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"So…Um…I guess this is goodbye." I said trying not to cry. Sure Hannah said we could visit sometime but I didn't want to have him go. We had gone to a hospital in Italy and my shoulder was bandaged properly and a day later once back in Iceland Sean and Trevor had to leave. "Yeah. I guess it is." He said giving my hand a squeeze. "Flight 504 to Washington, D.C." The flight attendant called. I threw my arms around Sean in a tight embrace. "I'll miss you." I said. "I'll miss you too." He whispered. We shared one last kiss and I waved as Trevor finished saying goodbye in pretty much the same fashion to Hannah and I gave Trevor a hug and the two boarded the plane. I smiled sadly and waved to Sean. "Alright come on. Let's go home." Hannah said putting her arm around my shoulders, "I say we get some ice cream. We need it." I sighed. She nodded, "Big time, Olive." She smiles.

Three months later

I had been constantly texting Sean, texts, IM, video-chat, e-mail everything. He told me Trevor decided to open up his new institute in Canada so he could be closer to him. I told him that was great and that nothing changed around here. Just…normal. Go to school hike on the weekends, read…not much exciting in Iceland.
I walked into the house throwing my backpack on the kitchen table. "Olivia?" I heard Hannah call. "Yeah?" I asked. "I need to talk to you could you come into the living room?" She asked. "Sure." I said grabbing a soda popping it open as I walked into the living room. "What's up?" I asked. "Well…Sean told you that Trevor is opening up a new institute in Canada right?" She asked. I nodded and she went on, "He offered me a job there." She said. I smiled. "Yes." I smiled more. "Please take it, Hannah!" I begged. "Pretty please!" I pouted. "I…I think I want to." She smiled. "Yes!" I screamed. "We're moving to Canada!" I exclaimed hugging Hannah. "Let's get packing! I want to get on the first flight out of here!" I cried grinning.

A month later we had moved out of Iceland and into a suburb in Canada. Only a few blocks a way from Sean and fifteen minutes from the institute, plus we were still close enough driving distance to drive up to mountains and do some hiking on weekends. But I think life has become less boring and routine since that trip to the center of the earth.

Talk about a vacation.

The end.
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