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"Hello?" Nagisa said trying to catch her breath as her heart raced.

"Uh, hello? Nagisa what are you doing you're all out of breath, did you finally take my advice and start running?" Tamao asked thinking back to the conversation they had before going to the bakery awhile back.

"You could say that." Nagisa panted before looking over at her bedroom door where Shizuma stood finishing a glass of water.

"Now, where were we?" Shizuma said hungrily setting the empty glass on the dresser by the door as she eyed up Nagisa with desire.

Tamao raised an eyebrow confused as she listened to the other voice in the room. "Nagisa, who is that in the background and why do they sound like they are stalking prey?"

"Because she is, Tamao..." Nagisa grimly replied as Shizuma crawled onto the bed slowly making her way over Nagisa's bare body trailing kisses from her stomach up to her neck.

"Sh—Shizuma, I'm on the phone." Nagisa stuttered, sucking in her breath as Shizuma's hands went to work.

"Well, I guess that answers my question about you running. I think I will call back in about..."

"Shizuma!" Nagisa screamed interrupting Tamao as she arched her back taking in a deep breath.

"This is only just the beginning, my darling fiance." Shizuma said as Tamao hung up the phone a little wide eyed at what she had just heard.

Miyuki looked over at Tamao when she had heard the scream from the phone but decided not to ask until after Tamao had hung up. "So are they going to come over tonight?" Miyuki asked looking at Tamao curious at her expression.

Tamao shook her head and sighed. "No, I don't think so. Shizuma seems pretty set on the idea that Nagisa remains in bed for the rest of the night."

Miyuki paused for a moment registering what Tamao just told her. "It's surprising really, Nagisa was so cheerful and innocent back in high school. Who knew she would be able to keep up with Shizuma when it came to bedroom activities." Miyuki said with a sigh. "I can only imagine what there honeymoon is going to be like..."

The next morning...

Shizuma's eyes slowly opened as she looked over at her phone that was blinking indicating it had a message. She looked over at Nagisa who was still fast asleep tangled in the beds sheets just like she was. "Wow, this is the first time I've ever been wore out the next day." Shizuma said reaching for her phone to see who the message was from. "Oh, great what does dad want?" She said as she opened the message and started reading it to herself.

It read... "Shizuma what is this I hear about you having an engagement ring engraved? You are getting married and haven't even introduced me to him yet? Call me today. If you don't I will just show up unannounced."

Shizuma sighed as she closed her phone. "Great, that was exactly the message I wanted first thing in the morning. I just wonder how he found out." She said as she placed the phone back on the nightstand figuring she would worry about it later, before turning to Nagisa and giving her a kiss to wake her up. "Good morning, Nagisa."

Nagisa's eyes slowly opened as she smiled at Shizuma. "Good morning, Fiance." Nagisa said feeling Shizuma's hand start roaming her body. "Your desires are insatiable, you know that." She said with a smile as Shizuma gave her a kiss.

"Well, we have to make up for lost time from your parents house somehow and it drives me wild when you call me fiance." Shizuma explained with a grin on her face as her head disappeared under the covers they were sharing.

Round two had officially begun...

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