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P.S This story has to do with the people being two different colors, white and tan. I didn't want this story to sound so racist even though it's not. It kind of came up like that so if you have any suggestions that can make this story not sound racist, let me know.

Pairing: Fem Yuugi X Atem

There are two prosperous and wealthy kingdoms in Ancient Egypt, the Kingdom of the Blazing Sun and the Kingdom of the Silver Moon. King Akunumkanon and his son, Prince Atem, ruled over their kingdom with kindness and justice. They treated their citizens fairly and respectively despite them being different colors. Everyone was respected equally. Their recently deceased queen, Queen Hasina, died giving birth to Atem.

The Kingdom of the Silver Moon does the same with their citizens also. Their rulers are Queen Layla and King Nuru with their daughter Princess Yuugi. In their kingdom the women have more power than the men so the queen rules over her kingdom. Queen Layla's first husband, King Rashidi, was assassinated by an unknown person when Yuugi was two years old. In order for the queen to keep her position she had to marry Nuru.

In both kingdoms, it is said that during the time of day you are born, that will be your skin tone. In the Silver Moon kingdom there are more births at night than day so the majority of the people are pale rather than tan. In the Blazing Sun kingdom, more births during the day so majority are tan.

Recently there have been riots in both kingdoms about inequality between the people. The king and queen of the Silver Moon kingdom are now riding out to the Blazing Sun kingdom to discuss about the riots and what to do about it.

Princess Yuugi was staring out the window of the carriage in awe at the town she and her parents were passing by. It was bustling with activity and heavily decorated for the arrival of their visit. Even though the kingdoms are at peace, they rarely visit one another.

Loads of people came out of their homes to wave and bow respectfully to them. Children ran excitedly next to the carriage trying to get a glimpse of the princess.

Yuugi flinched back when a kid got too close for her liking. She sat closer to her mother, clinging onto her long sleeves.

She spoke with a soft, sweet voice. "Mama, I'm not very comfortable with all this."

Queen Layla looked down at her daughter with compassionate eyes. "Why my sweet lotus" she asked, her voice sweet as honey and gentle as a feather. "These people are just delighted to see us. It's rare that we leave our kingdom."

Queen Layla knew why her daughter was acting more insecure and nervous than she usually is. Yuugi never left the palace walls and this is her first time out. To be treated like this was overwhelming and making her more nerve-wracking than she already is.

"I just don't like all this attention," Yuugi said, burying her face in her mother's dress, staying that way for the rest of the ride. Layla rubbed her daughter's back, looking at her with understanding and concern in her amethyst eyes while waving to the people with her free hand. Nuru paid no attention to their mother-daughter moment. He looked straight ahead at the palace with no emotion in his amber eyes.

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