Mazes are for Noobs!

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The school year seemed to past by at an extreme pace. Well... that's how Hermione saw it anyways. Her days had been spent studying, laughing, and enjoying time with her boyfriend... and co-girlfriend? It was hard to describe their unique relationship with their blond friend. Harry was often hanging onto either girl and doing the oddest things. There were times when Hermione just wanted to smack Harry upside the head. Then there were other times she just wanted to kiss him until his toes curled. Luna preferred the second method of course; she always did to Hermione's amusement. There was also the question as to the actions of their peers... or inaction she should say. Nearly the entire student body stayed as far away from Harry and 'his girls' as they were now called, for fear of encountering Harry's wrath. While Harry was normally spacey... yeah she said it... spacey… he was quick to attack anyone that threatened his girls. Such was an example that Malfoy clearly demonstrated. The blond had avoided Harry and the girls for nearly a month. But it seemed that his big mouth could never stay shut. He had eventually called Hermione a mudblood again and soon found himself hanging by his toes from the top of the Astronomy tower. Dumbledore eventually made Harry bring him down... after two days of course, thanks to a very good notice-me-not charm. The last they had seen of Draco he had been muttering about giant pink bunnies that were plotting to take over the Wizarding world. Apparently he had been hung upside down for too long. Madam Pomphrey had stated that he would eventually return to normal A as to when though, well... she wasn't quite sure.

Hermione glanced to her side to see Luna, who was currently holding a stuffed Unicorn, bounce up and down in her seat. The stuff toy had been a present to Luna after Harry had realized that it was a bad idea to try and let the blond pet a Unicorn. Oh sure the Unicorn came straight up to her. If Hermione had to guess, it didn't see the future. After apologizing profusely, because Luna wanted to find out of the Unicorn was male or female, Harry gave her the stuffed Unicorn.

The duo was currently sitting in the stands, waiting in anticipation of the champions to enter the maze. Hermione was a little frustrated, with Harry of course. He had skipped their boyfriend/girlfriend time last night. She was more than a bit grumpy. She knew one thing though. His butt had better have a good excuse.

"Are you still upset about what happened at the ball? That was back before the second task you know?" Luna said in Hermione's ear, causing the bushy-haired one to jump. Luna always knew how to catch her off guard.

"I'm not too upset about it. I just wish I knew what drove Harry to spike the punch with muggle alcohol." Hermione stated.

Luna smiled. That was a warm memory for her. It was a lot of fun seeing Draco profess his undying love to Professor Snape. Pansy wasn't too thrilled though. She apparently dragged one of the Gryffindor's off soon after. No one was sure which one though. However, Luna did find it odd that Neville returned later with a large smile on his face, and Pansy was walking a bit bow legged. Luna shrugged to herself. Sometimes it was the quiet ones that were the most surprising. She smiled, she was a quiet one and she was proud of it.

To Luna and Hermione though, the most disturbing memory was Professor McGonagall trying to get jiggy with it. It was just a sight the duo and Hogwarts hopped never to see again.

"Luna, the champions are entering." Hermione said, shaking her co-girlfriend out of her thoughts.

When Harry looked up at the stands, he saw one smiling and one grumpy face. Well, he couldn't have that now could he.


"What's got your nickers in a twist Hermione?" asked Harry.

Said girl just growled. Luna, however, had an entirely different approach.

"Come now Harry, she's just mad that she didn't get any boyfriend time last night. Oh and I'm not wearing any nickers. So how could I get them twisted up?" asked Luna.

Harry and Hermione blinked at Luna owlishly for a moment before Harry burst into laughter. Hermione just growled until Harry stopped it by kissing her.

"Grrr... Stop that Harry," Hermione said, stepping back from him. "I should be mad at you. But I can't stay mad at you. This tournament is stupid Harry. I'm worried about you," Before Harry could even speak Hermione had him wrapped in one of her infamous bone-crushing hugs. "Please be careful for me Harry. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Hermione had begun to cry and Harry, not being sure what to do, looked at Luna. Luna gestured to Hermione's back and Harry got the idea. He began to rub small circles on her back. This seemed to ease Hermione's sobs. He was surprised but also felt great joy that Hermione cared for him so much.

"I promise everything will be OK Hermione," He lifted her chin to stare into her eyes. "Will you be ok?" He asked concerned.

A stray sob escaped her mouth before she launched herself at him once again, locking her lips with his.

A gentle cough broke the lovers embrace. Both teens turned red-faced to see a surprise.

"Mum? Dad?" Hermione asked, looking from one parent to the other.

Harry looked at Hermione's mom and could easily tell where Hermione got her beauty from, as well as her busy hair. A glance at her father told him all he needed to know. Any man would know the look of death that her father was sending him.

Hermione wasted no time in letting go of Harry and running to her parents. Her mother barely had time to react before Hermione had her in a crushing hug. She quickly switched to her father, embracing him as well.

"Mom, Dad, It's good to see you. But, how are you here? I mean with the wards you shouldn't even be able to be standing here or even see the castle." Hermione, being ever the bookworm, stated.

In response Hermione's father held up a silver necklace. On the necklaces was a jewel that seemed to pulsate.

"The Headmaster gave us this. He felt that it would do us good to see where our little girl goes to school. And to see what other things she's been up to." The last was said while looking at Harry, causing said boy to gulp.

Hermione giggled. "Dad, don't be so hard on my boyfriend."

While Hermione's father looked like he was about to blow a gasket, her mother smiled at him while extending her hand. "It's nice to meet you Harry."

Harry smiled and reached for her hand. But, with his luck, Luna decided to throw a wrench into things.

"It's nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Granger. I'm Luna, Harry and Hermione's girlfriend." Luna then proceeded to grab Harry's face and lock lips with him. As Harry stared at the shock looks of Hermione's parents, he wasn't sure what to say in regards to this.

Hermione's mother immediately turned to her daughter with a puzzled look. Hermione's face was so red it might as well have been on fire. Hermione tried to think of something quick.

"Uh, Mum, Dad, how about you introduce yourselves?" She said with a nervous chuckle.

After sending a look to her daughter that clearly stated 'we will be having a talk' the woman turned to Harry and Luna. "I'm Jenna, and this lug of a man is John."

John was currently staring at Harry with a look that was giving Harry the feeling that he was hoping he might catch burst into flames. It was only Jenna's slap of his shoulder that brought him out of his stance.

"It's nice to meet both of you." He gave a curt nod to Luna.

Luna beamed at the man before looking over at Hermione. "Don't worry Hermione. I won't mention our three-way make out sessions." The blond beamed at the now pale bookworm.

Whether it was luck, an all mighty being, or just plain good timing, Albus chose that moment to announce the start of the third task. Harry quickly gave Hermione and Luna a kiss, all while being under the death glare from Hermione's father. He quickly dashed down the stands and towards the other companions.


Dumbledore was worried. So far Harry had caused him nothing but headaches since the start of the tournament. As he watched the raven haired boy step up to the champions. He could only wonder as to what madness the boy had planned.

Ludo, standing beside Dumbledore, was equally worried. He stepped up to the podium to address the champions.

"I want to congratulate you all for making it this far. But, this is a tournament to win," He paused for dramatic effect. "As you can see before you, the next task is a maze. Your goal is to get to the center and retrieve the Tri-wizard cup. But, be warned. The maze has hidden dangers that will test you to the limit. Now, going first will be Cedric Diggory, followed by Vicktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, and... finally…*gulp* Harry Potter," Ludo finished roughly.

The crowd exchanged worried glances while politely applauding. The memories of the previous two tasks seem to haunt quite a few of their nightmares.

Ludo was about to send out a burst from his wand signaling the start of the final task when Cedric and Vicktor came running up to him.

"SIR!" Both cried in unison. "You have to let Harry go first."

Ludo noticed a look of panic in their eyes. "Very well, Mr. Potter shall go first," Ludo turned to Harry. "Ok Harry, you're going first."

Harry smiled and nodded. Ludo gave the signal for the start, but to everyone's surprise... well maybe not much of a surprise given his recent actions, Harry stood looking at Ludo.

"Err... Shouldn't you be trying to complete the task?" Ludo asked, slightly worried at the look Harry was giving him.

"Oh I will. But rather than trying to run through the maze while trying not to die a horrible death, I figured I'd do it the easy way. Accio Tri-Wizard cup!"

There was a moment of silence as the crowd waited to see if the cup would really come. This caused Ludo to laugh. "Harry, surely you've realized the maze prevents the cup from being summoned." He chuckled.

With a finger on his chin Harry looked thoughtful. Out in the stands it was a worried Hermione who gripped Luna's painfully. "Please don't do something stupid."

Harry pointed his wand at the nearest part of the maze and yelled out 'Incendio'. Ludo, Albus, and the rest of the spectators, watched as the maze burned to the ground within seconds.

Ludo turned to Harry. "How did you burn it to the ground so quickly with a simple spell such as 'incendio'?"

"Simple, I soaked the hedges last night... well... my army of house elves did anyways." Harry said, rather lost in thought.

"You have an army of house elves?" Dumbledore asked incredulously.

Harry nodded. No one seemed to mind the fact that Harry had just committed murder again. But with it being it not being humans, no one seemed to care. Well, most people anyway.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER!" Both Hermione and Luna yelled.

Harry looked up to see the duo heading down the bleachers towards him.

"Uh Oh, time for me to grab the goods and run! Accio Tri-Wizard cup!"

The cup zoomed into Harry's hands. Hermione and Luna stopped as they saw Harry give them a surprised look before vanishing into thin air.

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