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Parties and Bets: Special Edition

(Chapter One: Setting a Trap)

At school

"Ohayo, minna-san!" Sakura said cheerfully as walked into the classroom. It was a bright Tuesday morning and Sakura Kinomoto was in high spirits as usual.

"Morning, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo called back. Sakura grinned and sat down at her desk.

"Are you coming to my party today, Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked.

"Hoe?" Sakura blinked, "Your mother allowed you to have a party on a school night?"

"Yep!" Tomoyo said, "I promised her it wouldn't go on for too long, and that all the guests would be home by dark."

"I'm not quite sure if Onii-chan will let me come," Sakura sighed, "With Otou-san out of town giving lectures in a few of the colleges, Onii-chan is in charge."

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo said cheerfully, "I'm sure we can persuade Touya-san to yet you come."

"I'm not sure…" Sakura began.

"A certain Syaoran Li will be there," Tomoyo said slyly.

"HOEEEEEEE!!!" Sakura yelped, blushing beet-red, "I'LL BE THERE!!!" Although Sakura and Syaoran had been going out for years, (AN: The CCS gang is around fifteen at this point) both of the teens still blushed around each other. Ah, young love! As Tomoyo would say, they're so cute towards each other! ^_^


At lunchtime

"So cute relative, are you going to Tomoyo's party?" Eriol asked. Eriol had pulled aside Syaoran when the lunch bell rang to ask him a few questions.

"Are you going?" Syaoran asked.

"Of course," Clow's reincarnation replied.

"Then I'm not!" the Chinese boy declared.

"Too bad, cute relative," Eriol shrugged, "Especially since my half daughter was looking forward in seeing you there."

"Eh?" Syaoran blinked, "Sakura is coming?"

"Hai," the other magician nodded, "It's a pity that I'll have to tell her that you won't be coming. She'll be so disappointed." Eriol moved as if to walk off.

"WAIT!!!" Syaoran cried, "I'LL COME!!!"

Eriol grinned, "I knew you would see reason sooner or later."


At Eriol's house: after school

"So master, is everything going as planned?" Spinel Sun asked.

"Indeed," Eriol said, "My cute relative will never know what hit him…"

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