked. I giggled again, this would be interesting.