And One to Grow On- Canada

"Mon petit Matthieu!"[1] France exclaimed as he hugged Canada.

"Not so little anymore, Papa." Canada laughed, returning the embrace.

France took a step back a studied Canada. "So, how many is it?" he asked excitedly.


"Don't you remember?" France prompted, "Every year on your birthday, you get one spanking for each year you've been around, and one more to grow on. We used to do it every year!"

Oh, Canada remembered all right. And not fondly at all. "Um, don't you think I might be a bit too old for that?"

"Nonsense! You're never too old! Now, come here so I can give you you your Birthday Spankings!" France said, advancing toward Canada with his infamous 'rape-face'.


[1] My little Matthew!- French

This was originally written and published on July first, but I didn't want to wait another year before posting it. So, use your imaginations and pretend that today is the first.