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8 summers later...

"Take the prisoner to the dungeons for stealing!"

The guards nodded to their king and left the throne room with the struggling prisoner.

The eighteen- year-old Atem sighed in exhaustion. He has been sentencing prisoners their punishments and dealing with other royal matters all day.

Atem's tan skin had darken over the years, making it look like bronze. Women fell head over heels in love with him, men were jealous. He wore a beige shirt and tunic, a red cape, and sandals. He wore many gold armbands and rings (none of them an engagement ring). His crown glistened like the sun. Wings sprouted out from the side, embedded with jade stones. The Eye of Horus shined brightly.

"If there is nothing left to do, you are free to leave," he said to his council.

They nodded their heads and all of them departed the throne room except one, Seth. He stood right by Atem's side. Once all the council members left, he spoke to Atem.

"Atem, my dear cousin, you must marry Anzu in order to fully become king."

The tan king rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming. "Yes Seth, I know. You've told me many times."

Seth has brought up this particular subject over since Atem turned eighteen and became king. He knew his cousin was just trying to be helpful but it bothered Atem a great deal. Atem is engaged to Anzu but they aren't officially married so he isn't officially king. Anzu isn't officially queen but she stays at Atem's palace and orders the servants as one.

"You know very well that I don't like Anzu." Atem explained to Seth. "She only likes me because she'll become queen once we wed. I need somebody to love me for who I am."

"Well you can't since you already have a fiancée. You can't so much look at another princess."

Atem leaned back on his golden throne, closed his eyes, and immediately thought of Yuugi. He started daydreaming about her since he turned 18. He thought of her beautiful, pale cherub face, her sweet lavender scent, and her bell-like laughter. But the most memorable feature of her was her piercing amethyst eyes. He would look deep into those jewels and read Yuugi like a book.

"Atem?" Seth called out.

Atem silently cursed his cousin for making him stop thinking of his little one. He opened his eyes and playfully glared at him.

"I will think about it later. I promise."

The priest smiled playfully back. "You say that all the time. You should really come up with an another excuse." On that note, Seth left.

Atem enjoyed the moment of silence until the side door opened, revealing Mana. Atem was relieved to see her. He hasn't seen his childhood friend in a while since he became king. His responsibilities had him cooped up in the throne room most of the day.

"Mana, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be studying with Mahad?"

"I just wanted to check on my best friend," Mana replied with a smile. "And Mahad is getting his magic scrolls so I came to see how you've been."

"I'm fine."

"That's not what Seth told me. He said you daydream sometimes and act melancholy."

"That is not true!" Atem snapped but his flustered cheeks said otherwise.

"Is it about Yuugi?" Mana sent him a teasing look.

Atem didn't say anything then he sighed in resignation. He told the young magician apprentice about his crush on Yuugi since he was ten so he couldn't deny it.

"Yes," he answered sadly. "I miss her a lot."

Mana copied her friend's tone. "I miss her too. She was the only one that accepted me right away like you." She is a bit of a klutz, not many like her except Atem and Yuugi.

"I wonder when she will come back?" Atem sighed dejectedly.

Suddenly the throne room doors swung open with a slam. A black figure raced in like an arrow. Atem panicked thinking an arrow was heading for him until the figure slowed down and landed on his shoulder. Atem saw that it was a black and white kite, a very familiar black and white kite.

His crimson eyes widened as realization struck him like lightening.

"Isis, is that you?"

The bird screeched as if saying, Of course it's me.

Atem stammered. "Then, i-if you're here, t-then that means..."

Atem heard thundering hooves coming toward him. A chocolate brown horse raced into the room, and turned its body as it stopped at the base of the steps. Its rider jumped off with ease. After taking his/her cloak off, Atem and Mana gasped in shock and surprise.

Yuugi raised her arms in the air as if she finished performing.

"I'm back!" She proudly stated with a beautiful smile.

Mana was the first to shake out of her shock.

"Yuugi!" She ran down the steps and hugged Yuugi so tightly she might have crushed her. The older pale princess hugged her back wholeheartedly. They let go of each other and stood back, complimenting each other and talked about how much they've changed over the summers.

While the girls were conversing, Atem still sat at his throne, finding it unbelievable that Yuugi was here. He looked over her to make sure that this person really was his little one. She still had her fair, pale skin. Her tri-colored hair fell on her mid-back, rather than stuck up, making her more gorgeous. On top of her head was a silver tiara decorated with amethyst jewels. She wore an elegant white dress that hugged her body showing all her curves.

Atem confirmed his search that it was Yuugi when his scrutinizing eyes fell on Yuugi's neck. His past mother's diamond choker rested against it. It sparkled as if it was just given to Yuugi.

Yuugi noticed that Atem was staring at her with intensity in his crimson eyes. She blushed a little.

"What's wrong?" She asked him. "You're not going to say hello to an old friend?"

Atem sat up from his throne and walked down the steps toward Yuugi. He wrapped his arms around her petite waist and pressed her against his tan, muscle-toned chest. Yuugi hooked her arms around his neck, feeling a pleasant shiver go through her as she welcomed his heart-warming body heat. Their bodies melded together as one, like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together.

They enjoyed the moment the best they could before they reluctantly let go of each other.

Atem gave Yuugi a once more look over. "You've changed a lot little one."

Yuugi pouted at Atem as she heard the emphasis on little. She's the same height as Atem's chest (which she didn't mind). Even Mana was taller than her by a couple of inches.

Atem chuckled at Yuugi's pouty face. It only made her ten times cuter.

"Yes, I have changed but I am still the sweet and innocent Yuugi you know and love. Oh, before I forget." She gestured to Peter who was carrying many bags on his back. "I brought gifts for everybody."

She walked up to Peter and took out a wrapped present from one of the bags and handed it to Mana.

"You didn't have to get me anything Yuugi," Mana said as she accepted her gift.

"It's no trouble. I wanted to."

She turned to Atem. "I got you a lot of gifts also but I already put them in your chamber before I came here."

Atem smiled graciously. "I can't wait to see them."

"So Yuugi, tell us about your journey," said Mana.

Yuugi was about to tell them about her journey but was interrupted by Mahad coming in through the side door.

"Okay Mana. I'm ready to-" Mahad stopped talking as he saw Yuugi.

"Princess Yuugi!" He quickly bowed. "On behalf of the council, I welcome you back."

"Hello Mahad. It's good to be back."

"I hope the council and I will be able to listen about our eventful journey and meet your parents again."

"Maybe later. I just arrived today so I need some rest."

"Of course. Come along Mana."

"Hopefully I'll see you later Yuugi." Mana quickly caught up to Mahad and both of them left.

"Are you really tired?" Atem asked. He wanted to spend some more time with Yuugi.

"I am tired but I want to stay up longer. I want us to catch up on our lives." Yuugi said with an angelic smile.

"Guard!" Atem shouted.

A guard quickly appeared. "Yes sire?"

"Please take these gifts to their respective people and put Peter in the stables."

"As you wish."

The guard took Peter by his reins and led him out of the throne room with Isis perched on his back.

Once the guard left, Atem intertwined his fingers with Yuugi's.

"I know the perfect place where we can talk in private." He flashed Yuugi a sexy, toothy grin.

Yuugi flustered pink and just nodded her head, unable to respond because of the strange gesture and allowed Atem to lead her to the infamous maze garden.

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